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A Form of Rehabilitation:
Clean and Heal the Colon

The colon is the root of all illness. That’s what Dr. Darlene Holloway, a nationally recognized colon hydrotherapist, has come to understand after years of helping her clients rehabilitate their bodies, minds, and souls through her work of cleansing and healing the colon. She is the founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary.

Dr. Darlene Holloway

“The colon is the sewer system of the body,” Dr. Holloway explains. “If it’s not working properly, it’s hard for the other organs to do their work because there is no way for byproducts—waste and toxins—to release from the body. So, as matter sits in an under-functioning colon, decaying and fermenting, it starts to reabsorb back into the body. Reabsorption the second time is worse than the first. Now we’re dealing with a toxic sewer system.”

It’s just like in your home, she points out. If the pipes leading to the septic tank are backed up, new waste has no way out, and will start backing up into the house, quickly creating an unhealthy living environment. “The same is true of our bodies,” Dr. Holloways says. “If the colon isn’t flushing out, it’s backing up—and the temple, our body, is being poisoned.”
And thus, she says, it’s easy to understand how the rehabilitation of the colon can have a profound impact on the rehabilitation of the body as a whole, and those not yet even begun.

Detoxification for Rehabilitation

“There is no wrong time to detox the body,” Dr. Holloway notes—detoxing at any time is of great value. For example, we do a lot of colon hydrotherapy work with post-surgical clients, helping them the chemicals used as anesthetics or for sedation. And we also work with many clients prior to surgery, preparing the body to cleanse the chemicals out of the way as efficiently as possible.”

Detoxification doesn’t end with the colon at Alternative Health Center of Cary. Also offered is a near in-fared sauna that works on a intercellular level, helping to pull out toxins deeply rooted in the body. The near in-fared sauna also aids in the rehabilitation of muscle injuries, along with the use of biofeedback and ion cleanses.

“We work with a lot of clients detoxing from alcohol or drug use,” Dr. Holloway says, “including those experiencing chronic constipation, to help minimize the harmful effects of long-term medications, or those fighting or recovering from an acute or chronic disease.

“Importantly,” she notes, “although two clients may come in with the same symptoms, our approach and treatment will differ depending on what we suspect to be the cause of the problem condition. We may guide a client through a diet change—a detoxification process in itself if their diet is poor. Another client may need a detox with herbal remedies or a juice fast, colon hydrotherapy or a lymphatic massage. Each body and each client is different, and returning a body to normal healthy function requires individualization of care.”

Detox the Body, Detox the Soul

What may not be so apparent about the role and importance of colon rehabilitation is its larger connection to the mental and emotional self, notes Dr. Holloway. One client she recalls was a good example of how connected mind and emotions can truly be.

“Lisa—an assumed name—came to me for relief of chronic constipation,” Dr. Holloway recalls. “She had been having about one bowel movement a month for quite a while. To begin, the compacted matter was eliminated, and then we worked with restoring the muscle mobility of the colon. Remember, the colon is nothing more than four layers of muscle, muscle that has to be strong to work properly, because without regular use, it becomes weak and atrophied as any other muscle would.

“Then comes perhaps the most interesting part of this work,” Dr. Holloway says, smiling, “and that is the emotional work. Many clients are holding on in this way because of a physical trauma such as sexual abuse—which was the case with Lisa—or some form of mental abuse, like getting spanked after having an accident during potty-training in childhood. These kinds of physical, mental, and emotional assaults can cause some to hold on in this way for the rest of their lives.

“So after addressing the physical issues within the colon in such cases, we have to reconnect the client mentally, physically, and spiritually to overcome a sense of emptiness—a void—because they have held this emotional baggage for a very long time.

“It’s really beautiful to work with a client like Lisa—to go through this process with her. The healing transition may not happen overnight, but we’re here to walk the path to healing together. That’s what gives me the reward for doing what I practice.”