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Addressing the Emotional
Root Cause of Chronic Pain

By Suzette Faith Foster

Suzette Faith Foster

This story exemplifies the role emotions play in our health or lack thereof. When a client, I’ll call him Rob, contacted me through my holistic wellness practice, Choose2Thrive, he had just moved here to get a fresh start after a recent bankruptcy and impending divorce.

It wasn’t the fresh start he had hoped for. His full-time position didn’t last and his wife, without a job, moved in with her parents.

Rob had had four back surgeries in eleven years and still dealt with chronic low-back pain. His pain interfered with his ability to work, which further contributed to feelings of unworthiness, anger, resentment, and fear.

Calling Back Your Power

By Suzette Faith Foster

I felt compelled to write Calling Back Your Power to share an other-worldly experience with many thousands of people. The response has been heartening and inspiring.

The book reveals the as-tounding proof of the powerful healing potential of mind, body, and spirit. It begins with the telling of how, in 2005, I broke my neck in a mountain biking accident. My doctor, Dr. Robert Isaacs, Director of Spine Surgery at Duke Medical Center, said, “When it is a severe spinal cord injury that high in the spine, it is often very, very significant. Historically it would be devastating—one you would not survive. I’m presented with a woman who got a lot better, a lot quicker than would have been comprehended, so I am trying to make sense of it in my mind.” Dr. Isaacs told me I had the same injury as Christopher Reeve. Like Reeve, I suffered immediate paralysis and stopped breathing.

Today, against western medical understanding, I am fully functioning and enjoying yoga, biking, and dancing. This book shares the significance that spiritual wisdom and energetic healing had in helping me regain my breath, undo paralysis, and move through life challenges. I offer this book as a portal to give others an opportunity to step into the fullness of their divine essence. Readers understand their world as energy and are inspired to look outside of their self-sabotaging beliefs and learned, limited third-dimensional perspective. People are empowered to create change and well-being when they realize the power of their thoughts and beliefs. The reader finds thought-provoking concepts, universal principles, and rich personal stories to validate the effectiveness of these teachings.

This book explains and goes beyond the law of attraction. It helps readers understand that we have been programmed to live from our human-mind thinking instead of from the truth of who we are—pure energy, pure Spirit, pure potential. These teachings are made palpable through the amazing testimonials shared in this book. Numerous life stories include topics such as marital healing, recovering financially, and achieving everyday goals. Through stories of physical healing, the reader gains an understanding of what is possible when one rebalances their emotions and focuses on whole food nutrition. This rebalancing has allowed clients to cancel scheduled surgery and avoid exhaustive and expensive medical treatment. One client healed her cancer in five sessions. Clients get off prescription medicine and release pain, depression, and addiction. As a result they feel more peace, joy and success in their daily lives.

This book provides the reader with awareness, inspiration and tools to leave chaos and choose peace, release worry and embrace faith. It is a pathway to personal freedom. Learn more at

Months before our sessions, he had considered suicide.

Rob’s family had stressed over money for years. He felt powerless in a marriage that was devoid of intimacy and communication. He blamed his wife for their problems and carried guilt for moving on from their marriage. Considering his bottled-up emotions, I wasn’t surprised when he told me about his four back surgeries. The emotional root cause had never been addressed.


The emotional issues one deals with as an adult are often rooted in childhood. Rob acknowledged that, as a child, he never felt his father’s approval and was teased for being fat. Throughout his adult years, this “I’m not good enough” was fed by unfulfilling relationships, fear of rejection and a need to prove himself.

He came to me for life coaching and energy healing sessions when his chronic back pain became severe. Despite narcotic analgesics and lying on an ice pack, he was screaming and fighting back tears with his slightest move. He was open to holistic and spiritual lessons but, trained as a scientist, he shared his skepticism.

In our sessions he learned about the mind, body, and spirit connection and how un-dealt-with emotions cause energy blocks that lead to pain and disease.

The lower back is located in the second chakra, one of seven main non-physical energy centers in the body. Carolyn Myss shares in Anatomy of the Spirit the general mental and emotional issues associated with each chakra. The issues that create second chakra imbalances deal with blame and guilt, money and sex, power and control, creativity, and ethics and honor in relationships. Specifically, the lower back is affected by long-standing emotions dealing with a lack of finances or financial support, or an underlying worry regarding money.

Rob’s in-person and distance healings,* including life coaching and energy and sound healing, provided immediate relief. Successive sessions strengthened his back and his resolve to address his emotions. “You helped me see financial issues, anger, and unworthiness from an energy and soul journey perspective,” he said. “I am working with the power of the mind and am relaxing the need to be so perfect or to carry energetically my wife’s burdens, my bankruptcy, or not having a job. Instead, I’m focusing on the possibilities.”

Addressing the emotional root cause of his back pain has paid off. Today, 18 months later, Rob is enjoying a fulfilling life and his back still feels really good; meditation and exercise help keep him symptom-free. And, I believe a big bonus is, spiritually, he healed at the soul level too.

* Energy healing knows no boundaries. Suzette has many out-of-state clients