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Melissa Hall, a licensed massage therapist since 2004, has extensive training in NES Health as well as CranioSacral Therapy and Structural Integration. Her scientific and technical background includes having graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. She sees local clients in her Cary office (130 Iowa Lane, Suite 202), and works on-line with clients worldwide.

Alleviating Symptoms Through WholeNES

By Melissa C. Hall

Symptoms can be mysterious things! Recently, I suffered from debilitating nerve pain. My fears immediately took me to thoughts of a herniated disc and surgery. However, symptoms can be many degrees of separation from their true cause. In my case it turned out to be grief from the loss of a family member—a good reminder that emotions play at least a minor role in every “dis-ease.”

Melissa Hall

It is only natural that every practitioner sees symptoms through their lens of expertise. As a NES Health bioenergetic practitioner, here is my perspective: Symptoms are not the sum total of a person, nor do they necessarily reveal, in and of themselves, what is really wrong. Instead, symptoms are the language our body uses to alert us that all is not well. But, if our infrastructure is sound, everything else will follow. So rather than plug the hole, shouldn’t we strive to be whole?

It’s not that I ignore symptoms altogether, it’s just that they are peripheral. During a session, we will discuss the chronology of events leading to your visit. Instead of focusing on symptoms, though, what I am listening for is who you are—your habits, perceptions, life events, successes and losses. These are the keys to the kingdom.

Energy and Information Shape Life

I think we can all agree that nature is absolutely amazing. Just consider her beauty, complexity, and efficiency. How is this accomplished? The answer is organization, which arises from structure and information. All living things exude this phenomenon via bioenergetic fields. The human body field (HBF), is a complex, structured network of fields underlying all physiological and biochemical processes. This quantum information field coordinates billons of pieces of information created by our bodies every second. When we are well, our field resonates like a well-tuned orchestra. Should we move into dis-ease, however, the chaos distorts aspects of our field, producing results more like those of an elementary school band! The lack of efficiency puts us in a compromised state and can be experienced as fatigue, one of the earliest and most prevalent symptoms of illness.

Within the intelligence of our HBF lies our body’s innate ability to heal itself. However, the HBF is not impervious. It has vulnerabilities, and can be damaged by toxins, stress, pathogens, and trauma. When information degradation occurs, it compromises critical bodily functions, leaving us exposed. NES’ goal is to restore the correct information to your body, because without proper operating instructions, our biochemistry is nothing more than a bag of parts. With it, our bodies become whole and capable of healing themselves—and there is nothing more powerful and complete than the healing that comes from within.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

So, rather than chase symptoms, NES attempts to get to the heart of the matter by assessing the function of your HBF and seeking to create optimal conditions whereby every cell receives the vital information needed for its unique function in the most efficient manner. NES mapped the HBF using quantum processes during 30 years of extensive research in the quest for the science behind the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This map encompasses thousands of physiological and biochemical aspects.

The process is non-invasive, simple, safe, and—most importantly—self-directed. During a NES scan, you place your hand on a small device that interacts with your HBF, collecting a large set of data within a few minutes. The NES software then compares that data against known “wellness” parameters from the HBF map, ranking by order of importance those areas needing attention for your current treatment cycle. All of this is displayed in colorful graphics via an interactive, informative format that you and I review in detail together.

For a four-week period following a scan, you will consume infoceuticals. These clear liquid drops are like the silicon chips in your computer in that they are liquid crystals that store information. As the information imprinted in these remedies circulates through your bloodstream, interested parties (cells for whom the information is pertinent) receive it and can leverage it into a greater state of wellness.  Over this four-week period, your field is reshaped and your body adopts new, preferable behaviors.

Together, we acknowledge the alarm bells rung by your symptoms and seek to restore wholeness from the ground up. This removes any assumptions or preconceived notions we have about the source of symptoms. With NES, we say to your body “we hear you, tell us more.”