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Melissa Hall, a licensed massage therapist since 2004, has extensive training in NES Health as well as CranioSacral Therapy and Structural Integration. Her scientific and technical background includes having graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. She sees local clients in her Cary office (130 Iowa Lane, Suite 202), and works on-line with clients worldwide.

Cancer and the Information Age

By Melissa C. Hall

Every living thing on Earth has an energy field. That includes you and me—and even our pets! What’s more, all of life uses the quantum information field to control and coordinate myriads of daily miracles, from the creation of the tiniest cells to the functions of the most complex systems.

Melissa Hall

So, while the information age and its waveform communication systems are a fairly recent technological development, it turns out nature has been using those principles all along. That’s how our bodies oversee the billions of chemical reactions in cells every hour of the day. It’s also how just thinking about our best friend precipitates a phone call.

The study of this field is called bioenergetics. We know that nature leverages biology, chemistry, and physics, but incorporating physics into health care has been, in my opinion, the missing link. I consider it one of the most promising breakthroughs in helping people regain and maintain health.

The Oracle

Our human body field (HBF) is wise beyond our imagination. It holds the imprint of our essence, stamped out at the moment of our birth. It contains a memory of all that has happened since—how we thought and felt, beliefs we forged, and even our toxin exposure. Our HBF also contains innate healing wisdom.

No matter what medical name is given to the collection of symptoms you have and no matter how many other people also experience that condition, each person’s journey is unique. Therefore, it makes sense that our healing also be unique. Bioenergetics recognizes and honors that.

As a practitioner, I use NES Health, a system founded on 30 years of research and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using NES tools, I read, assess, and correct the HBF (including those of my animals).

Supporting the Healing Process:
Restoring Energetic Balance

No matter what phase of cancer you are in—before, during, or after—the primary goal with NES is to restore the integrity of the HBF. The protocol addresses three critical health factors within the body: energy flow; information being created, distributed, and regulated; and physiology.

Each step proceeds according to cues from your own energy field. By restoring energy and information, NES awakens the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Bodies require energy resources to make changes, so during each session, your HBF guides us in restoring balance. NES also offers protocols that promote a positive mental and emotional state—crucial for healing and maintaining health.

I deeply trust this process because it restored my own wellness when nothing else could. I was very ill—at times housebound and bedridden. No one knew why this happened, let alone how to bring forth the healing I needed. Before finding NES, I lived on a scarce energy budget and in constant fear. My life was narrowly defined—it was moment to moment survival. Now, with those dark days behind, I use NES to help others reclaim their health and their lives.

The Field Revealed

While it took over 30 years to create NES, it only takes a few seconds for you to create a NES scan. You place your hand on a device that creates a subtle energy field that interacts with your HBF. The software provides a highly visual, scored assessment of the interaction and prioritized recommendations. We then review the findings in-depth and work together to create what’s known as an infoceutical protocol. NES offers about 80 different infoceuticals to address energetic imbalances. Biochemically each infoceutical is the same, containing distilled water and colloidal plant-based minerals. The difference is the imprinted information that communicates with your HBF. Treatment cycles last four weeks, after which we reassess to determine the next set of energetic concerns. When the field is distorted, our bodies work off of flawed or absent information—resulting in cellular confusion. This leaves us vulnerable to illness.

Mind Your Environment

Given my knowledge of the HBF, I believe nothing is more important to health than minding our external and internal environments. Consume a local, organic diet. Mitigate exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields. Heed your circadian rhythm. Get outside to move in nature and ground with the Earth, especially in the morning. Do everything possible to reduce stress and release energetic imprints from emotional traumas. And, finally, periodically assess your HBF. Beyond revealing how your behaviors affect you, it can provide necessary support and correction.

While NES does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or illness, it is a rare window into our body’s natural healing mechanisms. By restoring our innate healing wisdom, we accomplish something truly powerful: the resurrection of the deep knowing that gets us back to being ourselves.