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Sisters Lisa Cates, LMT (NC License #1157) and Mary Cates, LMT (NC License #665), have nearly three decades of experience in a wide range of bodywork modalities. Their personalized sessions including foot reflexology, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, energy work, lymphatic massage, and prenatal massage.

Celebrating and Safely Nurturing Women During COVID-19

By Lisa Cates, LMT, and Mary Cates, LMT

Women are multi-task heroes juggling being mothers (and sometimes fathers), partners, daughters, bread winners, business owners, working women, caregivers, community leaders, survivors, thrivers, and—recently—in-home teachers. And all this while gripping onto their inherent nature to nurture even as their patience and tolerance are constantly challenged. While she may experience reciprocity while soothing her child, partner, parent, or pet, a woman is expected to give more.

Lisa Cates (right) and Mary Cates

The unprecedented stress women endure these days can lead to a break-down of their immune defenses and hormone balance making them more susceptible to illness and disease. So, more than ever, every woman needs to receive sole (alone and feet) time and soul nurturing as she navigates these unprecedented challenging times. More importantly, she needs to be able to celebrate herself and receive the nurturing that she deserves safely—so she can return confidently to her home and loved ones relaxed and revitalized with a hopeful sense of health and well-being.

Healing with Foot Reflexology

Such a healing path is available through foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is a non-invasive method of activating the innate healing powers of the body by inducing deep relaxation, thus reducing stress. Using a technique based on the Ingham and Laura Norman methods, reflexes on the feet that correspond to all the major organs and areas in the body are stimulated. Stimulating these areas helps balance a woman’s whole body, inducing an even deeper level of relaxation than she may experience from a regular massage. Having the ability to more specifically affect vital organs, regular Foot Reflexology sessions can help cleanse, improve circulation, revitalize the body and bring a sense of well-being to her spirit.

Over more than 27 years of practicing Foot Reflexology, we have observed profound benefits in clients—from those dealing with cancer to those just needing down-time. During “normal” times, sessions include a foot soak and hand massage with a longer session including shoulder, neck and scalp massage. This service is still available now—but, to accomplish the most social distancing during COVID-19, sessions include hot towels and only foot work to eliminate any work over or near the face. A foot soak, with or without a hand massage, is up to your COVID-comfort level. Sessions are an hour and 90 minutes with $20 OFF your first session as a gift towards any “babysitting fees.”

Not Only Beneficial, But Safe

We offer a private location with limited clientele and follow CDC and ABMP guidelines with a COVID health screening and temperature taken before each session, masks required at all times, and social distancing where possible. All linens are carefully changed and offices and common area are disinfected with significant time between clients. Therapists change clothes after each client, everything is disinfected with FDA suggested disinfectants and rooms are provided with air purifiers.

We are also offering regular massage sessions that are integrated with a mixture of many modalities and philosophies that have informed our practice for over 27 years. We are NC licensed and Nationally Certified. Whatever the modalities used, the goal is to nurture the body and spirit working slowly to help the client, to listen and sense the body, “inviting” the tissue to soften and open—so that clients leave feeling more present having experienced a bit of heaven on earth. In addition to foot reflexology, other immune boosting services include: Manual Lymphatic Massage for detoxification, and Raindrop Therapy (another possible more social distancing modality applying Young Living antimicrobial and antiviral oils on the back and feet). Prenatal massage also available. Sessions can be 30-minutes, 75 minutes, 105 minutes, or 135 minutes. Warm blessings to all you beautiful, resilient women!