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Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH, is board-certified in Preventive Medicine and diplomate-certified in Integrative Medicine. After her own self-empowered healing epiphany in 1997, she has guided people to live healthier through both Eastern and Western medicine, ancient and ultra-high-tech healing.

Come on in and Play!
The Water is Great!

By Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH

HI! I am Dr. JP Pizzino and I want to inspire you to a whole new way/idea of health.

Dr. Pizzino

Just so you will know whom you are playing with, my background includes: two simultaneous bachelors’ degrees in chemistry and Spanish, a master’s degree in public health, a doctor of medicine (MD) degree, and four subsequent board-certifications. If you care about any of that stuff, you can read about it on my website,

More importantly, I want you to know I have walked the talk in my own healing. In 1997, I was diagnosed with a serious spinal condition and told I would be a quadriplegic if I didn’t have urgent surgery. I was on disability from work because I could not sit for 60 seconds without pain at a 9 out of 10 scale; I had numbness and weakness.

And, I was also too frightened to have surgery, so I began to explore all kinds of alternative healing, which was not that easy to find back then. The short version of this story is that, through energy healing, I had a sudden realization that I had to forgive a man who had tried to kill me many years before. When I actually thanked him for coming into my life, I was instantly healed. I have been biking, hiking, and kayaking ever since.

Lessons Learned

Most importantly, this experience led me to spend every moment since then studying all the ways to healing they did not teach me in medical school. Here are the most important things I have learned about healing and have put into practice with thousands of patients:

  1. There is an innate intelligence that knows how to heal your body
  2. It takes commitment and trust.
  3. You have to take personal responsibility for your own health
  4. You must decide to reinvent a new self, to be curious about what it feels like to be the new person who does not have the disease
  5. You must disconnect from the environment, habits, and beliefs that created the conditions for the disease.
  6. Elevated emotions, such as self-compassion ON and gratitude open the doorway to turn on the innate intelligence.

Every individual has a unique set of physical, mental and emotional sparks that will trigger their innate intelligence to heal her or him.  Modern health care often only addresses the physical. I want you to have all the tools to not just solve a health condition, but to have all the vitality to fully live the life of your dreams.

Self-Empowered Healing: A Case Study

Let me share with you my most inspiring patient so you can get an idea how this is done. “DW” was a 36-year-old man with severe Lyme disease and bipolar disorder. He was on disability and had already been hospitalized twice when he came to me and told me: “If you can’t help me, Doc, I am going to kill myself.”

Like most of my patients who get well, DW just decided to trust me and committed to everything I recommended he do. He was on two full pages of medications and supplements. Diagnosing that he was toxic from all this, I took him off all of it except for his psychiatric medications. We started an intensive detoxification at the physical level. He drove two hours twice a week to get specific electromagnetic therapy treatments that were not available in my area. And he worked with a practitioner trained in releasing damaging emotions that are stored in the body.

In three months, all this changed his lab results from “severe Lyme disease” to a “robust immune system.” He came in for his next appointment and told me: “I feel great. I know what I want to do with my life and I need to move to California. Am I well enough to do this, and how do I keep my health going if I go there?” I told him he was doing great and should follow his dreams. I advised him how to keep his new-found well-being going in his new lifestyle. As he left my office, I watched him walk into the parking lot as he raised his hands and drew a great big “YES!” Into his body. This vision inspires me to work with you for your dreams.

What would it be like to feel powerful in overcoming your health limitations? What would you do with your life right now if you had all the energy, mental capacity, and vigor to pursue your dreams?  I would love to join your health journey and equip you with the tools to make this your reality. Come on in and play! The water’s great!