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Testing Is Invaluable in Creating and Maintaining a “Road Map” to Good Health

When you take a road trip across the country, you would likely plan your route before you go. Yet how many people treat their health with a haphazard, guessing, googling, or fingers crossed approach? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a plan that is specific to you and your needs? Patients inundated with health information from a variety of sources need a clear, well-informed “road map” guiding them to their optimal health goal. Helping people design that personal health plan is my passion.

Pharmacist Bobbie Barbrey explains the health information revealed by the Biomeridian Stress Assessment Scanner. Other tests—of urine, blood, saliva, and genetics—provide invaluable information for developing an individualized health plan.


Virtually all disease begins with inflammation somewhere in the body, so my goal is to find it, reduce it, or eliminate it. We often begin this proc-ess with the Biomeridian, a non-invasive, energetic assessment that helps identify areas of highest stress or inflammation in the body. The Biomerid-ian is probably my most useful tool. By identifying areas of inflammation, we can put a plan in place to put out the fire.

I recently had a patient whose overall blood work looked very good, no real highs or lows, but the patient didn’t feel well. To find the reason, I knew we would have to look in a different way so we did an energetic assessment to determine if any systems were out of balance. Often results from the Biomeridian will suggest a stress in an area that is in normal range in blood work. This usually means that the body is trending in an unhealthy direction but is still able to compensate enough to keep the blood work in range. It does this by robbing Peter to pay Paul. This often contributes to a deficiency somewhere in the body to keep the blood values in range. By identifying a problem before it showed up in a blood test, we were able to address the issue before it became a bigger problem.

I worked with another client whose blood work was in the normal range, but her symptoms indicated GI tract issues. The Biomeridian assessment revealed four points on the small intestine meridian and two on the large intestine meridian that suggested inflammation in those areas. The assessment matched her symptoms which made her more motivated to make the recommended changes to her diet. In less than two weeks, I got a phone call from her telling me how much better she felt. On her next assessment we could see that all her inflammatory markers had decreased. Sometimes it’s just that simple, and we don’t have to run 100 different tests to figure out the problem.

The Tests

I always encourage patients to bring in recent blood test results as they are commonly run by their primary physician. They are very helpful but here’s a caveat about blood testing. The normal range that the labs use are for both the sick and healthy alike. I look for optimal ranges, ones that you would find in healthy individuals. This is usually a narrower range but one that will serve the patient more. When you buy a heater you want one that keeps you warm and toasty, not one that just keeps you from freezing.

I often see lab reports where the blood sugar, or glucose, is inching towards 100 on the lab report. The patient will say that the doctor mentioned it and suggested that together they would “watch it.” That’s not my approach! I don’t believe in “watching” health deteriorate. This is not a glucose level for optimal health and it is an indication to look at what you are eating so you can address the issue before it goes out of balance. Don’t watch it until it turns the corner to diabetes.

It’s also worth noting that your doctor may not do certain testing when the tests are not covered by insurance. We can request blood tests for you if the information would be beneficial but your physician does not want to request it, or if you are not working with a physician.

Blood Work Is Just the Beginning

It’s important to remember that a single test seldom provides all the information needed to understand the source and scope of a health problem. We use many different tests beyond the initial blood work. Since an individual’s genes may play a part, we find genetic testing to be valuable in a number of cases. In the past we’ve used the familiar 23andMe test. Recently we partnered with a different genetic testing company, Your Genome Resource, whose data is better and more complete. They provide very comprehensive and easy to understand reports.

The gold standard has always been to start with blood testing, and while that is great for a lot of values, it isn’t the best way to test for hormones. Blood tests provide some hormonal information, but it’s incomplete; ZRT saliva testing provides much more complete hormone data. We also use the DUTCH test, which is the most complete dried urine test that I’ve worked with. It’s become the primary lab test that I use beyond blood work, providing good information about hormones and their metabolites. If looking at hormones alone isn’t enough to answer our questions, we can do organic acid testing that tells us what’s going on metabolically. We have many options available to us. Few people need them all, but we try to find the ones that will give us the information we need.

Lifestyle Issues

Often, after analysis we find that the solution to a health issue is not a medical treatment, but a lifestyle adjustment. This usually means adjusting the foods we eat on a regular basis, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and moving our bodies each day. The body has innate intelligence to repair and heal itself, but it does rely on us to provide it with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that it needs to run all the enzyme systems optimally. We shouldn’t settle for a lower level of health because it’s always been that way, or because we’re getting older. I don’t accept that, and I don’t want you as a reader to accept that. Find someone to work with if you’re not feeling your best.

Start with the basics and then, please, do your part. Optimum health is about nourishing and energizing all of the body systems to work together in a healthy, harmonious way. My goal is to assist you in this process—to help you attain your highest level of health. Call today to set up your appointment for your assessment.