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Detoxification: Regaining Metabolic Balance

“We live in a highly toxic world,” observes Dr. Darlene Holloway, a naturopath and founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary. “And, unfortunately, our bodies are struggling to deal with that reality.”

Dr. Holloway prepares a client for a relaxing detox session.

It’s not because we aren’t equipped to do so, she says. “We have many systems that are designed to confront and eliminate the toxins we encounter every day—to keep our systems in balance. Our noses filter the air we breathe; our kidneys, liver, bowels, skin, and lymph systems capture and eliminate toxins and waste. The problem is: the level of toxicity today is more than these natural detox mechanisms can handle.

“Our diets are filled with chemicals and false foods,” she says, “and our systems become overloaded and cannot release the toxins as fast as we’re introducing them into our bodies. Even if organic foods are eaten, there is still pollution in the air, contaminants in the water, and—increasingly— threats from previously unknown toxins, such as microplastics. It’s a constant battle just to try to keep our bodies clean.”

Over medicating is another complicating factor. “You would find it hard to believe how many people come into the clinic who are taking anywhere from 10 to 20 different medications. And they often don’t even know at that point what’s working for what!”

Other drivers of toxic build-up she and her team see often include mold exposure, yeast, metals, Lyme disease, co-infection, and parasites.
“The bottom line,” says Dr. Holloway, “is that our bodies can’t keep up. Toxic build-up in our bodies is not only the source of many health problems, it’s a huge impediment to healing. For that reason, we find that detoxification therapies, such as colon hydrotherapy, have become increasingly important—and often essential—if we are to regain balance and maintain health.”

Finding the Bottlenecks

“Our goal is to always help our clients detox in a way that is supportive of their whole-body healing,” Dr. Holloway emphasizes. “So, the first task with a new client is assessment. Are they taking a variety of medications? Are they suffering with such issues as bladder or kidney infections? Is the mix of medications more harmful than helpful?

“We need to know if they are having daily bowel movements. If the colon is not moving, that person is toxic. If their blood tests indicate the presence of heavy metals, that’s also a sign that they are toxic. Our path is to find out what’s causing the toxicity. What’s causing that constipation? What’s causing that metal buildup? What’s causing the lymph nodes to be swollen? If the problem is not with the colon, where is it coming from? Is it diet? Is it emotional? In that case, much of the work with this client will be irrelevant until emotionally they can open up and let go.”

Dr. Holloway Selected President-Elect of NBHCT

Adding to her long list of career accolades and honors, Dr. Holloway has been named the next President-Elect of the National Board of Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT). She will serve as President-Elect for two years before becoming President for a two-year term.

The nomination reflects Dr. Holloway’s decades-long commitment not only to serve her clients, but to advance her profession as well. Throughout her career, she has worked to establish and strengthen credentialing standards for colon hydrotherapy, and to work with organizations such as the NBHCT to educate health care professionals.  

NBCHT is a nationally recognized body formed to set competency standards for those who practice colon hydrotherapy. It accomplishes its mission by establishing and maintaining a recognized and credible credentialing program that evaluates the competency of the practitioners.

Colon hydrotherapy may be the best-known detoxification modality and clients often initially present with constipation as their primary concern, notes Dr. Holloway. “However, while the colon is the starting place for our detox programs, and may be their primary concern, my mindset is always looking at the body as a whole, seeking to bring it into balance so the body does the work it is designed to do. And this means eliminating toxins from every organ and every system in the body.”

System by System

“The colon is always of critical importance,” Dr. Holloway notes. “It needs to be functioning properly or all other detox procedures will be much less effective. But we also need to address the lymphatic system. Which is extremely important, as it’s responsible for removing waste products and dealing with infections. And when it isn’t working well, waste builds up, toxins accumulate, and infections become chronic. Fatigue, depression, systemic pain, and ill health are the result. And, because lymph releases into the colon, lymphatic issues can compound colon functional challenges.

“The interconnection of these systems,” notes Dr. Holloway, “is a good example of the challenges of maintaining balance. Our bowels, lymph, and skin all play roles as elimination pathways for detoxing the body—and they’re all intertwined. So, one system going ‘out of whack’ can trigger cascading imbalances in others, increasing the total burden on the body.”

And the interdependencies are endless, she says. “For example, if there’s mucus buildup in the lungs, just clearing the lungs alone will not resolve the issue. You’ve still got to work on the digestive system. Lymphatic congestion will also affect the colon, as I mentioned. The kidneys affect the bladder, causing problems with urine flow, resulting in back-ups that can affect the heart. Blood impurities arise from spleen and lymphatic network blockages. And remember: if the bowels aren’t working, nothing’s working properly.”

Bringing the Body Back into Balance

Dr. Holloway and her team use a structured approach to help the body regain balance. The process begins with improving food and water quality and reducing environmental exposures to reduce the level of toxic burden.
The next step is to unburden the major detoxification pathways, or the output channels. To work on those, she says, “We like to use the infrared sauna to help detox the lymphatic system and work on the cellular level. The ionic detoxification cleanse will pull toxins from all the organs, as well as the lymphatic system and joints. Lymphatic massage also helps to release blockages.”

Dr. Holloway also encourages dry skin brushing and rebounding to help move and stimulate the lymphatic system. “Targeted nutritional supplements,” she says, “also can be helpful—but only after first cleaning up the diet and detoxification pathways. Different herbs may be suggested for continuing detoxing.

“And that brings us back to the essential detox component—colon hydrotherapy,” she says. “If colon is not functioning, the rest of this is irrelevant because the waste has nowhere to go. In fact, if you attempt to detox the body before you address the colon and elimination, you are only creating problems.”