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Detoxify: Helping Clients Improve Health

Bobbie Barbrey, a registered pharmacist and board certified clinical nutritionist, is the owner of Medicap Pharmacy in North Raleigh. Medicap is a full-service retail pharmacy that offers compounding of bio-identical hormones and other custom compounds, and is one of Raleigh’s go to locations for health and wellness.

Bobbie Barbrey, RPh, CCN

Health&Healing: Can you explain the process of a nutritional consult?

MR. BARBREY: As a pharmacist and clinical nutritionist, my goal for every client is opti-mal health. One of the first places we look to improve their health is their toxic burden. Just like a car needs a periodic oil change to run smoothly, our bodies can benefit from an occasional detox. This is a time to look care-fully at the foods we are eating, keeping them clean and simple. A time to reconnect with proper lifestyle habits, lowering stress, drinking water and allowing the body a bit of a rest from the insults of modern life. And such rest periods are especially important—if not essential—if they want to be able to handle the future environmental burden placed on them and to live a long, healthy life.

H&H: What are major toxic challenges that patients face?

MR. BARBREY: Toxic burdens are dramatically higher today than ever in the history of the world. We’re exposed to excessive stress, processed food, GMOs, mold, building and furniture outgassing toxins, chemical exposure, pesticides and herbicides, viruses, parasites, bacteria, and more. Even prescription medications in a patient who does not detox properly can be a problem. These toxins have to be managed by our body systems—which basically means preventing toxic accumulation in our body.

It’s important to remember that our bodies are designed to deal with toxins. And, if we’re healthy, the chances are good that our organs will do their part to keep the systems open and flowing. Problems arise when we are not in optimal health—when toxins have accumulated and our organs aren’t working efficiently.

H&H: What organ receives the brunt of toxic overload and what can we do to eliminate these toxins?

MR. BARBREY: The liver, which metabolizes most of the toxins, is especially vulnerable. Almost everything goes through the liver—most prescription medications, alcohol, and hormones, to name a few. When the liver is doing its job properly, it’s able to convert and utilize those drugs to benefit the patient, or breakdown alcohol to non-toxic levels, or conjugate the hormones so they may be used throughout the body. But if the liver is not working optimally it may not be able to break down toxins properly. This may result in new or exaggerated symptoms that will often lead to other medications adding to the burden.

H&H: How do you advise your clients to detoxify?

MR. BARBREY: There are many varieties of detoxification programs ranging from very gentle to more strenuous. The right one for you can be enormously helpful. But before beginning a detox program you have to assess what you can handle. Taking on too much too quickly can make issues worse rather than be of benefit.

I work with clients to prepare the foundation for detoxification and better health. First, I often perform a BioMeridian assessment on the client. This is a non-invasive, energetic scan that shows areas of the body which may be out of balance. If I find inflammation, that usually indicates a stressor or blockage that may hinder the flow of energy in the body. Those stressors or blocks are often related to toxic burdens.

Medication is great for managing symptoms, but often falls short of addressing or correcting the root cause. That’s when we create a plan for long-term optimum health through proper diet, nutritional support, detoxification, and changing lifestyle habits. Once we implement a strong, healthy foundation, the patient will be able to support the detoxification program.

The body is incredibly smart. My mantra is to give the body the tools it needs to heal and repair itself. Targeted supplementation is often needed due to the deficiencies we find, but it is just one part of the puzzle.

H&H: Are there some people who should not do a detox program?

MR. BARBREY: Anyone who is not in optimal health can usually benefit from some type detoxification assistance, even if it is very, very gentle. It is always best to do it under the guidance of a professional especially if you are in compromised health. It is very easy to detox too quickly, which is not beneficial for the patient.

We carry a robust selection of detox aids at Medicap from liquid homeopathics which can be used at just one drop a day for the sensitive patient to full 14-day kits with everything you would need to enhance detoxification. Our staff is well trained to help guide our customers even if they do not do an individual consult.

Giving individual health guidance is what we specialize in at Medicap. Schedule a nutritional consult today and we will help you find your best path to optimal health.