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Dr. Cindy Wu Joins Dr. Cynthia Gregg

The success Dr. Cynthia Gregg has earned as a facial plastic surgeon in her Cary-based practice is rooted in her extensive training, mastery of technical skills, and the thoughtful, respectful, caring relationships she develops with all of her patients.

Dr. Wu, left, and Dr. Gregg

After years of growing her own practice, Dr. Gregg has now expanded to further meet her clients’ needs by adding Dr. Cindy Wu into her practice.

“As my practice has grown,” Dr. Gregg explains, “patients are increasingly looking to me for assistance with other aspects of their health and appearance, beyond my own area of expertise. It’s a part of the natural growth and extension of my practice that encourages patients to consider plastic surgery procedures in addition to facial surgery.”

Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu is a double board-certified aesthetic and breast surgeon. Her specialties include breast augmentation, reduction, lift, implant-based reconstruction, fat grafting, abdominoplasty, liposuction, body contouring, and labiaplasty.
Notes Dr. Gregg, “It would be easy to think all plastic surgery is simply plastic surgery,” she says, “but that is far from the case.  I specialize in facial plastic surgery procedures, and would never presume to attempt a breast augmentation procedure, for example, because that is not in my training. More than the surgical procedure that is involved: it’s the diagnosis, treatment, testing, and the handling of the post-surgical issues that require expert attention. These complicating factors are all specific to certain areas of the body and specific types of surgery, and, of course, in achieving the desired cosmetic results. 

“Further,” she notes, “I could only trust my patients for other procedures to someone I explicitly trust myself, so it was important for me to recruit someone with great experience and talent, both broad and deep, to help expand and further develop this practice.

“Dr. Wu fits the bill perfectly. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Board of Surgery. She is a member of the American Board for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. In addition to breast-surgical procedures, Dr. Wu also performs non-surgical facial rejuvenation such as lasers, peels, Botox, fillers and skin care. She has been actively involved in research activities during all aspects of her training, and more recently has focused on aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, social media and patient preferences in aesthetic surgery, and laser therapies.”

It's Always About Patient Care

Dr. Gregg says she and Dr. Wu share a mutual core value of providing the highest quality of patient care.  “It was important for me to find someone who offered the procedures of interest to new patients, and who matched the culture of my practice—sharing the same values related to patient safety, whole-person care, and respect for the staff—all essential, I believe, in delivering consistent, quality patient care. It was a great feeling when I realized Dr. Wu I are completely on the same page on these important issues.

“For example,” Dr. Gregg continues, “while some surgeons may simply do a cosmetic procedure, follow up post-surgery, and be done, that’s not how Dr. Wu or I practice. Rather, we want to understand the goals and aspirations for every patient—what they want changed, why, and how—in other words: the patient’s specific goals. Are those goals realistic and attainable? Are there options deserving of consideration? Are patient and surgeon both absolutely clear about surgical goals and expectations?

“Dr. Wu and I are good listeners—and we listen carefully with all of our patients and work to develop a restorative plan with you, not for you. We will advise against surgery if we believe goals are not realistic, if we aren’t certain we can meet them, or if you are not in a health state to support a surgical procedure. If a patient’s general health is problematic—for example, they smoke—we will offer counseling and resources for smoking cessation before proceeding with surgical procedures. And post-surgery, we always offer comprehensive follow-up care, to provide education and any necessary referrals to help the post-surgical patient incorporate such important changes, as needed, as diet modification, exercise, skin care, even mental health.

“Dr. Wu and I share these values, so it’s really exciting to be able to offer so much more to our patients in terms of services and surgical options, while maintaining a high standard of care we both believe patients expect and deserve.”

Patient Education

Another strong contribution Dr. Wu is making to the practice, notes Dr. Gregg, is her interest and research in social media, and patient education.

“An area of patient care that is extremely important to me is patient education,” Dr. Wu explains. “Appropriate and accurate information influences expectations, and expectations influence everything else. Patients today have such easy access to information through the Internet and other social media—and too often, it’s misleading. So, it’s an important part of our job to provide accurate information, to help patients set expectations, and to perform pre-operative testing that ensures patient safety and optimal outcomes.”

A new pre-operative 3D simulation has proven to be valuable in guiding treatment decisions during Dr. Wu’s consultation process.
“To get a sense of the results we are aiming for, I can photograph a patient and then simulate what the surgery would look like afterward,” Dr. Wu explains. “For example, I can simulate what a patient would look like with different size implants or simulate a tummy tuck—a procedure I often do along with breast augmentation. It’s a very helpful tool during a consultation because it allows patients to form realistic expectations of the surgery.

“There is a caveat, however,” Dr. Wu notes: “While a computer simulation gives a general idea, it does not guarantee an actual surgical result. This is a great example of why thorough patient education and setting appropriate expectations are so important.”

Dr. Wu smiles as she relates; “This is my dream job.  Culture is really important to me, and Dr. Gregg has cultivated an amazing practice here. I’m excited about what she and I are going to be able to offer together.”