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Electrifying News About Pain Relief

Scores of people in the Triangle may soon be grateful that Blake Perry, an ardent golfer, was so hobbled by back pain that he put his clubs in storage.

“I’m now 28, and I’ve been playing golf since I was 12. Finally my back said ‘enough!’ The pain was unrelenting,” he says. “And then a friend of mine in Minnesota told me he had found a clinic that was achieving incredible pain relief with a process called Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse, a complete unknown to me. But soon I was in the clinic for my first hour-long treatment, and when I stood up there was a huge difference in how I felt. I bent down, and there was no pain in my back. None at all.

Angela Perry, RN, prepares a client for an EAM session.

“It was not a miracle healing, but I experienced major improvement very rapidly. An hour or two later, I was hurting again. But I was told that this is a cumulative process, and that you can’t overdo it. So that first day I had two more one-hour sessions, and I kept up that program of three one-hour treatments every day for ten days. The end result was incredible.

“Half-way through this process, I called my mother, who is a nurse, back in North Carolina and told her about this amazing technology, and said that she just had to see it. So she joined me in Minnesota, got deeply involved in research of this healing approach, and soon we made a commitment to do the training we needed so we could offer Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse (EAM) back home.”

Part of the research revealed that Electro-Acuscope/ Myopulse was FDA-approved in 1978, and has been in use in thousands of settings such as hospitals and clinics for three decades. It is popular in Far Eastern countries, especially Japan, and in the western U.S., but is less well-known in the eastern states.

“I also learned that EAM has been successfully and extensively used by dozens of top-flight athletes and even the Pope,” says Blake Perry. “Jack Nicklaus, for one, says the EAM process extended his career by 10 years by completely relieving long-standing tendonitis in his elbow and wrists. There are similar reports from many others. In my own case, I’m back playing pain-free golf, and I’m doing an EAM treatment twice a month simply to maintain this wonderful improvement in my health.”

How It Works

Angela Perry, a long-time advocate of natural approaches to health and healing, explains that the Electro-Acuscope/ Myopulse is based on the fact that “every living body is made up of billions of cells. Each one, in many ways, acts like a tiny battery, producing, storing, and releasing energy.

“Each cell also has a measurable electrical charge, maintaining a constant energy flow between cells throughout the electrical system of the body.”

When there is trauma, however—swinging a golf club too hard, for too long, for example—“the cells ‘amp up’ in order to repair the damaged tissue,” she explains. “Eventually, the cells may become exhausted and depleted, resulting in a measurable decrease in the flow of energy while the work of cellular self-repair is incomplete. This is very common—and it results in chronic pain, caused by a disruption of normal electrical signals along the neural pathways through the tissue.

“During our treatments, the Electro-Acuscope ‘reads’ the nerve cell resistance, then introduces mild electrical current to the tissue located between the points of probe contact. Our purpose is to return the tissue to a normal level of neural electrical activity. Before and after each treatment, we can see a digital readout that precisely reports this change.”

How is this helpful in relieving pain?

“Providing beneficial electrical current causes the body to improve circulation, produce and more effectively utilize proteins and other nutrients required for cell metabolism and repair—helping the natural healing process. We also emphasize for our clients that they need to support this therapy by regular stretching, drinking lots of water, and doing at least moderate exercise.”

Angela Perry, RN
Blake Perry

Myopulse Treatment

Even as the Electro-Acuscope is doings its work, the complementary Myopulse device is playing a critical role in the healing process. Explains Angela Perry, “the Myopulse delivers a waveform pattern which is exactly the type of current produced by muscles and other contractible tissue. During treatment, the Myopulse detects and reads abnormalities, calculates compensating waveform patterns, and administers gradually rising and falling pulse trains to produce a return to a balanced spectrum of signals. The effect is to release spasms, loosen restrictions, and restore range of motion wherever chronic improper use has resulted in weak and flaccid tissue.

Mother and Son
Create Business

A shared desire to ease pain—their own, the pain of family and loved ones, and many others—led Angela Perry, RN, and her son, Blake Perry, to recently establish Health and Restoration Centers of NC, LLC, based in Raleigh.

Both have been extensively trained by Jan Rossen Dacri—regarded as the foremost trainer in Electro-Acuscope therapy since its inception in 1978—and both are certified as Acuscope Bio-Technicians by the American Electro-Therapy Association. Mother and son are natives of Raleigh. Angela Perry has specialized in home health care nursing, and directs activities of a baby nurse business, Newborn Home Care, Inc.

Blake Perry has a degree in public relations and business administration from Appalachian State University, and experience in financial management. Finding relief for his incapacitating back pain was the stimulus that led to the creation of this new business.

“To make it simple to understand, the Acuscope is for the nervous system, while the Myopulse is specifically for the muscular system and its connective tissue—tendons, muscles, ligaments, fascia,” she explains.

Most clients benefit from 10 treatment sessions in a fairly concentrated manner. “Ideally,” notes Angela Perry, “when possible we encourage a new client to have three to five treatments a week for two weeks, to obtain the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time.”

Clients are uniformly reporting exceptional results with EAM therapy. Dot Hughes long suffered excruciating pain with sciatica. “After one treatment with Angela—who I now call Angel—the searing pain was gone and hasn’t returned,” she says, now 10 treatments into the program. “I would say I am now 90 percent on the path of total removal of this painful problem from my life.”

Blake Perry notes that other EAM clinics have reported excellent results with a wide range of health problems, including migraine headaches, arthritis, depression and anxiety, whip lash injuries, burns, sprains, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and more.

“Simply put, this is a highly effective pain management system— considered to be the safest and most effective non-invasive method of treating injury, painful conditions, and stress available in healthcare today.”