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Environmental Onslaught and Cancer

Although there are many factors that contribute to cancer, notes Dr. Dennis Fera of the Holistic Health Center in Hillsborough, “the evidence suggests that environmental pollutants play a significant role in more than 85 percent of all cancers—and contribute to the rising rate of cancers and other deadly diseases.

Dr. Fera practices what he preaches: he has regular sessions of chelation therapy treatment—as do many of his holistic
medicine colleagues.

“And it’s not surprising,” he says. “Hundreds of thousands of tons of pollutants are released into our air, water, and soil every day—affecting the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our exposure to toxic chemicals.”

Pollution: Ever-Present, Unavoidable

Further, Dr. Fera points out, “today, one of the main effects we’re dealing with—something past generations didn’t experience—is the unavoidable amount of environmental toxicity.

“Fifty years ago genetically modified organisms (GMOs) did not exist in our food supply. This process takes bacteria, viruses, insects, animals, or even human genes and forces them into a plant in order to make that plant more pest and drought resistant, structurally or nutritionally stronger. In the process, humans are ingesting these foreign materials—potentially affecting their gut flora.”

Another more recent pollutant, notes Dr. Fera, is electromagnetic pollution. “Almost everyone has a cell phone or computer in their home and they blanket the air with electromagnetic frequencies that ultimately impact their health.

“Our municipal water supplies are contaminated with toxins such as chlorine and hydroflourosilicic acid, which is used to fluoridate municipal water. This is an industrial waste fluoride, which isn’t healthy for us. Instead, they should be using calcium fluoride, if any fluoride at all.
“In short,” he says, “in today’s world, we experience a continuous toxic bombardment.”

Many Approaches to Health and Healing

As a holistic physician with extensive training in physical medicine, Dr. Fera employs many "non-traditional” therapies to aid his patients in their quest for emotional and organic balance and robust health. His therapeutic approaches include:

CHELATION THERAPY. A safe, effective IV detoxification process that is also increasingly used to restore the blood flow in victims of arteriosclerosis without surgery. Often used to remove concen-trations of mercury, lead, and other toxic metals from the body.

OXIDATION THERAPY. Another IV procedure that rapidly relieves allergic reactions, influenza symp-toms, and acute viral infections. Tumor cells, bacteria, and other unwanted foreign elements in the blood can usually be destroyed with hydrogen peroxide treatment.

A procedure called “photolumin-escence” is beneficial in the treat-ment and cure of an extremely broad range ailments, from colds and flu to kidney diseases, osteo-porosis pain, tinnitus, certain dermatologic problems, and many others.

PROLOTHERAPY. Used for treat-ment of painful joints (back, neck, shoulders, knees, etc.). An injection procedure that is often beneficial, particularly when other treatments don’t work and X-ray findings are negative.

NEURAL THERAPY. Scars and other traumas to the body can cause areas of disturbed energy flow known as “interference fields.” Neural therapy eliminates the interference field, restoring normal energy flow and balance to the nervous system.

NATURAL HORMONE THERAPY. Used to address a wide range of problems including fatigue, weak bones, frequent joint injury or chronic pain, weakened immunity, thyroid problems, unsatisfying sleep, and skin problems.

NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE, including IV therapies and a strong emphasis on nutritional balance and proper use of vitamins and supplements.

STOMACH AND INTESTINAL SCREENING AND TREATMENTS. Used to discover the presence of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and various parasites, and to overcome digestive related prob-lems, GI irritation, and inflam-mation.

MERIDIAN STRESS ASSESSMENT TESTING a non-invasive technique to evaluate imbalances in glands and organ systems, and to help the body achieve optimal balance.

The First Step: Prevention

The solution, observes Dr. Fera, is not simple. “We need to stop drifting along and doing what’s merely convenient or feels good. Prevention is still important, but not easy, given the pervasiveness of environmental pollutants.

“The most important preventive measure is to minimize toxic input whenever possible: drink and cook with pure water; install a whole house water filtration system, or at least a shower filter to minimize toxins absorbed by your skin; be aware of chemical gasses in the air that can cause chemical sensitivities.”

The body serves as a capacitor, he explains, storing electric charges. “So, grounding the body reduces inflammation. Walking barefoot on the ground discharges the electric charge back into the ground. Or better yet, go to the beach and sink your feet into the saltwater. The alternative is to purchase a grounding pad that you can sleep on, or that your feet touch.”

The Need to Detoxify

“But pollution is insidious,” says Dr. Fera. “We’re all exposed to it and the most diligent preventive measures go only so far. The solution is to decide what measures we are willing to take to detoxify. A key instrument that I employ in my practice is chelation therapy, which serves a dual role, both for prevention and treatment of a variety of illnesses. Its key purpose is to detoxify the body, ridding it of heavy metals, while also cleaning up the vascular system.

“Chelation,” he explains, “is an intravenous therapy designed specifically to remove—via the urine—the toxic metals in the body that contribute to free radical damage. It’s important to realize that chelation therapy itself is not a magic bullet. A strong, effective, complete health program includes good nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation, regular exercise, and avoidance of health-damaging habits such as smoking and excessive use of alcohol.”

Chelation: How It Works

“Reduced blood flow through the arteries starves vital organs of life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients,” Dr. Fera explains. “Enzyme systems are disturbed. Cell membranes become leaky, allowing calcium and other elements to enter. Calcium deposited within the walls of the arteries leads to thickening and hardening, which is part of the process of arteriosclerosis.”

Over time, he notes, “these conditions can lead to heart attacks, strokes, memory loss, possible amputation of extremities, impotence, and other diseases. Free radical damage is a significant contributing cause of cancer, diabetes, and other ‘silent’ and ‘age-associated’ diseases.  In this practice,” he reports “we’ve had numerous instances where a person with diabetes has lost sensation to a foot or ankle as a result of diabetic neuropathy and, after they begin a program of chelation therapy and make other supportive changes, they regain normal sensation in their extremities over time. In some instances, this therapy has prevented the need for amputation.”

Chelation therapy, explains Dr. Fera, “corrects the major underlying cause of arteriosclerosis. By removing toxic metals that increase the formation of damaging free radicals, a number of health-promoting changes occur. Leaking and damaged cell membranes are allowed to heal. Arterial plaque formations dissolve and shrink, permitting greater blood flow, and thus circulation improves. Thickened and stiff arterial walls become softer and more pliable, resulting in easier expansion while normalizing blood pressure and improving the function of individual cells and enzyme systems.

“Because chelation therapy increases oxygen and nutrition to cells as well as facilitates the removal of cellular waste products, calcium and cholesterol metabolism are improved by eliminating toxic heavy metals.

“When administered properly by a trained and competent physician, chelation therapy produces few, if any, side effects,” Dr. Fera notes.