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Feminine and Masculine:
Reflections from a Healer’s Perspective

By Paul Aaron, DC

Not being a woman, I have no way to know who you—women—are, but to share in what we share in life, in a prayer to understand, to be the best a man can be in a world of women and men. I do know this:  I have always thought that inside this man’s body I have a feminine side that I value, especially when the feminine side lets me feel the bit of estrogen that speaks to me and lets me sing and dance together in the garden of beauty that the gift of male and female wander through together, taking in the fragrance and appearance of how the loveliness of the petals of an open peony or rose affects each of us. . . and has a different meaning according to who we are. I am who I am, so how can I experience the you who you are. I try.

Dr. Aaron

I work in a health profession: Chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and meditation. I ask myself how I can be with myself and with each patient to allow the healing through our shared femininity and masculinity. 

“Dear patient,” I ask, “How can you help me to reach into your hurt and help it to heal.” It’s the question I always ask of myself and wonder if it is my male or female who is trying to heal.

I’ve always thought of Elvis Presley—who had so much badness and goodness—as having a strong masculine and feminine side in his music and movement; and in his expression of desire and love—masculine yet very feminine. I’ve always tried to imagine how a woman feels the world. I’ve always admired the men and women who can express in song and dance and visual art and word, through womanliness and manliness, who we are as gardener and lover, what it is that means so much to our hearts and minds. 

To say when life hurts or when life helps or when life flourishes or when life dies is a wonder often beyond words. Yet we try. Great women and men sing of the blues and sing of the blessings. Think of the song, Killing Me Softly, and how three men and a woman composed and expressed the femininity and masculinity of hurt, fear and love. Think of the song, Hurt. Is it the masculinity or femininity that we hear in the now elder Johnny Cash and the relationship he has with his masculine and feminine? 

We reach out to each other to gain knowledge and to love the men and women who we are. Please join me in singing the praise of how to do this to maintain the man or woman who we are and to be the best of how we can know the woman and the man who we share in this garden of a world. We are only here to learn and to grow.

So, I’ve asked my friends to help me know who you are, woman, who I am with you. Here are some women’s views of what it is like to be a woman:

I feel beautiful, unique, smart and entitled to have a great life.  What is it like to be with a male partner? I know I am very strong and yet often men think we are still the weaker sex. Yet it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world to be with a smart, loving, generous man. There are no words for it.
—Feel Beautiful, by Ebony Vinson, CCA

The energy of the divine…this energy of pure love....called in the energy of the divine masculine that, a different flavor and energy of pure love.... We often blame the masculine…but in the long-range picture the only person we can truly control is ourselves. Too often women in positions of power imitate the fallen masculine and provide nothing in the way of the divine feminine energies, resulting in the divine feminine....Our world needs love and tender care. We are at a point of having to choose planetary destruction of change. we need new ways of being, new ways of doing and new ways of protecting our planet....healthy sustainable ways to live.
—The Energy of the Divine, by Lyneah Marks, LMBT