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Maryphyllis Horn has a private practice of Shamanic Counseling & Healing in Pittsboro, by phone or skype since 1995. She is the author of Transforming the Soul, Beyond Soul Retrieval.

Healing from Cancer

By Maryphyllis Horn, MEd, CT, Rev., Shamanic Practitioner

As a young adult, I underwent surgery to remove a goiter on my thyroid gland. My surgeon discovered the growth to be cancerous and he had to surgically remove most of the thyroid along with the growth. No chemotherapy or radiation was needed. Now, 50 years later, there has been no return of cancer at all. I credit this cure to my instinctively wanting to do all of the introspection and life changes that I talk about in this article. Only recently has mainstream medicine become aware of some of them.

Maryphyllis Horn

Within 20 years after surgery, I chanced upon Louise Hay’s writings and later, Rosalin Bruyere’s additions to that. Science says that cancer cells survive because they fool the immune system into thinking they’re the same as true cells. Louise said that’s a metaphor of being a doormat: not seeing the truth, but putting others’ wishes and whims ahead of your own true needs. That rang true for me. Rosalin said there’s a higher spiritual metaphor at play: you’re committed to becoming one with Spirit (Creator of all creation) and putting that ahead of allegiance to other people’s word. That too rang true.

Having cancer is a wake-up call to change your lifestyle from one based on what others say, to one based on connection to truth with Spirit and your soul. All levels of your being—Spirit, Mind, and Body—must evolve and adhere to truth. Interestingly, as you do this, your relationships will evolve and be truer too!

The following suggestions can help.


Begin a daily practice of meditation. At first, learn how to quiet your mind; Buddhist meditations are good at this. When it feels right, whether in weeks or a year, change to a daily 10-minute meditation in which you focus solely on attuning your whole being to Spirit. Carry that feeling into daily activities as much as you can.

In your chosen religion or spirituality—don’t just read and talk about it. That goes nowhere. Walk your talk in everything you learn. Life-application!


Get to know yourself as a soul (introspection). It is tricky to spot the doormat pattern’s cause, much less change it. Because it’s too easy to fall back into old patterns, engage a good counselor. S/he will notice your dysfunctions and hidden sources of fear, despair, and unworthiness. As the proverb says, you “can’t see the forest for the trees”; the counselor, though, will see both. Change dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes to functional ones. Learn how to stand up for yourself in compatible relationships with others. Be honest with yourself and walk your talk to the best of your ability each step of the way. You’ll begin to feel subtle positive changes. They will strengthen your hope and faith that future changes will produce better results, as well.

You must make your own choices—particularly ones that are in alignment with the truth of your soul. At some point, you may want to explore alternative therapies that make it easier to stay true to your soul. For instance: energy healing, regression therapy, soul retrieval.


Yoga is excellent for joining the physical with mind and Spirit. Engage in it or do some other form of physical exercise regularly.

Eliminate sugar at once (cancer thrives on sugar). Gradually change your diet to non-processed, organic, non-GMO foods. These foods are pure, and “pure” is another word for truth. Your body must be in alignment with truth every bit as much as the rest of you must. Processed and GMO-riddled foods are not pure; they are a metaphor for “half-truths,” i.e., lying. They also carry pesticides, which are poisons that weaken your immune system.

You may think you’re duly motivated to eliminate sugar and to eat only healthy foods. After a month or so, you may suddenly want to binge on cake and processed foods. Don’t demean yourself. Let it happen for one day, as a gift to your body. That night, assess how your body (not taste buds) feels. You may find that your energy and digestion were better with the healthy diet. Return to healthy eating. Taste buds take time to adapt to new foods. So do you.

Full-life change is an ongoing life-long process. Do what you can as you can. Spirit will help you be more comfortable with who you are, and make it easier to be true to your soul. Free of cancer.