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Lisa Beresnyak has worked as a Certified Yoga Teacher/ Therapist for over 20 years using Yoga as a means to assist with conditions such as anxiety, hypertension, stress and overall wellness. She has taught at Duke at the Center for Living Well, teaching mindfulness meditation and promotes adding these techniques to assist patient in achieving their goals.

Healing from the Source

By Lisa Beresnyak, BA, Integrative Health Coach

You might not always be aware of it, but your body has an elaborate system of alarms to let you know when something is going wrong. Aches and pains, breakouts on skin, rashes, stomach and GI issues such as ulcers and IBS, irregular periods, and headaches are just a few of the body’s signals that, if ignored, can easily manifest into depression, increased body fat and obesity, insomnia, or high blood pressure/cardiovascular issues.

Lisa Beresnyak

In our society today, we frequently look for the immediate fix to our physiological and psychological issues. As we try to navigate our lives in the fast paced environment we are constantly steeped in, we continually need to find quick answers to the question, “Why am I having this symptom, and how do I fix it right now?”

Unfortunately, there is no fast track to meaningful, sustainable health. Our bodies can acquire chronic illnesses over a long period of time, and thus it can take a long period of time to undo this damage. To regain a healthy mind/body is a process. Finding the solution to your problems is to be able to accurately investigate and interpret the signals your body is sending you.

As a health coach, I like to jump-start the healing process by uncovering what is creating the symptoms you are feeling.  The negative effects of stress alone, for instance, can create symptoms such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal pain, and much more.  The body is also designed to be as adaptable as possible, so it will make rapid adjustments to physical disease and trauma without necessarily solving the issue; this process can severely weaken the immune system, creating serious health and mental problems down the road.

The process I use to uncover the source of your symptoms begins with getting to know you personally. I ask “high mileage questions” to delve deeply into your life, and uncover the root of your disease. Until you can truly be heard and helped to resolve any emotional conflicts you may be experiencing, you might always be looking for “quick-fixes” for your symptoms without ever treating the cause of your disease! This would enter you into that vicious cycle of: symptoms ? temporary solutions ? worsening symptoms ? more temporary solutions ? even more symptoms ? and even more surface-level solutions with diminishing returns; such a cycle will never be conducive to true healing.  Based on your feedback in our sessions together, we will be able to find techniques that can best address your symptoms.

The process of “getting better” begins as soon as the negative lifestyles are identified—overeating, self-sabotage, relationship issues, addictions, financial issues, lack of sleep, or whatever else.  While I do not diagnose mental conditions, I can assist in identifying goals to change your mindsets, behaviors, and habits. I can help you incorporate mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating, and redirecting negative thought patterns into healthy, positive change.

Such training incorporates much accountability, goal setting, and—most crucially—follow-through.  Within the bounds of an ordinary doctor or therapist visit, follow-through is, unfortunately, not always guaranteed. However, research shows that having active social support allows people to stick to behavioral changes—and that is something that I hope to provide for each of my patients.

By having my patients set good goals, and keeping up with their results, I get to experience the best part of my job: watching someone’s chronic illness disappear as they begin to lead a happy and healthy life.