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Healing Is a Personalized Process

Frequently, two people can have what appear to be the exact same symptoms, but on further investigation they have entirely different health issue.

Dr. Holloway, ND, offers counsel and comforting to a client in her practice.

Dr. Darlene Holloway, founder of the Alternative Health Center of Cary, is known for her skillful deciphering of puzzling health issues. She has extensive expertise in understanding and promoting colon health—in fact, some years ago she was the first to be recognized as Colon Therapist of the Year by the International Association of Colon Therapists—and she has an even greater interest in the connection between mind, body, and spirit that form a life-giving health equation for each individual.

“I recently had two female clients who came to me with similar symptoms, both checking off the same boxes on their health histories,” recalls Dr. Holloway. “However, in working with these clients, I discovered that one had an autoimmune disease, the other had Lyme’s disease. Although the symptoms of both were quite similar, the treatment plans were not. They both expressed a reaction to mold: headaches, neurological symptoms, heart palpations, and more, ranging from mild to very severe. I picked one differing symptom to allow me to determine that they didn’t have the same problem. The autoimmune client was losing weight and whatever she did, she couldn’t put weight on.

“Anyone with Lyme’s disease will have an array of symptoms that can change from day-to-day,” notes Dr. Holloway. “You have to uncover all of their health issues, disregard inconsequential symptoms, see what’s left, and that’s what you work with. You move on from there, building on it. Each client is so different. While two clients may present with the same symptoms, their treatment plan will vary depending on where the weaknesses and strengths are within their bodies.

Step One: Detox

“The first path I took for each of them, and the principal one, was detoxing—a critical first step. One client started with the ion cleanse, the other with colonics. Colonics may have been too much for the one who wasn’t gaining weight, so we started with the ion cleanse, pulling all the toxins from the interstitial fluid, and the cells. This cleansing purifies the body efficiently and faster than any herbal fasting program, with little or no stress to the client.

“The client with Lyme’s disease started with colon hydrotherapy because you’ve got to look at the gut first when treating this condition. Colon hydrotherapy is simply the safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs,” she explains. “It’s a restorative procedure that is both relaxing and effective—an extended and more complete form of an enema. After a while, you can switch therapies. We want our clients to understand the process of detoxification so that they can help themselves.”

Another detox method Dr. Holloway uses is the sauna. “We’ll design an individual program for our clients, such as an herbal detox kit that will last 14 days or 21 days. In conjunction with that, a client may come in and use the sauna, or the ion cleanse, and benefit from lymphatic massage, or colon hydrotherapy. We also detox all the channels in the body—for example, using by dry skin brushing, which works on the lymphatic system. Each person has an individual program designed especially for them.

“There’s also a juice fast, taking between 1 to 21 days depending on individual needs. We never suggest using fruits. Fruits are sugar and that feeds yeast; that in turn feeds cancer, which feeds all kinds of things. I’m very strict about juicing: it needs to be green juices, not even beets, carrots, or apples, because that’s sugar. A lot of people want to put an apple in to defray the taste of the greens—no! Not allowed!”

Diet and Supplements

Another step in the healing process, explains Dr. Holloway, “is monitoring the intake of food and supplements. We commonly see people who are taking numerous supplements. The first thing I ask them is whether they’ve checked the supplement ingredient list. Eight out of ten of those coming to us believe that their supplements are pure, but when you check, you often find they are in fact filled with chemicals and fillers. We have to look at what they’re taking, adjust it accordingly, and educate the client. We explain in detail why we propose the supplements that we do, and caution all of our clients to never buy a supplement, even if it’s from a doctor’s office, without looking at the ingredients first.

A Healing Process

“We constantly assess where the client is, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and evaluate what kind of shifts they’ve made in their progress. We can work with some clients three times, and there’s enough of a shift that they can continue to see us on an occasional basis, for general maintenance. Others may need to come for continuing evaluation weekly, for six to eight months; it depends on the nature and severity of the health issue. The simple fact is that the body continues breaking down the longer you have a disease. If we can catch someone who was just bitten by a tick or just developed some sort of autoimmune disease, we can take them further faster. But if that disease has been in the body for some time, it’s a longer-term process. It’s like peeling an onion: we peel layer after layer until we get to the root cause of distress. And the longer that disease has been in residence, the more scar tissue there will be, and, the more layers there are.”

 “Our goal at Alternative Health Center is to bring someone in, work with them, detox, assess, detox, then give them the tools that they can work with on their own. We have no rigid, set program. I don’t even have a protocol typed out because what we do is so personalized for each person walking in the door.”