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New Hormone Pellets Offer a Convenient Route to Hormone Balance

By Beverly Goode-Kanawati, DO, ABPS

I consider hormones to be one of the many miracles of our bodies, directing most major bodily functions. And their balance is critically important for optimal physical and mental health—for both men and women.

The Beverly Medical Center team, from left: Dr. Beverly Goode-Kanawati, DO, ABPS, Sandra L. Britt, MS, APRN, and Sharon Price, MS, CNS, LN

Very small amounts of hormones can trigger very large responses —but this means that tiny imbalances can substantially impact quality of life. And hormones don’t work in isolation. At Beverly Medical Center, we work with many patients to assess their hormone levels and to help them to regain balance through our precise, multi-faceted approach.

Why Do We Have Imbalances?

Environmental factors play a major role in hormone balance. Many chemicals in our environment, food, and water supply can interfere with hormone function. And at an individual level, poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to an imbalanced internal “environment.” These toxic influences, including stress, can also convert hormones into their unhealthy form.
With age, we also produce lower levels of certain hormones like DHEA, the naturally occurring “mother precursor” hormone that converts into many full-fledged hormones. Young people under a lot of stress may also have very low DHEA levels.

Although we frequently talk about hormone changes with menopause, men experience hormonal changes, too! Testosterone decline can begin as early as age 30, and half of healthy men between the ages of 50 and 70 will have testosterone levels below the lowest level seen in younger men, along with a variety of symptoms.

Both men and women need adequate testosterone level for optimal mental and physical health.

Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Right for You?

Experiencing symptoms of Low T? Schedule your free 10-minute consult with Nurse Practitioner Sandra Britt to see if hormone pellets are right for you!

Call 919-844-4552 or email info@beverlymedicalcenter to get scheduled and back on the road to better balance.

Restoring Balance

Often, individuals try to treat symptoms of low testosterone or other hormone imbalances them-selves, supplementing with over-the-counter hormone preparations.

But we take a more comprehen-sive, individualized approach, beginning with understanding active levels of a variety of hormones and how each person converts them.

Our nutritionist, Sharon Price, helps patients support hormone balance through diet and lifestyle adjustments including regular exercise, and stress reduction. A healthy diet contains enough fiber to bind estrogen, sufficient antioxidants to counter oxidative stress, and ample cruciferous vegetables, which can help improve the ratio of “good” to “bad” hormone types by supporting detoxification.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can be a powerful addition when indicated, helping men and women slow or avoid some of the preventable effects of aging.

BHRT and Pellet Therapy

Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical and molecular structure as natural ones, unlike synthetic hormones. BHRT can be delivered as pills, creams, injections, or “pellets.”

Nurse Practitioner Sandra Britt has extensive experience using BHRT, and emphasizes the importance of going “low and slow,” guided by data. We don’t treat menopause patients to pre-menopausal hormone levels out of concern they will change too much estrogen to the bad form. And for men, we don’t treat low testosterone levels without checking estradiol levels.

That’s because for men with low testosterone and high estradiol, adding more testosterone won’t help! In those cases, we want to stop that conversion to estrogen though diet and lifestyle changes first. After addressing this, testosterone replacement can help with increased energy, improved muscle tone, less irritability, and better libido.

Testosterone therapy can also benefit many women, helping to improve libido, increase muscle tone, and even improve stress incontinence.

New Offering: Testosterone Pellets

Beverly Medical Center now offers testosterone therapy in convenient pellet form. Hormones are fused into small cylinders no larger than a grain of rice and inserted beneath the skin. Pellets provide a consistent, healthy dose lasting three to five months, without the daily hassle of applying creams or remembering to take pills. Just three annual pellet procedure treatments can replace 156 injections or 730 cream applications!

Pellets have also been shown to provide superior relief for many symptoms when compared to conventional hormone therapy. We are pleased to offer this convenient and effective new service at Beverly Medical Center.