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Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH, and Karen Saylor, FNP, use the latest research-proven Functional Medicine therapies finding and treating the root causes of illness. Dr. Pizzino is board-certified in Preventive Medicine, and diplomate-certified in Integrative Medicine through the American Board of Physician Specialties. Visit our website to get immediate access to “The Top 10 Root Causes of Illness Missing From Most Doctor Visits.”.

Health Care With a Lot More Health in It
What Is Integrative Medicine and
How Might It Help Me Get Well?

By Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH
Medical Editor of Health&Healing

Dr. Pizzino

Twenty years into my medical career, I had a personal health epiphany that forever changed my view of healing.* After an additional 20 years of intensive study, I received diplomate certification in the new science of Integrative Medicine. People often ask me what that means, so I will offer some actual patient examples (names disguised) to show how Integrative Medicine helped them solve their health problems and enjoy a state of greater wellness.

First, let’s talk about how Integrative Medicine may look differently from the common rushed, cookie-cutter “sick care” you may have experienced under the conventional medical system.

Information Is Power. It takes time for the physician to get to know who you really are and learn all the clues to solving the root causes of your unique condition. It also takes time to educate and empower you to take charge of your health outcomes. At Whole Health Solutions, we take the time to gather and impart information: discussing your individual needs and goals and find a program that works right for you.

Advanced Diagnostics. Rather than merely describing symptoms, as most diagnostic labels do, we dig deep to uncover imbalances in the seven essential functions that drive nearly every health condition and are necessary for optimal wellness (learn more at Using advanced functional tests not available through most conventional providers, we identify underlying deficiencies and dysfunction linking your gut to your brain, your hormones to your immune function, your blood sugar to toxins, and more—integrating all your systems as a whole person.

Treatment Beyond Drugs and Surgery. Utilizing both high-tech and high-touch therapies, we advise you on how to turn on the innate healing power already integrated into your body. Improving absorption of nutrients by treating leaky gut, using nutrition and herbs to dampen inflammation, safe methods of detoxification, balancing hormone and neurotransmitter metabolism, and other natural enhancement of your immune system can all support your body to heal itself from the inside out, for the long term.

Now, let me introduce you to some patients who can illustrate better how Integrative Medicine helps address you as a whole person, integrating natural healing methods to achieve comprehensive wellness.


 “Patty” had been accumulating various ailments and symptoms for many years but finally crashed after a major surgery in 2014. Having barely enough energy for two hours at a time, she dragged herself through each day, brain-fogged and achy. After a year of seeking health through her usual health care channels, her highly-respected endocrinologist suggested she contact us.

After a detailed examination and lab work rarely explored by other physicians, we uncovered severe immune dysfunction with yeast overgrowth and high levels of viral antibodies contributing to inflammation in blood vessels and brain. We guided her into a condition-specific nutritional protocol, made sure she was able to transport vitamins, minerals, and other building blocks to heal damaged tissues, and calmed the inflammation created by chronic fungal and viral infections using herbal medicines. A special urine test showed that not only did she not have enough mitochondria, these little engines in each cell were under-functioning. No wonder she was always tired! Targeted detoxification along with specific nutritional support not only gave her back her energy, it cleared her brain fog and eliminated her achiness. And best of all, she now knows how to keep herself functioning at a higher level.


 “Darren” had been diagnosed with Lyme disease during a hospitalization for a mental disorder almost three years before he came to us in desperation. He had learned too late that this tick-borne infection can contribute to many brain dysfunctions, including severe anxiety, depression, and even psychosis. Determined to heal, he had tried nearly every vitamin and herb mentioned on the Internet as helpful for Lyme disease, as well as multiple rounds of prescription antibiotics. His list of medications and supplements was over two pages long! After listening in detail to all he had been through, I sensed he was toxic from too much treatment. His CD 57 count, a measure of how well the immune system is able to respond to the Lyme bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, was only 29. It is considered necessary to have a level of at least 60 to fight off the infection.

Withdrawing him from all supplements and medications other than those needed for his mental health, we implemented a comprehensive detoxification program as well as pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy (PEMF). This included oral and IV detoxification processes, as well as detox baths, and even emotional detoxification to remove the physical damage of “toxic” people in his life. (See my previous Health&Healing article “When 4 ACEs Do Not Add Up to a Win”—Vol. 20, No. 1.) Dealing with fewer toxins, and other natural immune support, his CD 57 count rose to 117 in just three months! And he felt really well. He came into my office saying: “Doc, I feel great. With your blessing, I am moving to California to pursue the life of my dreams.” I watched him raise his hands and shout “YES!” as I agreed he was ready to transition to maintenance treatment.


 “Lucy” came to me for help with menopausal symptoms. She had been on birth control pills most of her life, ate a vegetarian diet, did yoga and meditation, but still she no longer had her youthful energy or concentration. She was having constipation, joint pain, rashes, and sleep problems. Root-cause laboratory testing revealed that she was unable to metabolize her hormones properly because she was not absorbing enough nutrients despite her health-focused diet. Transitioning her to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) along with targeted nutritional replacement made all the difference in how she felt.

These are not unique cases. We guarantee focused, individualized attention to help you integrate more health and wellness into your life.

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