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Key Elements for Healthy Weight Loss

Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, MD, founder of the Family Wellness Clinics in Clayton and, more recently, in Raleigh, works in close tandem with Waseem Garbia, a certified Physician Assistant, to move committed clients to new levels of health restoration, weight loss, and well-being—often with remarkable results.

Dr. Tank with two certified Physician Assistants, Waseem Garbia and Mary Katherine Williams.

Their approach might well be called The New You.

“The plan,” notes Dr. Tank, “was simply to join effective, often life-saving, life-enhancing medical treatments with appropriate, life-altering therapies such as genetic testing and effective weight loss programs. It is proving to be a highly effective combination.”

Explains Mr. Garbia, “I’m the one who does the IV therapies, and Dr. Tank does the medical therapies. The combination for committed clients is remarkable—really life changing. One of our employees in this program lost over 120 pounds. We had a gentleman suffering with sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes, who shed 84 pounds in this program. He no longer needs diabetes medication, and his blood pressure is now normalized—and he is also free of his C-PAP sleeping device.

“Excessive weight,” he notes, “is a big stressor on our body—on our joints, organs, skin—literally all of our functioning parts. Our weight-loss program includes doing an evaluation, and then doing a DNA test, which tells us a great deal about an individual’s eating habits, and genetically, how they gain weight. This testing results in a diet custom-designed to meet an individual’s needs—what healthy foods they can most effectively process.”

PA Mary Katherine Williams ensures that a patient is well-attended to during an IV therapy session.

In conjunction with this DNA test, Mr. Garbia explains that “we also do vitamin IV therapy to help clear out the liver so the liver can process fats more effectively. If you are losing fat and are breaking down fat, it has to go through the liver system to be excreted. If your liver is not working to its full efficiency, it impedes the process. This IV therapy helps with this condition, and it is also beneficial for the skin—it makes it look a bit brighter, because it has high doses of vitamin C in it, as well as other vitamins. When you do this process intravenously rather than intra-muscularly, it is much more potent and effective.

“The IV infusion is a two-hour process, which we offer as a series of three procedures. We weigh a client each time they come in, and as they are losing weight, we offer a discounted plan for the Ultra-Shape, which is our laser for fat destruction. If a client ultimately has a one- or two-inch pocket of fat they simply can’t get rid of, even as they have lost 20 or 30 pounds, we engage Ultrasound technology that is 94 percent effective in removing those final pockets of fat.”

Meet Jane Smith

To more effectively describe their program, Mr. Garbia introduces a fictitious patient we’ll call Jane Smith.

“This patient is overweight, by Body Mass Index standards,” he points out. “The BMI chart was created in the 1950s, based on height-to-weight ratio. It really doesn’t account for muscle. If someone is 20 or 30 pounds over their desirable weight, they will have a BMI number that puts them in the obese category.

“Miss Smith has a genetic test that shows us she is an eater of sweets, and that she is not metabolizing sugars as well as she should because she has some insulin resistance. This testing leads to a glycemic index for this patient and a recommended diet. We will introduce this new diet into her life, with lots of encouragement to comply with these changes, and we will ask her to return for IV therapy in a week. The plan is to repeat the IV therapy three to four weeks later.

“The IV nutrition is for weight loss, with vitamin C and B and L-arginine—designed to help detoxify her liver, as well as boost her metabolism. Our patient is following her diet plan and doing the IV therapy simultaneously—it is such a nice, effective combination. We also have her check in with us regularly, to make sure all is progressing as planned. She does her IV, comes back three weeks later, and then does another IV. With every treatment she does, she’s is weighed—and within three months she has lost 20 pounds, because she is a compliant patient who does what she is asked to do.

“Ultimately, she has a bit of fat deposit she wants to get rid of to feel really good about her new self, and that is when we introduce ultrasound technology—to finally remove that one or two inches standing in the way of reaching her ultimate goal.”

The Exercise Component

“Jane Smith” and other client patients are also encouraged to engage in a regular exercise program, notes Mr. Garbia. “Most people who come in for our weight-loss program already are doing good forms of exercise,” he notes. “And studies make clear that generally people are more successful in losing weight by modifying their diet than they are by increasing their exercise activity. Exercise alone is not the most effective way to lose weight. Changing diet is a critical factor in losing weight. Ideally, for the very best results, you need both to exercise and modify diet.”