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Bobbie Barbrey is the owner of Medicap Pharmacy in North Raleigh, a full-service retail pharmacy, which also offers compounding and nutritional counseling. To better serve his clients, Mr. Barbrey completed the program offered by the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists and became a Certified Clinic Nutritionist (CCN).

Listening to Messages

By Bobbie Barbrey, RPh, CCN

Sit in stillness for a moment. No distractions around you: no cellphone, no TV, no computer, nothing that wants to occupy your senses and feelings. Now tell me what messages your body is sending you? Is your body running on autopilot, set on Ignore? Maybe the setting you have chosen is Acute Only and you ignore everything else. One of the favorite settings I hear is Pause—I’ll get back to that later. Which one sounds like you?

Bobbie Barbrey, RPh, CCN

I am Bobbie Barbrey, a Pharmacist, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and owner of Medicap Pharmacy in North Raleigh. I often hear comments from my consultation patients that make me believe they are always set to Ignore or Pause. We all have a health tolerance threshold. But at some point you realize that your signs and symptoms can no longer be ignored and that becomes your call to action. Or does it? You see we have wonderful medications now that can manage chronic symptoms but they never get to the root of the problem. You hit Pause, take the medication, and the messenger takes a break. For how long? For as long as you keep suppressing your symptoms, blocking that beautiful communication system that the body has to keep you healthy.


When you develop bad habits, your body will still do everything possible to keep you running smoothly. But underneath all of this, there is energy fueling a smoldering fire: inflammation. It can come from many sources.  It might be a processed foods diet that is compromising your vitamins, minerals, and amino acids status. Maybe this has led to extra pounds so now you are classified as overweight or obese. Another common health challenge is smoking and substance abuse. I have been a pharmacist for over 30 years and I’ve seen these problems gets bigger and bigger. Let me put my nutritionist cap on and remind you of another commonly abused product: sugar. All of these together are building a house of fire.  Unless you begin to dampen it you will see new symptoms and new diagnosis codes. Every disease begins with inflammation somewhere.

Did you hear the message that was being sent by your body that you were beginning to experience some level of compromised health? The message often starts out quietly and over time grows louder. Did you act on it or did you put it on Ignore?

When “Life” Is a Problem

One of the most common reasons to hit the Pause button or to select Ignore is “Life.” We know we should do something and we promise ourselves we will come back to work on it, to address the symptom. But how often does something else come up and take precedent? One of the common comments I hear at my pharmacy is “I will do that when I retire.” When you wait until you retire to address your health, what you will do is go from one doctor visit to another. I don’t want that for you. I want you to live life fully and create new moments to share with friends and family. How does that sound?

Let me ask you a question: when you are 50 (or 60 or 70) what quality of life do you want? You are building that future life now with each action you take with your health. Isn’t it great to see happy, healthy, energetic, mobile, and sharp brains in people around you? To put this another way: what is your health goal down the road? How do you see living your life later? Most people have financial goals, work and business goals, and retirement goals. Begin now to implement your health goals.

As a pharmacist I am happy to dispense your prescription medications to you. Sometimes that has to be part of the health plan. But I encourage that to be in conjunction with your healthy habits, including your lifestyle, diet, and targeted supplementation. My passion is to help you minimize the medications you need because you stepped up and participated in your health. It is what I do in my consultative practice. I want to see you sooner rather than later, as do the other practitioners in this magazine. Improving your health is much easier the earlier you start.

Choosing Optimal Health

I forgot to tell you that you do have one other choice. Push the Firefighter button and begin to douse the flames of inflammation as you provide a strong foundation to achieve optimal health. You are now in control of your health. You are listening to your body in a way you never have before. Ignore isn’t part of your health vocabulary anymore. If you have not had your labs drawn in the last 12 months get to a physician and have this done immediately, keep your annual doctor appointments, and do something daily to honor that beautiful machine you live in: the human body!

If you would like guidance in how to hear and understand the messages your body is sending you, and how to guide it back to optimal health, call today to set up a nutritional consultation.  Together we’ll find the best path for your health.