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Kjersten Marlow, MPT, TPI, SFMA, DN-1, CPN, is a physical therapist with more than 20 years in sports and perform-ance experience. She is a Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified practitioner, has a certification in the Selective Functional Movement Assess-ment (SFMA), and performs Dry Needling. She is also a Certified Postural Neurologist. Her holistic approach combines manual therapy, movement analysis, and stability training to maxi-mize her clients’ performance, while minimizing their injury. 

Using the “Body & Brain Pain Resolution Solution” to Manage Your Chronic Arthritis

By Kjersten Marlow, MPT, TPI, SFMA, DN-1, CPN

CHARONIC ILLNESS: /kron-ic il-nis/ - A long-term (3+ months) health condition that may not have a cure.

ARTHRITIS: /are-thrihy-tis/ - joint inflammation of one or more joints, that is often accompanied by pain and structural changes.

Kjersten Marlow, MPT, TPI, SFMA

Although most people view chronic arthritis as incurable or a fate that they will eventually face, recent research shows that you can effectively treat, resolve, and prevent arthritis pain and inflammation. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis (OA) or degenerative joint disease (DJD). This is caused by aging, abnormal wear and tear, and/or injury. The symptoms are commonly reported as pain, swelling, “noisy joints,” stiffness, and difficulty moving. You may have been prescribed pain medications or surgery by your doctor to manage your pain, yet you still have progressing pain and inflammation. What if you could control your pain rather that your pain controlling you? What if you could be free of pain medications, avoid surgery, and return to a healthy, active life? Although this seems impossible, it is not only possible, but achievable!

Using TherExcel’s “Body & Brain Pain Resolution Solution,” you will realign, retrain, and restore your body to your natural state and become pain-free.


First, you will realign your body to properly unload your joints and balance the forces that are applied to your joints during daily activities, such as sitting or walking. For example, if you sit in a slouched position while performing computer-work, you shut off the postural stabilizers that should be supporting your body to hold the position. And then you recruit compensating muscles—upper trapezius (UT)—to do the work your postural stabilizers should be doing. Your UT muscles can do this for a while—until they can’t. Then you will experience tightness, pain, and compressed neck joints. With time, you will likely develop osteoarthritis in your neck.

But if you learn to realign your body—with your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders aligned—and to balance the forces around the arthritic joint, you will be better able to activate your postural stabilizers and heal your chronic arthritis. As a result, your inflammation will decrease, the pain will go away, and your joints will begin to heal themselves.


The use of postural visualizations can be a very useful tool for resolving OA pain and inflammation. You may be able to align your joints for a while, but the challenge then becomes holding that new alignment for a period of time, while you are focused on your computer-work. This is where visualizations come in. If you visualize that you are activating a helium-filled “Posture Balloon” attached to the top of your head and its job is to lift and unload the joints of your neck, your posture stabilizers will automati-cally “turn on” (activate), and your compensating muscles will “shut off” (inhibit). With practice and regular cuing techniques, you can retrain these muscles to work to unload your spine, resulting in decreased pain, joint compression, and wear and tear.

Resolving your pain requires: using the right muscles (posture stabilizers), to do the right job (support your spine and joints), at the right time (while sitting to do your computer work). Try activating your “Posture Balloon” today; your body will thank you!


Once you properly realign the joints of your body in sitting, and retrain the right muscles to do the work, you will be able to restore normal neck joint mobility (rotating your head or looking up at the ceiling). This will decrease tightness that is compressing and wearing down your spine, finally resolve the pain and inflammation that control your life, and improve the sensory-feedback information that goes to your brain!
With the BBPRS (Body & Brain Pain Resolution Solution), you will: 1) free yourself from pain medications and the risks of dependency; 2) avoid unnecessary surgical interventions; 3) take control of your pain; and 4) get back to living your best life!

Non-Opioid Pain Relief Technology

In addition to resolving pain using the proprietary Body & Brain Pain Resolution Solution, TherExcel is proud to announce the addition of TrueRelief: A Non-Opiod Pain Relief Technology. This is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive medical device that uses a painless, high frequency electrical therapy to treat chronic intractable pain, post-surgical pain, and post-traumatic acute pain. Research on TrueRelief demonstrates that “97 percent of treatments have resulted in pain reduction and the average pain reduction has been 64 percent.” For more information on TrueRelief visit or contact Kjersten at