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Mental Anguish and Physical Pain

The minds and emotions of his patients are inevitably intertwined as key ingredients in the healing process, notes Dr. Dennis Fera of Holistic Health & Medicine in Hillsborough.

Dr. Fera receiving a maintenance IV treatment.
He practices what he preaches.

“A former patient is a classic example of the mind-body con-nection at work,” he says. “This gentleman came to me with an array of unpleasant gastro-intestinal complaints, including diarrhea, pain, and persistent nausea. I did a stool analysis, checking for organ-isms, and overall did fairly extensive non-invasive testing to find the cause of these ailments.

“While waiting for the test results to arrive, this patient’s symptoms worsened sufficiently to take him to another doctor, a specialist, who gave him a full gastrointestinal workup—a full GI series, including colonoscopy. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease—a painful chronic condition with no cure. It is often treated with high-dose steroids and in some instances leads to surgery to remove pieces of the bowel.

“Soon the patient returned to me, feeling worse than ever. He was taking a half-dozen different medications. We reviewed the results from the tests I had done. They revealed a single organism, and one elevated inflammatory marker—consistent with his symptoms, but hardly severe. I assured the patient we could eliminate the offending bug and calm the inflammation, although the medications he was then taking complicated treatment a good deal. He came off the steroids slowly, over time.

“At this point, he shared new information with me about the events of his life. I learned for the first time that his wife had left him eight months earlier, and he was having severe problems being a sole parent to his 16-year-old daughter. In fact, he had learned several months ago that his daughter was pregnant.

“So I said to this patient, ‘You’ve just made the diagnosis! This is why you are sick to your stomach—and why all of these drugs aren’t working.’ We had a long talk, which led to his decision to approach problem-solving in his life in a different way. I continued to work with him to address his physical complaints, and he did the work necessary to come to peace with his emotional problems.”

Chelation and Mental Clarity

Often, patients seek out Dr. Fera for chelation therapy—one of a number of “non-conventional” therapies he often employs (see box)—to address a wide range of circulatory problems. These concerns often manifest as chest or leg pain when walking, shortness of breath, painful or discolored feet, transient loss of vision, or failing memory or mental acuity—another mind-body connection.

Many Paths to Healing

Dr. Fera offers his patients a range of “non-traditional” therapies to help overcome toxic burdens, relieve pain, and achieve organic balance and robust good health. His therapeutic approaches include:

  • Chelation therapy, an IV detoxification process to restore the blood flow in victims of arteriosclerosis without surgery, and to remove concentrations of mercury, lead, and other toxic metals from the body.
  • Oxidation therapy, to rapidly relieve allergic reactions, influenza symptoms, and acute viral infections.
  • Ultraviolet light therapy, oxygenates blood, kills bacteria, yeast, and viruses, and breaks down organic toxins.
  • Prolotherapy, an injection procedure to promote healing of injured ligaments, tendons, and joints.
  • Neural therapy, to treat areas of disturbed energy flow known as “interference fields” and to balance the autonomic nervous system.
  • Natural hormone therapy, to address a wide range of problems including fatigue, weak bones, frequent joint injury or chronic pain, weakened immunity, thyroid problems, unsatisfying sleep, and skin problems.
  • Nutritional medicine, including IV therapies and a strong emphasis on nutritional balance and proper use of vitamins and supplements.
  • Stomach and intestinal screening and treatments, to discover the presence of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and various parasites, and to overcome digestive related problems and irritation and inflammation.
  • Meridian Stress Assessment testing to evaluate imbalances in glands and organ systems, and help the body achieve optimal balance.
  • Thermographic infrared imaging, a safe, non-invasive, non-contact diagnostic imaging procedure for visualizing the body’s physiologic response to pain and disease states.

That was exactly the case with Carl, 73, who retired from the ministry some years ago and moved from Kansas to Greensboro to be near his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

“While I was a minister for 30 years, I was brought up on a farm and I’ve always been active,” the patient said. “When I came to Greensboro, I continued a passion by operating a lawn care business, tending to 20 or more lawns a week. But my energy started to slip, I was having occasional chest pain and shortness of breath, and I reached the point where it was a struggle to do more than five lawns a week.”

Back in Kansas, he had a relative who had experienced success with chelation therapy, so he began a search for a chelation specialist that brought him to Dr. Fera. After intake testing, he began a series of IV therapies, including chelation treatments, oxidation therapy, and UV light therapy.

“I began to notice positive changes almost immediately,” he reports, “and by the time I completed the full course of chelation, my energy was back to the 20-lawns-a-week level, and I was free of chest pains and shortness of breath. But most surprising of all to me was the effect of chelation on my mental abilities. My memory improved noticeably; I easily remember names now in a way that I found difficult or impossible to do before. My thinking generally is clearer and sharper. Before chelation, I often had a kind of brain fog. And now that fog has lifted completely.”

Such results are not a surprise to Dr. Fera. “The whole point of chelation therapy is to improve circulation,” he says. “It makes sense that better circulation of blood to the brain improves brain function—just as improved circulation improves function in other parts of the body.”

Chelation therapy, Dr. Fera points out, “is a safe, effective, relatively inexpensive and often overlooked treatment to restore the blood flow in victims of arteriosclerosis without surgery. Through the intravenous administration of EDTA, toxic metals that contribute to free radical damage are eliminated from the body via the urine. Those metals, which can come from many sources, may include aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic.

“Arteriosclerosis sets the stage for such problems as heart attacks, strokes, memory loss, possible amputation of extremities, impotence, and many other diseases. Free radical damage is considered a contributing cause of cancer, diabetes, and other ‘age-associated’ diseases.”