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Movement for Quality of Life

Use it or lose it. Nowhere is this phrase more applicable than in the human body. Look at a 70-year-old dancer who never stopped dancing—still limber and fluid. Compare that to a 70-year-old who sat at a desk for years and never made time to move. The difference is striking. What is your level of flexibility today?

Bobbie Barbrey, RPh, in a health counseling session.

Sometimes knowing what we should do and taking the steps to implement them are not easy. How to make the leap? Enter Bobbie Barbrey, owner of Medicap Pharmacy in North Raleigh. He is a Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for helping people find optimal health.

“Everything we do affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health,” he says, “and it’s all important. The goal is to achieve balance in all parts of our lives.

“When evaluating a patient’s overall health picture, it’s easy to see the health areas that patients avoid and moving is often high on that list. Integrating all pieces can contribute greatly to their healing,” he observes.

A Matter of Choice

“We all make choices every day about how we spend our time,” notes Mr. Barbrey. “In my busy personal and professional life I schedule my time to move my body. When did planning your workday become more important than investing time in your future well-being? It’s all a matter of priorities.
“In my health plan consultations, when it comes to movement and exercise, I often hear common refrains: ‘I simply don’t have the time to exercise.’ ‘I don’t have the energy to exercise.’ ‘I hate going to the gym.’ ‘It’s painful for me to exercise—my back hurts!’”

While these are legitimate issues, he says, “they can often be resolved in positive ways. I ask my clients to consider movement today to be an important factor in their quality of life in the years ahead. It’s not really a question of not having enough time to exercise—to move. It’s a question of making the time to exercise.”

Fatigue and Exercise

Mr. Barbrey acknowledges that fatigue keeps many people from engaging in exercise. “But, paradoxically, the lack of movement can and often does contribute to fatigue. Some people are living such sedentary lives that any type of moving makes them tired. But the truth is that movement is a critical factor in building and maintaining energy.

“There are, of course, many reasons why a person may feel tired. Identifying the causes of fatigue, and working to change these factors is an important part of the health plans we develop. So many people today are caught up in the whirlwind of life. I challenge those patients to step out of that vicious cycle and get back to supporting health.”

“Personally,” Mr. Barbrey notes, “several years ago I had an issue with fatigue because I was standing most of the time, often for eight to ten hours a day. My legs were especially tired. That has been completely overcome by wearing compression socks. I encourage anyone who stands for a living to check this out. We carry a professional line of Mediven compression hosiery and have certified fitters to ensure that you get the proper fit for your hose. It’s made a world of difference for me.”

Pain and Exercise

“At some point in our lives,” says Mr. Barbrey, “most of us deal with pain that makes it more challenging to do exercise. If it is difficult to stand or walk, you can get still amazing benefit from yoga or stretching, even while sitting in a chair. Join a stretch class or try conducting an orchestra from your chair with your arms held higher than your heart. Move your legs back and forth. Every little bit of participation helps.

“And there are some great nutritional and herbal strategies to reduce pain that we carry at Medicap. I find we can get terrific results in relieving pain by using such natural products as Boswellia extract, turmeric (curcumin), and glucosamine. I’ve seen wonderful results with these approaches reducing the stress on joints and thus reducing the pain of joints.

“We’ve also had great results with collagen and carry several collagen products. Collagen Peptides is great for the hair, skin, and bones. Another, Collagen Complex, helps with arthritis when the issue is cartilage. Collagen is the part of the structure of the whole body. As we age, we lose collagen and that loss is accelerated with poor diet, especially excess sugar. It can be seen in the wrinkling of the skin that reflects its status throughout the body. Taking collagen can help with skin, joints, bones, nails, and even hair. It’s a fabulous product that most people would benefit from.”

Getting to the Cause

Mr. Barbrey has a unique combination of skills to offer his clients. He has over 30 years’ experience with pharmaceuticals, understands bio-identical hormones extremely well, and can assess and advise on nutrition and quality supplementation. He recently added 23andMe genetic analysis to his consultations. Using his expertise, he works with his clients to develop customized health plans so the patient has a clear path to follow to achieve optimal health.

He also often uses a BioMeridian Stress Assessment scanning device in his consultations. “This has become an invaluable tool,” he says, “because it helps me look at inflammation in the body and then target those areas for support. It’s not a diagnostic tool, but when I look at areas of the body that are inflamed—understanding that very often inflammation is a precursor to disease and the site of pain—it gives me information to make recommendations for the patient more precisely.”

Schedule an appointment with Bobbie Barbrey for your individual consultation. It would be your best next move.