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UNC’s Medical Office Building
Opens on Hillsborough Campus

Staff, practitioners, dignitaries, and the curious gathered on August 22 to tour the sparkling new UNC Health Care’s Hillsborough Medical Office Building, on the Hillsborough campus at 460 Waterstone Drive. The building officially opened to serve patients on July 1.

The beautifully furnished third floor, home to a surgical suite and urology, pelvic health, and women’s primary care services.

Guiding our tour of the three-level, 60,000 square foot structure were Mary-Ann Minsley, Associate Vice President of Outpatient Care Services, and Tammy Windham, the office building manager who oversees services for both nurses and the business staff.

The first floor of the new building is devoted to medical oncology services and laboratory functions, they explained, and the second floor is home to imaging services, which include ultrasound, mammography, and bone density studies, as well as dermatology, gastroenterology, and G.I. procedures specialties. A procedure room is located on the third floor, along with urology, pelvic health, and women’s primary care. Make appointments and access services by calling (919) 595-5900, they advise. More detailed information is available at the

Hospital Under Construction

Under construction nearby is a 68-bed full-service hospital due to open in 2015, notes Ray Lafrenaye, UNC Vice President for Facilities Planning and Development.

“We’re building a hospital here to serve the people of Hillsborough, of course, but it is in fact an extension of the main campus in Chapel Hill. Every single day on the main campus our hospital is approaching capacity. We’re reaching a point where we’re nearly bursting at the seams.

The Hillsborough Medical Office Building, on the Hillsborough campus, now providing a range of medical services.

“And of course all of those patients who come to us are not just from Chapel Hill. They come from all over North Carolina. So when we were considering expansion plans we concluded that we should expand off campus to an area that is easily accessible from major highways. That describes the Hillsborough campus, where people from both Eastern and Western Carolina can hop on I-40 and come right off the highway to this site quickly and easily. This campus is really to serve all of North Carolina and less acute patients. Acutely sick patients are still going to go to the main campus hospital.”

In fact, Mr. Lafrenaye points out, “What we are in the process of doing is a unique or at least an unusual circumstance throughout the country. Typically when you build a hospital, you follow the demographics. The common goal is to locate a hospital to serve a growing population base. But that is not the driving force for us here. The driving force was finding a viable way to decompress the census pressures on the main campus, in a way that serves the needs of patients throughout the state.”

Mr. Lafrenaye served as head of the planning team from the time of the conception of the expansion plan nearly five years ago. “It’s taken a chunk of time,” he notes. “This is a big project. You can see the amount of utilities and infrastructure and groundwork. It’s not simply this office building, now complete, and a 68-bed hospital that are under construction. One of the guiding principles in developing this campus was to build it so that it is expandable.

“It would be a lot easier just to build a 68-bed hospital but we had to proceed so that we could expand it further at some point in the future.”