NOVEMBER 13, 2019

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Experts agree: there is an important link between health and balance, which we invite our experts to explore in the November 2019 edition of Health&Healing. Between different people and even from moment to moment the locus of balance is always different. What constitutes a balanced diet for one person may be completely different for another. There is no “one size fits all.” And there are questions to pose: Is “healthy balance” a constant, or does it change over time? Does pain mean a person is out of balance? Does stress? What role do meditation, diet, and exercise play in achieving and maintaining balance?

In contemporary Western medicine, the term “homeostasis” is used to describe the body’s ability to maintain a state of internal stability or equilibrium—that is, “balance.” And the idea of imbalance is often perceived to be at the heart of the disease state. Cardiologists provide medication for the heart that beats too fast or too slow. Blood pressure that is too high must be lowered, or raised if it is too low. Hormonal balance is widely understood to be a cornerstone of good health. Many chronic illnesses are perceived to be symptoms or outcomes of a state of serious imbalance.

But while there is a general acceptance among healers of the importance of maintaining a certain degree of equilibrium, the methods employed to regain “balance” are enormously varied. They range from cutting edge advancements in pharmaceutical and surgical techniques to ancient approaches such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. Diet, supplements, relaxation techniques, exercise, counseling and coaching all can play a part in restoring balance and health.
An article in The Yin and Yang of Balance offers these thoughts:

“Each of us has a unique ideal balance . . . The balance that’s right for you depends on your individual genes, your body chemistry, what your mother was eating when she was pregnant with you, your personality, temperament, lifestyle, living situation, and so on. It also depends on your own personal definition of feeling your best. There really is no such thing as perfect balance. The two forces of warm and cool are constantly evolving. Neither can exist without the other. They work together, influencing and being influenced by each other, creating and being created by each other. It’s a never-ending flow.”

We invite you to share your experience and views on achieving and maintaining a healthy balance in the November 2019 edition of Health&Healing.


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Achieving “balance” could be regarded as the goal of any healing practice. At the same time, for many integrative medicine practitioners, restoring “balance” has special meaning. Many of their patients suffer from complex ailments caused by systemic imbalances and multiple problems. Restoring balance for such patients requires a holistic approach to healing—bringing together multiple disciplines and perspectives. We invite these healers—including acupuncturists, yoga therapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, energy healers, hypnotherapists, physical thrapists, massage therapists, and coaches—to offer their perspectives on how to bring mind, body, and spirit into healthy balance.

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