APRIL 20, 2018 

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Most of us, much of the time, are engaged in the process of healing of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. And there are legions of gifted professionals on hand to assist us in this healing process.

In the April issue of Health&Healing, we will ask an array of practitioners to talk about their approaches to healing and wellness, and share the strengths and limitations—the appropriate boundaries, if you will—of the work they do.

The Triangle offers an unusually rich number of healing options. With its teaching hospitals, internationally renowned medical research centers, and pharmaceutical companies—it’s fair to say we are among national leaders in the biomedical science of healing.

We also are blessed with a remarkable variety of healing modalities. Our healers include acupuncturists and massage therapists, hypnotherapists, dermatologists, Reiki masters, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, polarity therapy, healing touch, biofeedback, kinesiology, neurolinguistic programming, psychiatry, surgical specialties, and many more fields. In the past, many of these healers often served under the rubric of “alternative” and “complementary” medicine. Today, they are more likely to be partners with conventional practitioners in the practice of “integrative” medicine—a more holistic, patient-centered approach to healing that seeks to blend art and science.

Standing in the midst of these many healing approaches is the patient, seeking to take full advantage of these opportunities to achieve, maintain, or regain health. And often, it seems, it is a blending of the art and science of healing that best serves his or her recuperative goals. Skilled surgeons, for example, understand that the “art” of healing—the ability to listen, the sensitivity to subtle physical and emotional cues from the patient, the creativity of the practitioner—is as important as the scientifically based technical skill and training. And, while a patient with cancer is most likely to spend time with a surgeon and to benefit from advances in medical technology, he and she may also find that the effectiveness of surgery and medication is enhanced by supplemental treatment with a number of different healing modalities, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or colon hydrotherapy.

The healing possibilities for every patient, right here where we live and work, are extraordinary. We will discuss many of them in the April issue of Health&Healing. We invite practitioners to join the conversation.


A special section of the publication—Other Voices, Other Choices—provides a forum for area practitioners to submit articles related to the feature topic. In this section, we invite health care/health service providers who have a special connection to the feature topic to write articles about their work.

Many Approaches to Healing” might be a descriptor of the North Carolina Triangle—an area offering an abundance and extraordinary variety of healers and healing modalities.

The major medical centers offer exceptional specialty, surgical, and high-tech care; they also are leaders in integrative care. But they are just part of the rich fabric of health care and healing options.

In the April issue, we want to include the “voices” of a wide variety of healers who have specialized, even unique, approaches to healing. The list is long; a sampling: acupuncture, life and health coaching, energy healing; hypnotherapy, Ayurveda, nutrition counseling, detox, reflexology, fitness training, structural integration, meditation, craniosacral therapy, pain management, yoga—and many more.

If you offer a special healing path, we invite you to add your voice to the conversation in the April 2018 issue of Health&Healing, and share your understanding and expertise with readers. To join the conversation, see information about the Other Voices, Other Choices section in Advertising in Health&Healing, and contact us at 919-967-6802.


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