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Jen Lochren-Loureiro, CT
Darlene Holloway, ND, CT, LMBT, ST

181 Wind Chime Court, #102
Raleigh, NC 27615
Telephone: (919) 665-9256

Optimal Health:
Impossible Without a Healthy Gut

They’re a team that brings together an exceptional blend of vision, energy, and expertise to focus on what might be considered essential for optimal health—gut health.

Jen Lochren-Loureiro, left, and Dr. Darlene Holloway review a client's detox plan.

Spanning two generations and a remarkable list of accomplishments, Jen Lochren-Loureiro, founder of Healing Waters of Raleigh, and Dr. Darlene Holloway, a national leader in the field of colon hydrotherapy, are now seeing clients in new, expanded offices in Raleigh.

“Gut health,” acknowledges Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, “may not sound glamorous, but our digestive system is the foundation for health; all systems depend on our ability to efficiently absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. And healing— regeneration and rejuvenation—is impossible without a healthy gut.”

And the key to an efficient, effective digestive system, notes Dr. Holloway, “is a properly functioning colon. So, our primary focus at Healing Waters is colon hydrotherapy—a method of cleansing the large intestine to remove toxins and maintain its healthy functioning.”

Health&Healing: How does gut health relate to overall health?

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro: It’s absolutely essential. A healthy digestive system supports all other bodily systems. And the reverse is true—an unhealthy gut is the source of disease and dysfunction.

Dr. Holloway: Everything we put in our mouth touches and affects the walls of the stomach, small intestine, and colon. When these substances or their by-products are toxic—increasingly common in our toxic world—they damage the intestinal wall and cells and can be absorbed through the walls into the body.

The colon is the sewer system of the body. If it’s not working properly, it’s hard for the other organs to do their work. So, as waste matter sits in an under-functioning colon, decaying and fermenting, it starts to reabsorb back into the body. Now we’re dealing with a toxic sewer system.

H&H: What is the role of colon hydrotherapy?

Dr. Holloway: It’s both therapeutic and preventive. By cleansing and detoxifying the colon, it helps to resolve many problems—such as constipation—that contribute to poor health. And it’s also important in maintaining a healthy digestive system.  

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro: I agree. The value of colon hydrotherapy in maintaining gut health and preventing problems can’t be overstated. We know how important diet is in maintaining a healthy digestive system; but we also know that the Standard American Diet interferes with healthy digestion and creates all sorts of problems—problems that build up and worsen over time. Regular colon cleansing and detox can be invaluable in preventing this.

H&H: What does colon hydrotherapy entail?

Dr. Holloway: Colon hydrotherapy cleanses the entire colon without stress. It provides a closed system in which waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out of the drain line.

But the process does much more than simply cleaning the colon. It hydrates the system, repositions the intestines, stimulates muscle movement, and removes waste—sometimes impacted matter that may have accumulated over years. It also rehabilitates the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulatory and immune systems that form the digestive system.

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro: The therapist’s role is also important. During each session we examine and evaluate the colon’s function and health. We look for cues to problems, such as hard stool, undigested food, and evidence of inflammation or toxins. This information is essential in developing a healing plan.

H&H: Many people are unfamiliar with colon hydrotherapy. What concerns do your clients have about this therapy?

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro: There are many myths and misconceptions about colon hydrotherapy—often spread on the Internet. Perhaps the most common is that it’s uncomfortable. But that is not at all the case. Colon hydrotherapy involves the gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. Most clients find the experience relaxing.

First-time clients are often nervous and don’t know what to expect, so I want to reassure them that they’re in a safe space. That reassurance comes in part from the high standards we demand for both training and equipment. In our new offices, for example, we have installed an Aqua Cleanse, closed system, which is the highest quality, state-of-the-art hydrotherapy sanitation and filtration equipment.

H&H: In addition to colon hydrotherapy, how else do you help clients achieve better gut health?

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro: I envision Healing Waters as a place where optimal health begins—for those who want to take charge of their own health. I learned from my own experience that healing begins with fundamentals—with detox and a healthy gut. That is reflected in a range of services offered.

We counsel our clients about the importance of exercise, hydration, and healthy diet—especially in relation to their gut health and problems. And we determine the best detox approach for each client. In addition to colon hydrotherapy, the ion cleanse is extremely effective, and we offer liver and kidney detox programs as well.

From, there, we’ll consider other ways to strengthen and maintain a healthy digestive system. These include dietary changes and supplements—such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, and vitamins—to support the digestive tract.

Dr. Holloway: Another option some clients may choose is a Consultation to develop a detailed healing plan. This can be especially helpful for those with complex and chronic health issues.
I’ve worked with many such clients over the years. Often, they will have multiple health issues and are taking many medications—yet still suffer. The task is always to determine the source of their problems and systematically address these issues.

My Consultations will include a thorough review of their medical records and analysis of test results; and will draw on my training as a naturopath as well as my many years of experience.

Vision and Expertise:
A Remarkable Healing Team

They’re a generation apart, but share a passionate commitment to their healing work. For both Dr. Holloway and Ms. Lochren-Louriero, a search for solutions to personal health problems led them to colon hydrotherapy—first as clients and then as practitioners.

“I was dealing with anxiety, headaches, and gut-related health problems,” recalls Ms. Lochren-Louriero. “Despite seeing many doctors, my problems persisted and worsened, until my own research led me to colon cleansing. Healing my gut resolved many of my health issues; it also shaped my professional path. And it led me, ultimately, to envision and create a practice devoted to supporting digestive health—through detox therapies and education.”

Ms. Lochren-Louriero’s interest in colon hydrotherapy also led her to a friendship and then a professional relationship with Dr. Holloway, whose more than 40-year career has established her as a national leader in the field of colon hydrotherapy and digestive health.

“Like Jen,” says Dr. Holloway, “I discovered colon hydrotherapy in my search for solutions to my own health issues. I’ve explored many healing modalities over the course of my career, including naturopathy, massage therapy, and structural integration. But the healing power of colon hydrotherapy has made it the centerpiece of my practice.”

Dr. Holloway’s expertise in the field of colon hydrotherapy is exceptional. She holds the highest level of certification as an instructor with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy, and has been instrumental in developing national curriculum and credentialling standards for therapists. As a practitioner, she was named the first IACT International Colon Hydrotherapist of the year and was an IACT Board Member at Large; and has received numerous awards in her field, including Outstanding therapist award with the naturopathic medical association.

“What’s exciting—and unexpected—at this stage in my career,” says Dr. Holloway, “is the opportunity to contribute—as a teacher and mentor—to ensuring the highest quality of colon hydrotherapy care in North Carolina; I will be overseeing a new training and certification program for colon hydrotherapists. Jen’s vision for Healing Waters—as both an education and detox center—has made it possible.”