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For more information about services at the Clinics, contact:


Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, MD
2076 NC Highway 42, Suite 230 Clayton, NC 27520

Telephone: (919) 553-5711

8020 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC 27613

Telephone: (919) 322-2844

Paths to Emotional and Mental Health

“Do we frequently observe connections in our patients between physical, mental, and emotional health? Every day, without exception, with virtually every patient,” notes Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, founder and director of patient care in the Family Wellness Clinic in Clayton, established more than a decade ago. With her oversight and creative attention to detail, a second mission-oriented Family Medical Clinic and Regenesis MD opened in Raleigh in this past year. (See box below).

Dr. Tank, center, with two of her certified Physician Assistants working with her in the Raleigh Clinic, Waseem Garbia and Mary Catherine Williams.

“We do primary care, wellness, and aesthetics, which means we see patients for a great range of physical problems, often with mental and emotional overtones,” she notes. “We focus our caregiving on wellness issues—such as proper diet and restorative sleep. We see our patients for their physicals, we see their children and often their whole family at times when they are at their most vulnerable. We see patients when they are well, for their annual physical exam, and in important ways we become part of their lives.”

And, she continues, “there are times when we get involved with our patients in defining and resolving or easing emotional problems, such as job loss or hormonal issues or moving through menopause or other difficult, challenging life events. And I refer to my good friend and colleague, Dr. Mona Gupta, a talented and skilled psychiatrist, when a patient needs that level of support—and at times to other specialists, as well.”

Health and Preventive Care for
Ages Six and Up

The Family Wellness Clinics—now in both Raleigh and Clayton—provide care for patients from ages 6 and up with an emphasis on functional medicine, wellness, and prevention. Regenesis MD focuses on the most advanced treatment of medical aesthetics and weight loss.

“Our unique practice,” says founder Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, MD, “focuses on primary care and functional medicine, which involves treating the entire individual—not just the illness. We accomplish this by cultivating a relationship with each patient. We are accepting new patients in both locations, and strive to provide services and hours that meet their needs.”

Among the services provided:

  • Wellness visits/Physicals/Pap smears/Sports Physicals/DOT Physicals
  • Chronic conditions such as Diabetes/Hypertension
  • Thyroid Disorders/Hormonal Issues
  • Advanced Cardiac/Cholesterol Testing
  • Joint Injections/trigger point injections
  • Office Dermatology including mole removal/biopsies
  • Chemical Peels/Micro-needling for acne/sun damage
  • Family Planning/Mirena insertions and removals
  • Weight Management/Genetic Testing
  • Women’s Health/Men’s Health/ Testosterone Therapy/ED

Feeling Good
About Yourself

“Importantly,” explains Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “we do many things in this practice to help patients feel good about themselves—a critical part of the healing process. And this can be accomplished in many ways. Feeling really good, or a good deal better, comes not only from improvement or resolution of medical problems. If your diabetes is in a state of improvement, we celebrate with you. And we also care about other aspects of your health. Are you experiencing restorative sleep? Eating a balanced, appropriate diet? Still need to lose weight? Feeling comfortably in control of your emotions?”

Patient stories illustrate ways Dr. Vaidya-Tank and her associates work with patients on these types of issues.

When Health Problems Affect Quality of Life

“I had a woman patient not too long ago who was suffering with intense thyroid problems and was nearly crippled by arthritis,” recalls Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “She told me that getting up every day was a trial, not a joy, and she couldn’t do something as simple and rewarding as playing with her grandchildren. And she was only in her early fifties.

“We did extensive testing and discovered she had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis—an autoimmune thyroid issue. She also had other autoimmune problems that needed attention, and so we placed her on a more natural thyroid supplement, adjusted her thyroid properly, put her on an anti-inflammatory diet, and placed her on supplements to reduce her inflammation. Genetic testing was a key part of determining the best path forward for her.

“In the process of becoming well, she lost about 30 pounds, and her thyroid issues now test in the normal range. She feels so much better, she walks straighter and with confidence; and, most importantly to her, she now spends a good deal of time playing with her grandkids.”


Regenesis-MD is the portion of the practice devoted to certain health issues, such as weight loss, and aesthetic concerns. Dr. Vaidya-Tank recalls the hairdresser who came to the practice a few months ago. “She was a lovely lady, and when I first met her, she had developed a pattern of looking down. She didn’t have the self-confidence to stand straight up and look me in the eye.

Suzanne Dunlap, before
and after treatment
in the Regenesis-MD
portion of the practice.

“And I said, ‘Come to us and let’s see what we can accomplish together. And so with my support staff, we made a few important changes, including use of Botox for a brow lift and a bit of filler to give her cheeks a slight and attractive lift, coupled with some laser treatments on her skin. We also helped her walk down the path to stop smoking.

“We rarely if ever do just one thing in this practice,” Dr. Vaidya-Tank notes. “Our inclination is to treat everything that we are confident will benefit from treatment. That was certainly true for this patient. And she is so excited that she has stopped smoking.

“I will always remember the day when she came to us for a scheduled appointment, and she came over to me and said very softly, almost shyly, ‘I’ve stopped smoking.’ And suddenly she seemed to have so much confidence in her walk and her talk and her life. Through her own efforts, she got back the life she wanted to live. It was a joy for us to be part of her healing journey.”