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Protect Against Cancer:
Maintain Healthy Weight

Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, founder and medical director of Family Wellness Clinics and Regenesis MD in Clayton and Raleigh, is convinced of the powerful and ever-present connection between unhealthy, excess weight and the onset of cancer. Her unrelenting passion is to guide patients to healthy weight loss that impacts all aspects of their lives in a positive way.

Mary Catherine Williams, a Physician’s Assistant, prepares the Geneveve laser for a 30-minute, one-time-and-done treatment session. Annual treatments are recommended.

“For healthy weight loss, we rely a good deal on hCG—human chorionic gonadotropin, the pregnancy hormone,” she notes. “Since the 1970s, doctors have been using hCG for weight loss: it helps mobilize visceral fat, the bad fat in the body.

“For our weight-loss patients, we’ve put together a kit with supplements and hCG, along with vitamin injections and a really comprehensive diet plan that includes these features:

  • DNA testing—either through a saliva swab or blood sample; this test provides extensive details of eating behavior, nutritional deficiencies, exercise, and diseases.
  • IV infusions—bi-weekly or monthly—two hours per session.
  • Patients can expect to lose about a pound a day.
  • Patients usually stay on the program for 23 days or 43 days, depending on the amount of weight they need to lose—then they take a break.
  • The patient who needs to lose 200 pounds is encouraged to proceed with patience. They can expect to lose 40 pounds in the first phase, then take a six-week break on a different diet, and then repeat the process.

Cancer: A “Whole Health Issue”

“We know,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “that a principal cause of cancer is from inflammation and free radical damage that we take into our bodies through the environment and the food we eat. In our body, we’re constantly destroying these free radicals that cause damage to our cells, cause heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

“Reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, taking the right supplements, maintaining the right diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight—all of these factors contribute to avoiding cancer and maintaining good health.

Health and Preventive Care for
Ages Six and Up

The Family Wellness Clinics— now in both Raleigh and Clayton— provide care for patients from ages 6 and up with an emphasis on functional medicine, wellness, and prevention. Regenesis MD focuses on the most advanced treatment of medical aesthetics and weight loss.

“Our unique practice,” says founder Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, MD, “focuses on primary care and functional medicine, which in-volves treating the entire indivi-dual—not just the illness. We accomplish this by cultivating a relationship with each patient. We are accepting new patients in both locations, and strive to provide services and hours that meet their needs.”

Among the services provided:

  • Wellness visits/Physicals/Pap smears/Sports Physicals/DOT Physicals
  • Chronic conditions such as Diabetes/Hypertension
  • Thyroid Disorders/Hormonal Issues
  • Advanced Cardiac/Cholesterol Testing
  • Joint Injections/trigger point injections
  • Office Dermatology including mole removal/biopsies
  • Chemical Peels/Micro-needling for acne/sun damage
  • Family Planning/Mirena insertions and removals
  • Weight Management/Genetic Testing
  • Women’s Health/Men’s Health/ Testosterone Therapy/ED

“Weight has been associated with cancer of all types. If your BMI—body mass index—is too high, if your visceral fat level is too high, if you are simply not in a place of good health—you are putting stress on your body and your health. Obesity has been linked to breast cancer and to heart disease. Reducing risk by losing weight, balancing your hormones, consuming the right supplements, getting on the right anti-inflammatory diet—all are factors that contribute to the prospect of living a healthy life, free of cancer.”

Sexual Health

“The fact that you have or have had cancer, or you are older and not a candidate for hormone replacement, doesn’t mean your sexual health has to suffer,” notes the doctor. “Sexual health is important. If you have a great relationship with your partner, you’re happier. Often patients are reluctant, at first, to talk about this issue—but when the topic finally emerges, frequently it’s a cause of concern for either the man or the woman—or often, both.

“Often sexual issues are related to hormone changes in the forties, or a sexual issue has developed after having children, or sex itself has become painful. A good deal of vaginal atrophy occurs after menopause, making it difficult for people to have sex normally.

“For men, ED—erectile dysfunction—is such a big issue. Many, many men come to us who are taking Viagra or Cialis indiscriminately when in fact, in their case, it’s not the right, helpful thing to do.

“We need to find out the cause of the ED issue. It could be a sign that there’s an underlying heart disease. It could be a sign that testosterone levels aren’t optimized. It could be a sign of depression. It could be a side effect of medications—there are many possibilities.”

Geneveve Laser

“We engage in addressing a range of sexual health issues, utilizing bio-identical hormones, which are safe,” notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “And we have a number of effective laser protocols that are designed to promote the overall health and well-being of our patients—including sexual health issues. One popular treatment is with Geneveve, a vaginal rejuvenation laser that is a one-and-done treatment. Many other lasers require multiple treatments.

“Geneveve is a great post-cancer treatment,” explains Dr. Vaidya-Tank.  “If someone has had ovarian, uterine, or breast cancer, they are not good candidates for hormone therapy. At the same time, as they get older, they invariably will have more problems with vaginal dryness, laxity, urinary issues, and incontinence problems. Geneveve addresses all of those issues. It’s quick—a 20- to 30-minute treatment in the office, and it’s completely painless.