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November 2020
“Drugs: Promise & Problems”

Publication Date – November 18

The “promises” of pharmaceutical medicine are many. Recent advances include biologic medicines that target problems and minimize side effects, immunotherapy, and new ways of individualizing medications. At the same time, these advances—and an increased reliance on pharmaceutical treatments—are the source of serious problems. Cost is a huge issue—some of the most effective medications are unaffordable to most of the people needing them. Side effects have always been a problem, but the rapid development of new drugs means no long-term understanding of their impact. Addiction and polypharmacy—where patients take multiple of medications—are increasingly serious problems. In November, we’ll ask area practitioners to identify the most promising drug therapies and how they avoid the pitfalls of pharmaceutical medicine. We’ll ask as well about alternative therapies—paths to health that rely less on medication.

“Food and Medicine: Your Diet and Your Health”

Publication Date – January 13

For too long, the role diet plays in health and healing has been a secondary topic in the practice of health care. For many practitioners, however, that is changing. A pharmacist recently observed that “everything we ingest has to be metabolized.” Our bodies are designed to metabolize food—but there is growing understanding that we are not designed to handle the standard American diet (SAD). The quality of the food we eat, the amount, and even when and how we eat it—all affect our health. How food combines with medications is also important. Food imbalances—such as too much sugar—have profound health consequences; and individual differences in how we process food are also important. In this issue we’ll ask: what is a “healthy diet”? What are important and problematic food-drug interactions? How to address diet-related health problems, such as obesity and diabetes?

MARCH 2021
“Over-the-Counter Healing: Self-Treatment and the Patient-Provider Relationship”

Publication Date – March 10

The reality of contemporary health care is that many (most?) health problems are treated by the patient–relying on over-the-counter (OTC) remedies and advised by friends, family, the Internet, and advertisers. In this issue, we'll explore the benefits and perils of OTC healing, and ask the questions: When do you need professional guidance? When can you go it alone? What's the optimum relationship between patient and practitioner and how to create such a partnership?

MAY 2021

Publication Date – January 13

Many consider inflammation the underlying cause of virtually every significant health issue. Understanding its sources and how to reduce it may be the key to addressing most serious health problems. In this issue, we'll focus on inflammation sources–from stress and toxins to diet and sleep issues–as well as treatment options.