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DECEMBER 2022 • 

Publication Date – December 13

Millions of Americans deal daily with severe and chronic pain, and are challenged to find relief. But while a plentiful array of drugs exists for the sole or principal purpose of relieving pain, taking them long-term can have adverse consequences— ranging from problem side effects to addiction. Happily, many non-pharmaceutical treatments for pain—used with or in place of medication—offer relief for sufferers. Understanding the source of pain may be the key to determining the most effective treatment for each patient. In November, we will explore with area practitioners many approaches to ease or eliminate pain.

FEBRUARY 2023 • 

Publication Date – February 14

Medical myths are ageless, and thanks to the Internet they have multiplied exponentially. Some medical myths are simply benign and humorous, some are true, some are potentially lethal. Distinguishing myth from valid information can be daunting, inevitably linked with rapid expansion of health research and understanding. Knowledge shifts constantly. What was "certain" a decade ago might be seriously questioned or refuted today. We'll explore common myths, strategies for recognizing valid information, and important changes in the knowledge base.

APRIL 2023 • 

Publication Date – April 11

Surgery is a major event in anyone's life. And the extraordinary advances in both medical understanding and surgical technology present important challenges to those facing the prospect of surgery. This issue will explore the advances in surgical knowledge and technology as well as alternatives to surgery, and explore the question of when "watchful waiting" is the best choice. In addition, practitioners will share information about pre- and post-operative options to improve surgical outcomes and minimize side effects.

JUNE 2023 • 

Publication Date – June 13

It’s all too commonly believed that with age comes infirmity—chronic disease, memory issues, limited mobility. And, indeed, many health issues are connected with age—years of stress, sun exposure, and unhealthy habits add up. But there is a growing understanding that age-related infirmity is not inevitable. Not only can many age-related health issues be prevented, but the growing field of anti-aging, or regenerative, medicine offers many options for addressing the damage that has occurred over time—whether internally or aesthetically. In the May issue, we will explore with area practitioners the options for turning back the clock—from lifestyle changes, to detoxing, to cosmetic procedures and products.