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Publishing in a Time of Pandemic

A Message from the Publishers of Health&Healing

First, we hope you all are staying well and are coping with the unprecedented changes in daily life as we move through this extraordinary chapter in history

Clearly, the Covid-19 pandemic affects all our lives, and it is also clear that it is having particular impact on those who provide health care services. This is true not only for first-line responders but for the many practitioners who offer healing and wellness care. For nearly 30 years, these practitioners have been featured in the pages of Health&Healing—fulfilling our publication’s mission to let readers know of the many health care options in the Greater Triangle area.

Our goal as we move through this crisis is to continue to provide a connection between health care providers and readers. We are constrained, at present, by limitations on our ability to distribute copies of the printed publication, but we also publish each issue on-line at—and invite all our readers to visit the site to enjoy all the articles from the most recent two issues. Each of the articles has contact information for the featured practice, so you may connect directly with each practice to discover how they are responding to the Covid-19 restrictions.

It is likely to be quite some time before we return to something like “normal,” and “normal” itself is likely to change. That said, our goal is to return to a regular publication schedule over the next several months—perhaps relying more heavily on digital publication. We will keep you updated.

Stay well!

Sheilah Thomas and Joshua Hartford, Publishers