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Rejuvenation and Your Face

Sue Daum, who is 54, had the great good fortune to meet with Dr. Cynthia Gregg when she was considering the prospect of having life-changing facial plastic surgery. Dr. Gregg is broadly recognized as an expert in this specialty area.

Sue Daum, before and after facial plastic surgery.

“I will always remember our first consultation,” she says. “Dr. Gregg was incredibly informative. I spent over an hour talking with her about every aspect of this surgery. At the time, I was on a weight loss journey, and I still had additional weight to lose. But I’m a planner—and in this instance I was planning nearly a year ahead. And Dr. Gregg encouraged that approach. Time passed, I lost another 30 pounds, and we met again.

“Dr. Gregg understood all that needed to be done, including extensive testing, to ensure that I was medically prepared for this surgical event. She very carefully and completely outlined both pre- and post-surgery concerns: I needed to be free of work for a week or two, and then ease back into my regular routine.”

The Time Has Come

“And then the time came for this surgical event,” says Ms. Daum. “I felt incredibly comfortable the entire time, pre- and post-surgery, because throughout this whole experience everybody had been so helpful and supportive. I could tell they really cared about my well-being. Along with Dr. Gregg, her entire staff was absolutely phenomenal through this entire event.

“I was on the surgical table for about five hours—and that is because Dr. Gregg is so incredibly detailed and particular about every aspect of what she is doing. Her attitude is that there is only one way to accomplish this work—and that’s the right way, the safest possible way—exactly as it needs to be done.

“My profile view was the most singular reason I wanted to have this surgery. After all of my weight loss, my neck simply drooped. It was awful. And it is a tremendous boost to my self-confidence to have this new look. I was, in fact, incredibly self-conscious about the way that my neck looked. With this wonderful change, I don’t look tired any more. I don’t look sad any more. Dr. Gregg, simply put, is a gifted surgical artist.

“There were other options to consider, but I am pleased with the choices we made. I am 54 years old, and I don’t mind having the neck of a 25-year-old, but I’m kind of proud of the experiences I’ve gained over these many years. I don’t want to totally lose my identity.

“The entire experience was very intense, in a good way. We made decisions together about what to do and what not to do. She knew what I wanted, but understood that I was counting on her for guidance. In a word, she was fantastic throughout this entire experience.

“I have no problem telling people that I’ve had a face lift. As a matter of fact, I have a blog about the entire experience, including YouTube videos documenting my entire journey, including immediately after the surgery. I believe the material has some educational value. It’s is available for anyone on-line at:

A Buffet of Options

Rejuvenation—the feature topic of this issue—is a hallmark of Dr. Gregg’s practice.

“As I tell people when they are considering rejuvenation from a facial point of view,” says Dr. Gregg, “there is, in fact, a buffet of options they can choose from. We have skin care at one end of the buffet, and we have surgery at the other end. And when you go to a buffet, you don’t usually choose just one thing. Most often, you choose several things based on what you want to accomplish.

“So, with facial rejuvenation, when people come to me we first explore what it is they actually want to accomplish. Often the first thing I ask a prospective patient is what bothers them when they look in a mirror. What is it they want to see differently? Of course I need to get a medical history, a good understanding of their lifestyle, their genetic tendencies—all are important issues, and all provide a good understanding of why they have come to see me.

Dr. Gregg

“Beyond this point, my job is to give the prospective patient guidelines for achieving their goals. Typically, we do that by a full assessment of the face, from the top down. When we start to age in our thirties, our brows can droop. We often get excess skin on our eyelids, and fat pads underneath the lower eyelids. Often our cheek tissue starts to deflate, and the apples of our cheeks fall off the tree a bit. They droop. And then we get jowls, and the neck banding—and the change is steady and ongoing through our 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s—from the top down.

Training and Experience

Relying on her extensive training, the latest technology, and years of experience, Dr. Gregg performs the full range of facial plastic surgery procedures, including forehead and brow-lift surgery, facial scar treatment, otoplasty (to correct protruding ears), rhinoplasty nasal surgery, blepharoplasty eyelid surgery, rhytidectomy facelift surgery, and mid-face lift.

She and her staff—which includes a surgical nurse, scrub assistant, nurse injectors, and an aesthetician—also offer a comprehensive range of skin care procedures and products, including treatment of sun damage and photo-aging, Botox cosmetic injections, laser hair removal, and use of natural cosmetic dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvéderm, and Sculptra.

“Depending on what age you are when we first meet, and what your specific goals are, I can help you make choices off the buffet of surgical options and help you decide what would be most effective for you. We may decide to address your issues one at a time, depending on your age and your specific goals. Together, considering many factors, we can decide the best approach.”

And, of course, the options do not simply only include surgery, Dr. Gregg points out. “Aging is multifactorial and so is rejuvenation. We invite our patients and clients to become very familiar with their body’s largest organ—their skin. We encourage high level skin care and sun prevention and rejuvenation of the skin itself. That approach is an invitation to use many rejuvenation processes, as needed—ranging from laser therapy to light treatment and dermabrasions and microneedling, and includes the use of Botox therapy and Dysport and other options. As we age, we lose muscle mass, which leads us to the effectiveness of fillers. How best to care for and rejuvenate the face?

“Broadly speaking it’s a very large menu of many rejuvenation options—from products and therapies and surgery—and we encourage our patients to become experts in how best to care for and nourish their own skin.”

Many Choices

“Each of us is running a marathon,” notes Dr. Gregg, “and the quality of that marathon is unquestionably tied to the quality of our choices: what, when, and how we eat and move and care for ourselves. We’re tasked with taking care of the whole person so that the special effort of rejuvenating the face, for example, is supported and maintained. A great deal of this has to do with the growing awareness of the tools and knowledge of integrative functional medicine and how to use those tools.

“So I share with all of our patients that our goal of facial rejuvenation may be met at one end of the spectrum with the effective use, as appropriate, of lasers and fillers and Botox and healthy skin care. And it may be met with a variety of highly effective surgical options at the other end of the ‘get-well-stay-well’ spectrum.”