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Bobbie Barbrey, RPh, CCN, a registered pharmacist and a certified clinical nutritionist, is the owner of Medicap Pharmacy in North Raleigh, a full-service retail pharmacy, which also offers compounding and nutritional counseling.

Seeking Improved or Optimal Health?
Listen to the Guiding Voice Within

Did you wake up today energized and excited about the day ahead of you? Were you thankful for all the wonderful blessings and people in your life? A great way to set the tone for your day is by thinking about what gives you joy and what you are grateful for. Unfortunately, many of us start our days with a never-ending to-do list on our minds. Our brains are churning before we’ve even gotten out of bed. This occurs so frequently it has become a pattern and negatively affects the rest of your day. Can you relate to this?

A “balanced life,” suggests Pharmacist Bobbie Barbrey, is one where joy predominates.

I’d love for everyone to reflect on whether they’re experiencing the restorative energy of joy in your day to day life. Are you happy with your life’s journey? How many of you have thought about the balance of mind, body, and spirit? Congratulations if you have because it is at the foundation of optimal health.

Early in my career as a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, I focused mainly on the physical body—the physical symptoms—with great success. I work with a thorough intake form, discuss health timelines, review lab and functional test results, and use an energetic testing device called BioScan (a non-invasive assessment showing stressed systems in the body). As I addressed these symptoms with lifestyle changes, improved diet, and targeted nutritional supplementation, health would improve.

Reflecting back on that now, I realize that I was following the same pattern that I was programmed with in pharmacy school: identify what drug or supplement would make the symptom go away and the problem was solved, right? Sometimes. This is not how true healing works, however. With the functional medicine approach that I now use, I am more focused on the root cause of the symptom picture so we can fix what is wrong, not “medicate” it with supplements or drugs for the rest of your life. This was an “aha!” moment for me after completing my Diplomate with the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Physical vs Emotional Imbalances

My passion is to be able to help everyone I work with achieve a level of health that they are happy with. I am not going to stop looking until I have uncovered the reason for a client’s issues. To help me dig deeper, I now pay closer attention to their “story.” Woven into everyone’s health story is an emotional component that is sometimes hard to uncover but often holds the secret to optimal health. Do you realize that addressing your emotions can speed up healing while ignoring them can be the hurdle that prevents us from getting the results we want to see?

Emotional imbalances cause physical imbalances. Honor this connection and you’ll find the path to your long-term health. Think about the many stressors in your life for a moment. We can use multiple targeted supplements that help offset the individual symptoms caused by the stressors—the brain fog, low energy, low thyroid function, GI issues, hormonal imbalances, to name a few. Supplements or even medications are extremely helpful and often necessary as people are healing. But my goal is to find and help the body heal the root cause, so eventually the supplements and medications are not needed or are used just for maintenance. I see this in my prescription patients every day. With every new symptom we are filling another Rx for them. I want more for you!

How do you change someone’s emotional guidance system to help them achieve balance in their health? One of my favorite ways is to ask my client to tell me why they want to get healthier. What is the strong emotional attachment to wanting to be well? Often, they will tell me it is because of their kids or their grandkids, that they want to travel, or that they simply don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I want them to feel this connection viscerally. Make it that strong! Then going forward with every health decision they make, I want them to stop and think—is this in support of their goal or not?

When I sense that the emotions are playing a bigger role, I use a new technology called NES. This is a biofeedback system that allows me to show my patients visually where the emotional and mental blockages might be. Seeing this on a screen is a powerful motivator. When I can point out this connection it motivates them to begin to prioritize their health with a new perspective.

Now when clients come in, I keep a watchful eye out for barriers to balancing the mind, body, and spirit. When you have this as your goal and you are working towards it you will be the most satisfied with your health. I’ve found it important to include a daily time of reflection like meditation to help you connect to that reservoir of positive energy inside you, embrace healthy social interactions with family and friends, a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and targeted nutritional supplementation. It’s a powerful combination.

Importance of Diet

When a patient comes to see me, I focus on their primary reason for coming in; but no matter what the issue is I always address their diet. As a society we have forgotten how to cook, how to eat, how to nourish our bodies. Much of what is available as food contains very few nutrients at all. It is not their fault when they think they are making the best choices but are in reality eating foods that contribute negatively to their issue. You can’t achieve balance without a proper diet.

To help make this easier, at Medicap I subscribe to an excellent practitioner website called Body Site that has different eating plans that I can select and assign to a patient based on their specific needs. On a daily basis, the Body Site application will send my patient an educational message with foods to consider and recipes to try. These messages are valuable reinforcements to help them change eating habits and patterns. This service is included in the cost of the consultation.

I always keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for everyone. Today, we are overwhelmed by choices and bombarded by advice on what to do to improve our health. But at some point, each of us needs to pay attention to our own body and emotional health. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us; it can guide us to health and joy. Or we can suppress that voice, get wrapped up in our busy lives, and not experience that full level of balance.

My ultimate goal for my clients is balance in their mind, body, and spirit. There are no quick fixes in life. We all want our lives to be balanced and joyful. I would challenge everyone to look for that in their life. Set aside all the other stuff that’s going on. Start your mornings with joy and gratitude, and watch how that changes the rest of your day. Make an appointment today for your custom consult to see how we can help you on your journey.