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Spreading Love in a Time of Fear 

For Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank of Regenesis MD, the pandemic has changed many things—but not the most important ones. “We have always believed that the immune system is the key to health and healing,” she emphasizes, “and that has certainly not changed. There is a great deal that we don’t yet know about COVID-19. But one thing I am sure of is that the one sure way you can help yourself in a time of pandemic is to strengthen and protect your immune system.”.

Dr. Vaidya-Tank

Dr. Vaidya-Tank remains encouraged by all the work she can continue to do with patients: wellness tele-visits, in-office treatments including IV therapy, remote skin health consultations, to name just a few. But she misses the physical contact, being able to hug and touch her patients. “I confess that I don’t like this ‘new normal’ at all,” she stresses. “But I also understand how important it is to adjust our practices to provide the maximum protection possible from this deadly virus.” So, she’s devised a set of new ways to reach her patients, despite the sometimes-physical distance.

And she focuses on the positive, believing this attitude itself contributes to improved health. “Fear is not a good thing and fear also affects your immune system,” cautions Dr. Vaidya-Tank. She emphasizes the need to have perspective on even this—particularly this?—situation. Her message? “Don’t spread anger or hate, spread love. Don’t spread fear, be safe. More anger, hate, fear, stress—it also affects the immune system.”

Dr. Vaidya-Tank continues her laser focus on boosting the immune system to help people maintain their best health. And she encourages patients to take advantage of this unplanned down-time to do so, whether through tele-health or in-person visits. “Our office is probably safer than going to a grocery store,” she notes, adding, “we’re sterilizing more than you would at home.” They’re also taking a number of other steps to keep the office as safe as possible for both staff and patients (see box).

Stringent Safety Protocols

The safety protocols at Regenesis MD are multifaceted, including:

  • Cleaning regularly to an even higher standard than previously, including UV light in rooms between patients and full UV disinfection at the end of each day
  • Screening patients so as not to let sick people come into the office, including temperature checks and vitals before entry. They handle those individuals via tele-health visits rather than bringing them into the office.
  • Offering not just tele-health, but car side and mobile testing for those who can’t or don’t want to come to the office right now.
  • Wearing protective equipment to be particularly mindful of immune compromised and older patients.

Yet, Dr. Vaidya-Tank emphasizes that everyone’s immune defenses differ. To her, wearing masks is yet another way to show love and concern for other people, particularly for older individuals or those with lower immune function. And by protecting those individuals, it helps protect the capacity of the overall health system and our ability to move forward as a society outside of quarantine. “It’s not just about you,” she says, “It’s about everyone else, too.”

New Offerings

In addition to providing the option for more remote and car-side services, Dr. Vaidya-Tank has put together what she calls IV in a Box, five simple supplements she assembled for daily use to help bolster the immune system. While it doesn’t address everything and isn’t individualized for each person, it is a good starting point for many. “Everyone is stressed!” she notes, adding that stress eating is common.

Regenesis has many options to help individuals cope with stress, and IV in a Box—featuring vitamin C, ashwagandha, zinc, probiotics, and Coriolus (a mushroom extract)—is one useful tool to boost innate immunity
Despite missing physical contact with her patients, Dr. Vaidya- Tank has found new ways to reach them, starting a video blog accessible on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: Regenesis Rants. Each Friday, she and her team tackle topics as weighty as mental health, substance abuse, immune support, and sexual health. They also dive into the lighter side, including at home skin care tips and other options for aesthetic care, either at home or in the office.

“We started that during this quarantine, just because people are home and they want to see us and talk about things,” she explains. “The first topic was immunity, but every week we talk about different things. And even a lot of the treatments we do right now for coronavirus are up for discussion, but there’s no sense of ‘oh, this thing is definitely going to fix it.’

“I think that if you understand the immune system, if you understand gut health and you bolster it, you’re definitely going to protect yourself more than if you weren’t. You can’t be eating fast food and not caring about your immune system and saying, I’m going to be just fine. If you look at it as a whole, if your immune system is poor, you are more at risk for getting it.”

COVID-Specific Care

Although Dr. Vaidya-Tank is careful to screen sick people from entering her office, that has not stopped her from testing or treating affected patients. She is performing COVID testing in patients’ cars and also started antibody testing once it was available.

She’s seen and treated positive patients. “None has actually had to go to the hospital and be admitted, fortunately,” she says, “But we’ve had several who’ve been sick and who have recovered.”

Beyond her tenets of love, hope, and overriding importance of immune support, Dr. Vaidya-Tank offers a more prosaic message, too:
“Don’t treat your body like a garbage can! People who don’t really care may feel like, 'I’m just going to do whatever.' Everyone has times when they’re like, 'I don’t want to do this. I’m just going to eat this piece of cake or whatever.' That’s normal. But you can’t do that every day, all the time. You do want to be introspective and do things that are good for you—body, soul, and emotional health, too. Stress wise, that’s another reason to reach out to us. Talk to us, ask us what you can do. We can help you.”