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Katie Godin, RD, LDN, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Meredith College moving on to complete her dietetic internship program in 2007 to become a Registered Dietitian. She also has her certification in Adult Weight Management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.


Lisa Beresnyak has worked as a Certified Yoga Teacher/ Therapist for over 20 years using Yoga as a means to assist with conditions such as anxiety, hypertension, stress and overall wellness. She has taught at Duke at the Center for Living Well, teaching mindfulness meditation and promotes adding these techniques to assist patient in achieving their goals.

Supporting Body and Mind

By By Katie Godin, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian, and
Lisa Beresnyak, BA, Integrative Health Coach

Cancer is a difficult, often devastating illness. And what is also true is that treatment of cancer—surgery, radiation, chemotherapy—can be extremely rough on both your body and your mental state. Understanding the challenges that cancer treatment presents, Carolina Partners in Mental Health Care—North Carolina’s largest, private, outpatient mental health practice—is launching a series of comprehensive, integrative treatment options to assist people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Katie Godin

Nutritional Support:
Before, During, After

Because cancer therapies can be physically demanding, getting the right nutrients before, during, and after cancer treatment is vital—as your nutritional habits play a major role in both your physical and emotional well-being.

Prior to treatment, a focus on a balanced diet will assist in maximizing your body’s natural nutrient stores, which can tangibly ease the whole process; during treatment, there is a very real danger of malnutrition, stemming from nausea and loss of appetite—this can be one of the most significant issues that arises during cancer treatment; and post-treatment, good eating habits can go a long way to help healing and recovery, and can mitigate side effects. Throughout this whole process, it is important to have someone monitor your diet closely and ensure you are getting adequate protein and fluids to prevent complications due to malnourishment or dehydration.

Lisa Beresnyak

Emotional Support: Before, During, After

In addition to nutritional deficiency, a cancer diagnosis can invoke a myriad of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, loss of hope, and helplessness. To address these emotions, Carolina Partners offers a mindfulness based stress reduction program, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn to help patients work through many mental and physical health conditions—applying this kind of mindfulness training while coping with cancer has already helped many patients mindfully manage their emotions, symptoms, and side effects. Says Lisa Beresnyak, “Being a Yoga Instructor for 20 years, I have seen the effects that have helped many clients that have used the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to control other physical and mental aspects of their life. To be able to tap into the wisdom of your mind and body is a wonderful option to aid in the cancer patient’s journey.”

Carolina Partners Integrative Care:
Holistic Mental Health Care

Carolina Partners has always been committed to comprehensive, holistic treatment options for every patient’s unique mental health care needs. Now, their Center for Integrative Care is allowing them to take that philosophy a step further, by expanding beyond mental health care into the realm of the physical. If you would like to learn more about the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program/Gentle Yoga for cancer patients, please contact Lisa Beresnyak at the Carolina Partners Center for Integrative Care. She will introduce you to this program as a means for developing coping strategies and finding a proven solution for getting through difficult times. The Carolina Partners Nutrition Specialist and Mindfulness Based Yoga Instructor can create tailored programs for groups or individuals, as needed.