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Symptom Relief Inside and Out

Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank has a passion for healing, inside and out. A decade ago she opened the Family Wellness Clinic in Clayton, which swiftly went on to earn designation as A Patient-Centered Medical Home—federal recog-nition of caring and the highest quality in the delivery of primary care.

Angela Coton, left, assisted by Kimberly Tan, Director of Aesthetics, offers facial rejuvenation therapy to the founder of the Clinics, Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank.

More recently, she has opened a second Family Wellness Clinic that incorporates Regenesis MD, on Creedmoor Avenue in Raleigh. While it expresses the same passion for delivering the highest quality of primary care, it also offers an exceptional menu of products and services designed to improve quality of life, inside and out.

Notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “Consistent with who we are and what we seek to achieve with each of our patients, we are very pleased to welcome Angela Coton to our practice.Angela is a Physician Assistant, with an extensive array of facial services, and years of experience in facial plastics and aesthetic skin treatments.

“Angela trained under seven renowned surgeons in Boston, and her supervising MD was board-certified in facial plastics.,” Dr. Vaidya-Tank adds. “She has a strong background in the science of aging, aesthetics, skin care science, and an immense knowledge of facial anatomy. We are very excited to welcome her to Family Wellness Clinics.”

Facial Aesthetics Services

“I’ve always had a passion for aging science,” says Ms. Coton, “but my interest goes beyond simple cosmetics. Women often tell me that when they look in a mirror, their appearance on the outside doesn’t reflect how they feel on the inside,” she says. “Inside, they feel 10 or 15 years younger, but then when they look in the mirror they have this momentary shock of ‘Oh, right, this is what I look like now.’ So it’s not just about vanity. People want their internal and external images to match up; it has a lot to do with strong self-esteem.”

A recent patient was a great example of these views. A woman we’ll call Joy, in her 60s, came to Dr. Vaidya-Tank with, among other complaints, depression. She was in a troubled marriage, but couldn’t find the strength to leave after 20 years. “Joy had some thyroid issues, which we addressed with medication and supplementation,” Dr. Vaidya-Tank recalls. “Her health issues were contributing to her depression, and she started feeling better, inside and out, as she responded to treatment.”

Angela Coton added her expertise to this patient experience. “This patient also had hair loss related to her hypothyroidism,” she says. “She had some sagging of the skin on her face, some areas where her skin was uneven, in addition to which she had rosacea. These issues, while cosmetic, were also contributing factors to Joy’s mental and physical health.”

To address Joy’s sagging skin, Ms. Coton began with facial fillers, one of her specialties. “The filler is hyaluronic acid, which is something naturally produced in the body. It’s become very popular because as we age, our bodies begin to reabsorb bone and lose collagen—which changes the structure of the face and how the skin forms to underlying anatomy. As the skin sags, we get divots and furrows in the face, and those shadows are what make us look older.

A patient called Joy, before
and after facial treatment
with Angela Coton, PA, in the Regensis MD environment.

“This process is, of course, a non-surgical option. There’s no general or local anesthesia injected, and a combination of neuromodulators and fillers really helps to rejuvenate overall appearance.” (See before-and-after photos of a recent filler patient, right).

Notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “Angela’s surgical training and intimate knowledge of the structural anatomy of the face gives her the ability to utilize her tools in a unique way, much to the benefit of the patient.”

Adds Ms. Coton, “My specialty is taking a filler and using it in a way that actually creates structural changes underneath the skin. I also understand the importance of treating the whole face, the superior, mid and lower portions, which is something people fail to do in many practices. However, if you only treat one area—such as the area the patient isn’t happy with—you’ll end up creating something uneven that won’t look natural.

“Filler materials are expensive,” she notes, “but with my background in facial plastics, I understand how to place small amounts where it matters most. I want to create a really great effect while being mindful of the patient’s pocketbook.”

A Multi-Modal Approach

Notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “One of the ways in which Angela’s expertise really complements what we do here at Family Wellness Clinic is the recognition of when an aesthetic complaint is perhaps a symptom of a larger internal issue.

“An example is our patient Joy who presented with some rosacea in addition to sagging and uneven skin. Rosacea is actually an inflammatory process, and one which may indicate internal, systemic illness. So while Angela was able to address the problem from the outside with a laser treatment, she also has the knowledge to know when to refer a patient to me within the clinic. I am then able to help the patient address what’s going on inside the body with dietary changes and anti-inflammatory medications.

 “For Joy, we also did conducted allergy and metabolic testing to rule out other potential causes of rosacea.”

Ms. Coton points out that cosmetic presentations of internal disease states are not uncommon. “Someone might come to me with mottling on the skin, something that I would recognize as a potential indication of an autoimmune disease,” she says. “There is a particular quality or laxity of the skin that may indicate a hormonal issue going on which could benefit from identical hormone replacement. This is one of the things that attracted me to Dr. Vaidya-Tank’s practice. It’s a very comprehensive clinic where we are able to care for patients from many different angles.”

This approach of balancing the body, inside and out, to provide a patient with a total picture of health can have some truly profound results, as Joy experienced first-hand. After working with Dr. Vaidya-Tank and Angela Coton in their respective capacities, she reported feeling better than she remembered feeling in years. “Joy had her energy back,” Dr. Vaidya-Tank recalls. “She felt healthy inside, and was able to start exercising and caring for herself again. And thanks to the incredible facial results after working with Angela, Joy’s self-confidence improved immensely too.”

In fact, Joy felt so renewed and full of confidence, she was finally able to find the strength to leave the unhappy marriage she’d been trying to leave for 20 years.

“Joy was a great example of how much of an impact rejuvenating someone’s appearance can have,” Angela says. “Patient’s like her are the reason I’m really passionate about this work, and am so thrilled to have found such a unique place in which to practice.”