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Dr. Goode-Kanawati is board-certified in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine (ABPS).

Thyroid Balance: Key to Optimal Health

Dr. Beverly Goode-Kanawati takes such as special interest in thyroid balance issues that she has literally written the book on it! Her upcoming thyroid book first demystifies root causes of thyroid disease and malfunction. But it also illustrates the many interdependencies between the thyroid and nearly every other system in the body—and her multifaceted approach to restoring balance. She describes her own evolution in thinking, rooted in years of private practice in this excerpt from the forward to her upcoming book:

Dr. Goode-Kanawati

“Simply put, many of the problems that bring patients to see me are the result of problems with the thyroid. In fact, I would describe it as a thyroid epidemic. Often patients describe symptoms that other doctors either can’t diagnose or have misdiagnosed: things like depression, obesity, nervousness, rashes, autoimmune disease and more. Diagnosing and treating thyroid issues correctly can resolve a whole host of seemingly unrelated problems and disorders.

What is absolutely crucial in my work is the discovery that the causes for these thyroid problems are also factors that contribute to autoimmune diseases, infertility, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses. By treating these causes, not only was I stabilizing issues surrounding the thyroid but also helping to prevent other diseases from occurring.”

Regaining Balance

Together with her team of integrative practitioners, Dr. Goode-Kanawati helps to treat thyroid imbalances every day as she helps her patients achieve optimal health. Even a small sample of cases reveals the wide-ranging impact of thyroid disequilibrium.

Karen* had been sick for a dozen years and seen over 15 doctors by the time she came to see Dr. Goode-Kanawati. She had undergone many treatments for her fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue without regaining her quality of life. “If you do not help me, I’m giving up on doctors!” she said.

Comprehensive testing revealed that Karen’s brain was giving the right instructions to her thyroid, which successfully produced T4, the main thyroid hormone in the body. But in Karen’s case, she was not converting the T4 into T3, the active form of thyroid hormone. Poor conversion can be a common problem with almost any debilitating disease.

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Dr. Goode-Kanawati has taken her personal experiences as an integrative practitioner and as a hypothyroidism sufferer herself and couple them with research from experts around the world in The Ultimate Thyroid Book: Your Answer to Feeling Great, Repairing Hashimoto’s, Fatigue, Hair Loss, Depression, Infertility, and More!

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Dr. Goode-Kanawati switched her to a very low dose of long-acting T3 to help stabilize her system. As Karen’s health improved, she was able to wean off medication alto-gether. While Karen did not suffer from thyroid disease itself, her body needed temporary thyroid support to regain overall equilibrium.

Valerie*, on the other hand, did suffer from thyroid disease. Prior to the past two years, she had always been healthy and energetic. Not she faced a bewildering array of daily symptoms.

Previously prescribed T4 medi-cations failed to relieve her fatigue or other symptoms. In fact, the medication seemed to launch her on an odd roller coaster, where Valerie vacillated between under-active and over-active thyroid symptoms.

Tests consistently indicated low thyroid hormone levels, but increasing her medication dosage immediately threw Valerie into symptoms of severe hyperthyroidism! Careful questions revealed that she did not tolerate medications well in general.

Blood tests revealed that Valerie had high levels of antibodies to her own thyroid, indicating an active case of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis. It became clear in her case that she could not eliminate the T4 in her thyroid medication due to impaired detox pathways. So Dr. Goode-Kanawati switched her to a specific form of thyroid medication her body could handle.

Equally important, she focused on eliminating the underlying problems that had caused Valerie’s autoimmune thyroiditis in the first place—ridding her system of unwanted toxins and using whole foods and supplements to support repair and rebuilding. Dr. Goode-Kanawati identified a number of food and chemical allergies, along with multiple elevated markers of inflammation in Valerie’s blood. She advised Valerie on the importance of shifting to a healthier diet that cut out sugar and processed white flour.

That kind of comprehensive approach–while not easy–can rebalance the whole system. “Solving” these thyroid puzzles requires a balance of art and science. The art of listening reveals important clues to the physical, mental, and emotional issues that may underlie the surface symptoms. And the science of detailed diagnostic work is invaluable in fine-tuning each individual’s system to work at the optimal level—restoring not just health, but the energy and joy it brings.