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Maryphyllis Horn has a private practice of Shamanic Counseling & Healing in Pittsboro, by phone or skype since 1995. She is the author of Transforming the Soul, Beyond Soul Retrieval.

Trauma and Soul Retrieval

By Maryphyllis Horn, MEd, CT, Rev., Shamanic Practitioner

Soul retrieval is a form of spiritual healing that tribal cultures have used from time immemorial. It can heal or help heal trauma. The soul is the essence of our being, of who we are. It is unique and eternal. When we suffer trauma, our consciousness tends to go out of the body temporarily to avoid the full impact of pain.

Maryphyllis Horn

If part of our soul finds the event to be too much to handle—especially if it’s a repeated pattern—it will split off from the physical, emotional, and/or mental levels of awareness. It takes part of our spiritual traits with it when it moves into spiritual dimensions. It leaves a hole in the aura that can’t be filled by anything other than the soul part. This is the true trauma. Shamanism calls it “soul loss.” Even spiritual healing is only temporary.

Soul Loss

The following soul loss symptoms (in italics) are the most often mentioned by my clients. Pervasive fear and depression inhibit self-expression and joy. Dimmer awareness as if sleepwalking, trouble concentrating, feeling fragmented—all interfering with genuine relationships and performance on jobs. Amnesia of a soul loss incident blocks healing of psychological wounds. Inability to act on thoughts is disconcerting in trying to be “real” with others. Missing an ability we used to have leads to codependency. Addictions can develop, trying unsuccessfully to fill holes once occupied by soul parts. Soul loss begets more soul loss, attracting additional similar traumas.

Soul loss isn’t “split personality,” wherein various personalities come and go within the psyche. When a soul part leaves, it can’t contact us nor return on its own. It may need for us to be in a wiser, safer situation. Spirit (God, Angels) must sanction its return.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval can occur spontaneously. After many years of good progress in psychotherapy, soul parts may return spontaneously. That dramatic healing signifies the end of therapy. Spontaneous retrieval may also occur during spiritual healing, or after years of meditation or other disciplines that bring spiritual growth.

The only guaranteed, deliberate soul retrieval is through shamanism. Clients can request healing of specific concerns or for return of certain missing traits. Shamanic training, which I’ve had and teach, involves protocols required for successful soul retrieval. That includes deep rapport with angels who are integral in the retrieval process.

Client Reports by Permission

Paula’s experience illustrates the effects of trauma and soul retrieval. “Paula shuffled into my office and sat down on my couch. She described in a quiet, dull, monotone voice that she was in her 40s and had been severely depressed ever since childhood. She had tried everything possible to alleviate the depression: meditation, extended counseling, hypnotherapy, eye desensitization therapy, past-life regression, medication. Nothing worked. She hoped soul retrieval would.

“My angels sanctioned our doing a soul retrieval. They said that Paula had suffered soul loss at age 5 when her beloved grandma died. Her grief was so traumatic that parts of her soul split off to go be with her grandma. Her deep irrevocable depression wasn’t for her grandma. It was actually intense grief over the loss of parts of her soul!

“A week later, she returned for integration follow-up. Her step had a spring to it; her voice was more resonant and had a lilt to it. She proclaimed, ‘The depression is gone!’ Three years later she told me the depression had never returned.”

As illustrated next, the soul parts’ spiritual trait erases extreme shyness (fear) in social situations. “A woman’s retrieved soul parts gave her love for everyone she saw. A man’s soul parts gave him curiosity. He noticed how unique everyone’s faces are and wanted to find out how their personality follows suit. Another woman’s soul parts gave her comfort with who she is, regardless of whether she speaks up or remains silent in crowds.”

Each soul retrieval brings less fear, more aliveness, greater wholeness, and deeper self-understanding.