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Treating Women’s Health:
as Complex as Women Themselves

“I’ve always been particularly interested in women’s health because they’re more complex, their hormones are more delicate,” says Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank. “Indeed, my approach to medicine reflects my fascination with the complexity of the human body. And my practice is all about exploring the many layers of my patients’ health issues in order to help them restore balance and health.”rsystem.”

Dr. Vaidya-Tank and her daughter, Mehr

Dr. Vaidya-Tank is the founder and owner of Regenesis MD in Raleigh, a holistic medical practice that integrates physical and aesthetic treatments in a highly individualized approach to patient care. “When I started the practice, it was my goal to provide not only holistic health care, but to achieve high levels of wellness,” she says. “I’m not interested in simply alleviating symptoms; I want to help my patients solve their health problems. Conventional medicine is often reactionary and stops way short of getting to the root cause of a problem. I believe if a person has a symptom of some kind that affects their daily life, running a few basic tests simply isn’t good enough.”

And, notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, the conventional medical path of running a few basic tests is particularly problematic when it comes to women’s health. “Such tests typically reveal only whether a woman falls in a ‘normal’ range; but ‘normal’ doesn’t necessary mean healthy,” she says. “And the tests don’t address the complexity of a woman’s health, which is influenced by so many factors. That’s particularly true of hormonal issues. Given the wide spectrum of hormonal changes across the female life-cycle, hormone balance itself plays a huge role in a woman’s health and well-being.”

Dr. Vaidya-Tank explores hormone levels, stress levels and inflammation, and the balance between medical and aesthetic considerations as part of her comprehensive approach to restoring well-being. “It’s almost like you’re their therapist, you’re the doctor, you’re their friend, you’re listening, you’re so many things—it’s not just some scientific equation.”

Hormones and Balance

Dr. Vaidya-Tank is passionate about hormone replacement, which has helped many of her patients. “I like making someone feel like themselves,” she says. “I want them to feel like themselves—their younger selves.

“Done correctly, hormone therapy is beneficial for many things—going far beyond hot flashes. It can also help reduce inflammation and even help women to think more clearly. One example is a patient of mine who had been getting pain management treatment for years before coming to our practice. Hormone replacement therapy was an important part of her treatment program. One result was that she told me: ‘My chronic fatigue is gone. I can think!’  

“Results like these happen because I treat the whole person. Most of the time I’m told, ‘I just feel less foggy, I feel more clear-headed. My skin feels better.’ But there can be many different benefits of hormone therapy,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “For example, my patients have lost excess weight from the midsection, as they sleep better and their cortisol levels normalize.
“But, again, I want to emphasize that hormone therapy is a part of a therapeutic approach. I don’t just put a woman on hormones and say: ‘Oh, you're fixed.’ Every woman is unique; every patient’s path to health is multi-layered.”

To address her patients’ individual needs, Dr. Vaidya-Tank uses a variety of therapies. “Peptide therapy, for example,” she says, “has proven very effective—particularly as an anti-aging approach. By measuring certain blood levels, we can identify how well patients are aging and then we can use the right peptides to help them age more slowly. These peptides help by normalizing growth hormone levels and improving muscle mass, lowering inflammation, and even improving memory. All these elements together help bring people back to being themselves.”

Step-by-Step Approach

A patient we’ll call Sylvia offers an example of the multi-layered approach Dr. Vaidya-Tank uses to help women restore their health. “Sylvia came in because she no longer recognized herself or felt well,” recalls Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “She had gained a lot of weight and felt bloated, and had several concerning early signs of metabolic syndrome. She was dealing with quite a number of health issues: weight gain, swelling, rosacea, thyroid issues, and problems of polypharmacy. That’s the term to describe the additional health problems that occur because of taking multiple medications; and Sylvia was taking a lot of medications to manage all her symptoms, including high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.”

Dr. Vaidya-Tank’s approach had to match these complex needs, starting with improving gut health by removing inflammatory foods from Sylvia’s diet. “Just that first step was a great help,” she says. “Sylvia saw improvements in her swelling and rosacea problems and a reduction in her chronic pain. And, at that point, she already needed less thyroid medicine and could begin moving towards coming off her cholesterol medicine due to weight loss.

“We also began glutathione IVs (intravenous therapy) to help detoxify Sylvia’s liver, and she continued working with a health coach to bring down her blood sugar and continue to improve all her metabolic markers. Only then,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “did we move on to hormone replacement.
“That’s why we do weight management, we do gut health, we do aesthetics, we do hormone replacement,” she emphasizes. “We work on the whole person, the whole health of the woman, because you’re not just one thing or one issue.”

Aesthetics: More Than a Superficial Role

In Dr. Vaidya-Tank’s view, helping women feel good about themselves is an important—even essential—part of the healing process. “Physical appearance cannot be divorced from physical health,” she asserts. “It’s important to remember that health is about our whole selves—not only our physical selves, but who we are emotionally, mentally, and aesthetically.

“Unfortunately, women often will neglect their needs,” she notes. “They’ll skip the gym, emotionally eat or not, won’t sleep or sleep too much. And often that’s because they’re too busy taking care of others; and they’ll neglect themselves before they neglect their children, their partners, or their work. But, as I remind my patients, when they feel good about themselves, that allows them to be better mothers, partners, and wives and happier as individuals. That’s why I consider aesthetics and self-care so important. And that is why the aesthetic components of my practice at Regenesis MD are fully integrated into the care we offer our patients.”

Ultimately, says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “it’s never just one thing or as simple as dealing with only one health problem. Nor is it just about formal treatments, such as hormone or peptide therapies. If I were to give advice to a young woman just heading into adulthood, it would be something like this: ‘Try to eat more plant-based food. Try to stay away from plastics. Try to take good quality supplements. Take care of your stress.’ It’s what I think of as the ‘simple stuff’ in the often-complex world of women’s health and wellness.”