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Unity Holistic Wellness Center:
Tools for Achieving Optimal Health

For those seeking health and wellness in the new year, the newly launched Unity Holistic Wellness Center is a rich resource.

Rev. Ellen Barron,leading a workshop in her Enneagram Series

“The foundation of our new wellness center,” explains Rev. Ellen Barron, who prefers to be called Ellen, “is the under-standing that ‘health’ is—must be—about body, mind, and spirit. To be ‘healthy’ we must pay attention to all three aspects, because they give us identity, determine our health, and make us who we are. When mind-body-spirit are in healthy unity, we find strength, love, inner peace, courage, wellness; we can be whole in the most important areas of life.

“Too often,” she observes, “pursuit of health focuses primarily—or even entirely—on the body. Additionally, healing is something we often ‘turn over’ to health professionals, forgetting our own role in the healing process. Coming to understand the holistic nature of health and the connections between mind, body, and spirit is the foundation for whole health.

“Thus,” Ellen further observes, “you could say that Unity Holistic Wellness Center’s goal is empowerment. Through a program of affordable and interactive workshops, classes, and alternative healing techniques, participants can learn how the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our being work together, and can acquire the skills to achieve whole health.”

A Spiritual Mission

As minister of the Unity Church of Raleigh, Ellen is described as a high energy, enthusiastic spiritual leader with a passion for learning and teaching Truth principles. A relative newcomer to Raleigh, she brings a rich history with holistic health and community education to this Wellness Center project.

Originally from New York City, Ellen holds a Master of Divinity degree and is a licensed Unity teacher as well as a certified spiritual educator. “I have been on a spiritual journey for 35 years,” she explains. For the last 13, she has become increasingly involved in teaching both adult and youth audiences with a special emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. Those interests led her to training and education, with workshops geared to the community as a whole, rather than focusing exclusively on the church environment.

“Over the years I have come to appreciate the holistic nature of health. It is always about mind and body and spirit. Helping others to understand that and to benefit from that understanding is mission work for me, and why I wanted to collaborate with other credentialed practitioners to create our Wellness Center.

“The turmoil we have all experienced in the last two years,” she adds, “has created an even greater need for holistic wellness services and resources. We have all of these things happening around us and yet our lives have also slowed down, so we’re more aware of everything. As a spiritual leader, I have come to appreciate that people are feeling overwhelmed. We’ve had to change so many things in so many major ways, which has an impact on everybody. At the same time, we’ve all become a bit disconnected.”

A Place to Connect

“As a culture,” Ellen observes, “we seem to have concentrated our energies on developing the mind, on being productive and successful. The approach to health is similarly narrow. Medicine—for all its advances—has become extremely focused, with individual doctors specializing in just one aspect of the bigger picture. We’ve gotten away from how interrelated everything is, both within ourselves and among ourselves.

“Our Holistic Wellness Center was created to confront that reality,” she says. “It is a place—through its workshops and services—that helps people connect to wholeness.”

Stacey Paige: Wednesday morning yoga class

The connections, she says, start with the workshop presenters. “We’re partnering with some really wonderful local healers who are so excited to bring their skills here,” she says. “Our topics are driven by community needs and interests. These currently include yoga, Reiki, physical therapy, acupuncture, wellness coaching, and hypnotherapy; other programs will be added as the Center grows.

“We’re especially pleased to have an excellent, spacious facility for our workshops,” says Ellen. “Although the Wellness Center is a separate organization, we are able to share space with Unity Church of Raleigh.”

She adds that the facility is also well-designed for on-line sessions. “This is important, because the pandemic is still with us, and its impact is very uneven. So, all workshops are designed for participation either in person or on-line, depending on the needs and wishes of the participants. We’ll have a tech person on hand each Saturday to make sure facilitators and participants are properly connected, and we have a panoramic camera for visual inclusivity. We’re confident that—whether you join us in person or from your home—it will be a great and valuable experience.”

Workshop Schedule

Workshops are held at the Unity Church of Raleigh, 5124 Departure Drive, 27616, and may be attended in person or remotely. You may pre-register for Saturday workshops on-line by midnight Thursday before theworkshop or at register on-site at 9:30 a.m. on the day of the workshop. Saturday workshops run for two hours, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

APRIL 2022

  • April 2, Saturday: Unleash Your Creative Expression: Sacral Chakra Balancing, Presenter: Stacey Paige, Yoga Instructor/Spiritual Coach
  • April 9, Saturday: EFT: Tapping Your Way to Emotional Freedom, Presenter: Mark Larimer, MD, Primary Care Physician
  • April 16, Saturday: Forgiveness: Stages of and Steps to Forgiveness, Presenter: Rev. Annie Nelson, Life Coach/Hypnotherapist
  • April 23, Saturday: The Enneagram and the Point of View of the Shadow, Presenter: Ellen Barron, MDiv

MaY 2022

  • May 7, Saturday: Harness Your Personal Power: Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing, Presenter: Stacey Paige, Yoga Instructor / Spiritual Coach
  • May 14, Saturday: Calm the Heart, Open the Mind: Meditation Basics for Everyday Living, Sharri Gaines, Integrative Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Coach
  • May 21, Saturday: Self-Empowered Healing, Presenter: Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH
  • May 28, Saturday: Enneagram Series: Psychological and Spiritual Growth, Presenter: Ellen Barron, MDiv

JUNE 2022

  • June 4, Saturday: Leading with Love: Heart Chakra Balancing, Presenter: Stacey Paige, Yoga Instructor / Spiritual Coach
  • June 11, Saturday:Enneagram Series: From Fixation to Freedom, Presenter: Ellen Barron, MDiv
  • June 18, Saturday:Summer Solstice Yoga, Meditation and Sound Bath, Presenter: Stacey Paige, Yoga Instructor / Spiritual Coach
  • June 25, Saturday:Acupressure & Reflexology for Self-Care, Presenter: Sharri Gaines, Integrative Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Coach

For more information about the seminars and presenters, or to register, please visit our website: