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Will This Be Your Year?

“Your Year” could start with a life-changing hour: The chances are excellent that a one-hour free consultation with Jennifer R. Lazinsk could start you on the path to dramatic, life-altering, positive changes in the way you feel and look. “That,” explains Ms. Lazinsk, “is what coaching is all about: helping someone find their way to overcome the barriers to change.”

Jennifer Lazinsk, CHC, OTR/L

And the path to change is unique to each client, notes Ms. Lazinsk—a holistic health coach for women. “My role is to serve as a guide. And that begins with listening. From our first meeting, I listen intently to each client, to understand all aspects of her life—the balance and imbalances and how they work together to form the whole picture. And maybe most importantly,” she says, “I am tireless in getting to the root of why a woman hasn’t been successful in reaching or maintaining her goals and having them stick.

“Often clients will seek help for a specific challenge such as releasing weight for good, work-life balance, hormonal issues, pain, or anxiety. It could be any one or more of a myriad of complaints that they have simply grown accustomed to living with or that they have been unsuccessful in resolving. Other women come because they are simply dealing with overload.

For Each: A Unique
Path to Health

While Ms. Lazinsk brings her holistic approach to each of her coaching clients, she acknowledges that each woman’s journey is unique, shaped by her individual challenges, strengths, and goals. Her role, she says, is to support and guide the process, not dictate it. “The best way to understand the coaching process—and its power to change lives—is to hear directly from my clients,” she says. “If you’re curious about how coaching can help you change your life, please go to my website——and read their stories.” A sampling:

  • Jen is the key component to my being successful so far. Not taking this on alone makes it so very do-able. Jennifer has been there as promised, even when she is doing so much for so many.  (P. Raimondo, 64)
  • . . . she coached me how to consciously approach eating, breathing to lower stress, understand the metabolic power of my body, and how important exercising is to my health. . . . Jen made it all feel easy and do-able, and was always there to pull me back in by focusing on tomorrow as a new day. (K. Wallin, 46)
  • Her program isn’t a diet—they are simple changes made gradually . . . that stick with you for a lifetime! I was very impressed with the simplicity of her program—instead of feeling like I was on a “diet,” I was making HUGE changes in small steps to improve all aspects of my life. (K. Yutzy)

“These days,” notes Ms. Lazinsk, “many women feel so overwhelmed by the information coming at them regarding health that they feel they are drowning and don’t know where to turn for help. I understand this feeling and fully empathize with my clients. What we learn together is that challenges are often linked. As an example, my client, Carole S., came in and reported carrying extra weight, having gut issues, inflammation in her joints, and allergies—problems that all began during a period of prolonged stress. So, figuring out the root cause of her challenges was the key as she began to understand how her whole system—body, mind, and spirit—are connected. And addressing the whole system—one step, one change at a time—produces whole health, and adds immensely to the quality of a woman’s life.”

Holistic Coaching

“I have a tremendous passion for healthy living,” says Ms. Lazinsk, “and am continually striving to grow in all aspects of what it takes to lead a healthy and balanced life. This is what living holistically is all about, and this is exactly how I approach my work with my clients, as well.”

She comes well prepared for her life’s mission, holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, a Master of Science degree from Columbia University, and is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Ms. Lazinsk says, “I worked in allopathic medicine for many years as an occupational therapist, with a wide range of clients. And during that time, I became very interested in, and passionate about, understanding the root causes of illness and dis-ease. That led me to continue to expand my knowledge base on a very broad range of topics related to foundational wellness in order to better serve my clients. I feel they are dependent on me to do just that.”

Five years ago, Ms. Lazinsk opened up her Holistic Health Coaching practice to serve women and, she reports, “I have loved every moment of helping guide my clients on the path to reaching the goals they dream of reaching for themselves.

“It’s an honor to be able to work with clients and, together, set achievable goals that they can reach and sustain, where they feel successful and proud of themselves. My clients always tell me that it is the mutual accountability of working with a coach that leads to their lasting success—very often for the very first time! Seeing this is the most joyful part for me.

“Every single one of us,” she notes, “has at least one area of our life that needs extra attention in order for us to live healthier and more vibrantly. We owe it to ourselves to strive for a life where we feel healthy in our minds and bodies and joyful in our spirits. Your journey should begin right now and continue through old age. Trust me when I say that it doesn’t have to be so hard. Keeping it simple is best.”