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Yoga for Osteoporosis

By Carol Verner, LMBT, RYT
Certified Teacher of Yoga for Osteoporosis

Carol Verner

If you are a woman, if you are over 50, if you are less active than you used to be, perhaps due to painful arthritis or the demands of work, you are at increased risk for bone loss. We don’t feel this loss—it is a silent process. With such bone loss comes the greater risk of fracture. You may know an elder who fell and fractured a hip, and if so, you may also know the suffering and loss of quality of life that can result.

Bone loss can also be a challenge for men over 70, as well as for younger people whose medications have caused bone loss, as is true with some cancer treatments.

Overcoming the risk is challenging. The very factors that contribute to the problem—age, loss of bone, less exercise, arthritis pain—typically interfere with, even prevent efforts to address the problem. Happily, yoga offers a safe, effective way to address osteoporosis risk.

Why Yoga?

Weight-bearing exercise is an excellent bone builder—unless you have joint issues. And, often, osteoporosis comes in the same chapter of life when osteoarthritis is damaging our joints and we cannot safely or comfortably run, walk distances, jump rope, or withstand the great compression of bone-building machines.

Bisphosphonates are often prescribed to counter bone loss, and can be helpful and necessary. But these drugs come with serious potential side effects, which, ironically include destruction of bone. A dear friend is even now recovering from surgery to stabilize her femur, which had a recognizable fracture pattern associated with the kind of bisphosphonates she took years ago.

Yoga is ideal for this chapter of life!

Yoga for osteoporosis is a science-based approach. It is designed to re-build bone density when practiced regularly over time. Once you learn how to do this method correctly and then make it a part of your life, it is free of cost. The side effects of your regular yoga practice include stronger muscles and bones, and also clarity of mind, increased focus, better agility and balance, and reduced stress.

The Source and the Science

I am certified through studies with Loren Fishman, MD, to teach you how to do this life-changing practice at home. Dr. Fishman is medical director of Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New York City. What a remarkable resource he is for so many! His lifelong work in medicine has always included yoga—he is a master teacher in the Iyengar tradition. Now nearing 80, Dr. Fishman continues to energetically apply yoga to the challenges of osteoporosis and many other disorders.

Dr. Fishman has subjected his Yoga for Osteoporosis to rigorous research that has validated his results. Individuals practicing according to his guidelines achieve modest gains in bone density, and over time regain bone lost to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Dr. Fishman’s method teaches the yoga poses needed for bone health and how to do them to stimulate bone-building elements in bone tissue. This is exceptionally good news for people with bone loss.

Getting Started

Get in touch to schedule a private Zoom conversation about your overall health, your bone health, and any concerns and needs you may have. I will introduce you to Yoga for Osteoporosis and the modifications used to keep you safe, and then orient you to setting up at home for a comfortable, safe and effective practice. You can then join one of my Zoom classes online or have private instruction.