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February 2023 • Vol 25, No. 2

The Plastic Brain

Until fairly recently,” says psychologist, Dr. Dan Chartier of Life Quality Resources in Raleigh, “the brain was commonly held to be ‘hard-wired’ or fixed. The belief was that you were born with a particular neural circuitry, which dictated your intelligence, attention, mood, and so…
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Weight Loss:
Healthy Solutions
Not Simple Ones

A patient we’ll call Alice recently sought help from Regenesis MD integrative health clinic to deal with a frustrating weight problem (see box). Alice had read about the popular “skinny shot” weight loss medication, and wondered if it would work for her. “Alice’s case,” notes…
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Clarifying Organic
and the Myths of Organic

There continues to be sustained concern and confusion as to what “organic” actually means, how it gets applied and what makes a plant, food, drink or supplement “organic.” Most of this confusion stems from the evolution of natural foods into organic and of course this…
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Can’t Sleep?
How Are You Breathing?

“There is probably no more important foundation for health than quality sleep,” observes Charles Ferzli of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in Cary. “Unfortunately, for too many people it’s an elusive goal rather than a reality.”
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Understanding Skin Cancer

“There’s quite a bit misunderstanding about skin cancer and its risks and treatments,” observes Dr. Eric Challgren of Southern Dermatology in Raleigh. “For one thing, I think many people would be surprised to learn that it is the most common cancer—one in five Americans will…
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How Families Can Avoid Digital Misinformation

The information available to us right now is vast, and is increasing at an extraordinary rate. According to a PEW research study published last summer, 70 percent of the American adults surveyed said that the spread of misinformation online is a “major threat” to the…
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Anguish and Awe

Much has been written about how polarized our country has become, and I couldn’t agree more and will say something about that at the end of this column. But recently I have been concerned with my inner polarization. My heart feels pulled between experiencing anguish…
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How Yoga for Osteoporosis Safely Rebuilds
Strong Bones

Our bones reach peek density and strength in our thirties. Most of us are at our physical peak in every regard in these years. Gradually, even imperceptibly, our next decades see losses in many functions. Bone builds slowly up to our mid-thirties peek—and bone diminishes…
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Confronting Dental Myths From a Holistic Perspective

“The practice of holistic dentistry,” explains Dr. Carl McMillan, “is simply the acknowledgement that dental health and overall physical health are inextricably linked, and profoundly impacted by toxins in our environment. Our goal, always, is to seek the safest, least toxic way to provide dental…
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