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February 2023 • Vol 25, No. 3

Biohacking Your Way to Health – At Any Age

“If we want to understand the secret of healthy aging,” says Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, founder of Regenesis M D, an integrative medical practice in Raleigh, “there’s no better example than the people in the ‘Blue Zones.’ These are a handful of places in the…
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At the Heart
of Healthy Aging

“Unity Holistic Wellness Center was not created as a program for seniors,” says its founder, Rev. Ellen Barron (who prefers to be called Ellen). “Its founding principle is that health is—must be—about body, mind, and spirit, a concept that applies to us all, whatever our…
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As We Age:
Increasing Challenges to
Sleep & Health

“I am continually reminded—with every patient—of the central role that sleep plays in our overall health,” says Dr. Charles Ferzli, of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in Cary, “and of the complex web of factors that can impair our sleep, and therefore our health.
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Mobility Massage:
A Healthy Choice

One way to stay young is by keeping our bodies moving freely. But, as we age, our mobility is often challenged by injury or illness. Having pain in one area of your body, for example, can throw your balance off and, as an aging population,…
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Body Changes: Altered
Choices Over Time

“Everything I do is about responding to the body as it changes over time, and to each patient’s changing needs,” observes plastic surgeon Dr. Cindy Wu, who specializes in breast and body surgery with Cynthia Gregg Face & Body Specialists in Cary. “Because, just as…
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Aging Well: Adjusting
to Change Throughout Life

“I would rather focus on aging well than try to deny the fact that we do all age,” says Dr Dan Chartier, a psychotherapist and neurophysiologist at Life Quality Resources in Raleigh. “We are all aging from the moment we are born and, if we’re…
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Rejuvenation for the
Aging Face: Many Options

For Dr. Cynthia Gregg, one of the area’s leading facial plastic surgeons, Aging is all about movement—the steady, predictable changes in bone, skin, and muscle that alter our appearance and even our functionality
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Aging Skin: A Product
of Years or of Sun?

“Our skin does change as we age,” observes Dr. Laura Briley of Southern Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center in Raleigh. “But skin damage owes less to how old we are than to how we have exposed and cared for our skin in our younger years.
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Mindful Movement for Healthy Aging

It is well-known that exercise has tremendous benefits for all aspects of health. But what if we are having trouble exercising because of the very things we are trying to protect? Our shortness of breath may prevent us from walking greater distances. Pain in our…
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Health, Happiness
and Weathering

We intuitively know that health and happiness are intimately related. When we feel good, we are happier than when we are ill. But thanks to ongoing research we are finally beginning to understand more about how happiness impacts our health. We are also beginning to…
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Strategies for Getting Things Done

Embracing neurodiversity helps us to understand how all brains work, and the relatively simple strategies that can help all of us. The more we can think about serving neurodiverse needs, the greater benefit to everyone. The following strategies are something you can teach your children,…
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Commitment & Mentorship for Radical Self-Care

The sage Heraclitus said, “You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.” When we want a condition in our bodies or mood to heal or resolve, we cannot keep living our same lives, doing the same things every…
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