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July 2023 • Vol 25, No. 4

Plastic Surgery: Advances, Alternatives, Before, After

Dr. Gregg, for many years one of the area’s preeminent facial plastic surgeons, and Dr. Cindy Wu, who performs body surgery—including breast reduction and augmentation—share their thoughts about the remarkable advances in 21st century plastic surgery.
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Before and After Surgery: Supporting Your Body’s Chemistry

For pharmacist Jennifer Burch of Central Compounding Center in Durham, surgery—and all its challenges and benefits—has to be considered through the lens of body chemistry. “Surgery of any kind,” she says, “is a traumatic experience. So, achieving the best possible outcome for any surgery begins…
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Repairing the Ravages
of Skin Cancer

Given the steady and significant increase in incidences of skin cancer in recent years, notes Dr. Gregory Wilmoth of Southern Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center in Raleigh, “it’s hardly surprising that dermatology has become a much more surgery-based practice than it was several decades ago
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Finding the Healing Path for Sleep and TMJ Problems

It would be misleading to suggest that when Dr. Charles Ferzli talks about “sleep problems” he’s simply referring to people who have difficulty falling asleep. “We do, of course, work with patients who complain of this,” he says. “But it would be more accurate to…
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Health and Healing
Inside and Out

“My practice is often referred to as a medical spa,” notes Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, founder of Regenesis MD in Raleigh. “That is because we offer extensive non-surgical aesthetic treatments as well as comprehensive integrative medical care. I
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The Experience of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a beautiful, hands-on modality of the healing arts done in stillness and quietude, and with a light contact. Through my various areas of contact, I am aware of internal movements, changes, and processes. I am in a practice of listening to…
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Biofeedback Reduces Surgical Trauma, Aids Recovery

Years of experience and many good research studies have convinced Dr. Dan Chartier, a Raleigh psychophysiologic psychotherapist, that learning self-regulation skills through biofeedback can be highly beneficial to the surgical patient—both before and after the procedure
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Psychic Surgery

Surgery is surely the most drastic path to healing. Except in the case of accidents and trauma, surgery is almost always the last choice after less invasive procedures have been tried. Over the years, when I have sat with clients with chronic severe doubts about…
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