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Health&Healing is a product of Health & Healing, Inc., based in Chapel Hill.

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Health&Healing is a bimonthly publication (January, March, May, July, September, and November) distributed free to locations throughout in the Greater Triangle area. Established in 1990, it has become the area’s leading consumer publication providing information about local health and wellness issues.

Copies of each issue are distributed through hundreds of area businesses, including health care facilities, pharmacies, and high-traffic locations such as Whole Foods stores, libraries, and fitness centers. Each issue remains in active, every-day circulation throughout each publication cycle.

Our audience includes health care consumers and health care practitioners, and both long-time and first-time readers. For nearly three decades, Health&Healing has proven an extremely effective medium for linking health care practices and businesses with readers interested in their services. If you are interested in advertising or participating in the publication, click on "Contact Us" to the right to request a full media kit.

Health&Healing is, by design, a model of collaboration, much like a “co-op” newsletter: All participants share of their time and resources in the preparation, printing, and distribution of the publication.


Each issue of Health&Healing features a specific health care topic, which serves as a focal point for articles and, often, for ads. A sampling of past topics includes “toxicity,” “children’s health,” "rejuvenation," and “surgery.” Among the topics in 2021-2022:  “over-the-counter healing,” “the magic of movement,” “diagnosing illness,” “linking mental & physical health,” and “inflammation.”


Each issue of Health&Healing is read by as many as 70,000+ adults. The publication is designed—through its editorial content and distribution system—to serve two principal groups of readers:

  • Relatively affluent people (a majority of whom are women) who have a specific interest in health issues generally, and in health care resources in this area where they live and work. Many readers are actively involved in the health care system as patients.
  • A second important audience is health care professionals and businesses, who, over the past two decades, have come to rely on Health&Healing as a reliable source of information about the local health care scene.


Options for advertising include advertorials (articles); display ads; or a listing in the classified Health Services Directory. All article and display ad participants receive a free listing in the Directory.

Display ad sizes range from a sixteenth of a page to a full page; rates—which vary with ad size and frequency—begin at $175. Additional charges apply for preferred placement and color.


We invite you to learn more about Health&Healing by obtaining our full media kit. The editors and publishers are Josh Hartford and Sheilah Thomas. Dr. Joanne Pizzino is the medical editor. Shari Sasser is the publication’s designer. Our distribution team includes Joe Lizana, Richard Lee, and Timm Shaw.

Before launching Health&Healing, Josh Hartford was an experienced reporter and editor for daily and weekly newspapers in Connecticut; served as public information director for a college and major university, public information and development director for two hospitals, and as director of public information for the Connecticut State Department of Education for five years. He came to North Carolina in 1979 for graduate level studies at the Southeast Institute, in Chapel Hill, and to help with the founding and development of the Nation’s ninth educational resource laboratory in Triangle Research Park.

After obtaining her master’s degree in public relations from Boston University, Sheilah Thomas became editor of the monthly magazine of the American Association of School Administrators, and was recruited to Connecticut to serve as special assistant to Education Commissioner Mark Shedd. She joined in the establishment and development of the educational research laboratory in Triangle Research Park, and was a long-time consultant to the Program on Integrative Medicine at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Dr. Joanne Pizzino is the medical editor of Health&Healing. Dr. Pizzino is board-certified in Preventive Medicine and Diplomate certified in Integrative Medicine. She is part of the Parsley Health team and has practiced Functional Medicine for over 20 years.

Shari Sasser is a gifted artist and designer who can be reached at