Practitioners and health-related businesses advertise in Health&Healing to reach an audience of 70,000+ health-aware, affluent adults in the Greater Triangle area—as well as the professionals who serve their healthcare needs.

The publication offers many options for getting an advertising message to an affluent, select group of readers: Options include articles, display ads, and Health Services Directory listings. All articles and Directory listings are also included in the on-line publication at

The options are summarized below; for complete details on all of these, including costs, fill out the form on our Contact Us page to obtain our full media kit. We look forward to working with you and featuring your practice—on the web and in the pages of Health&Healing in the Triangle.


Over time, articles in Health&Healing have proven to be a highly effective way to present detailed information about health practices/businesses. Two types of articles are included in each issue: advertorials and “other voices, other choices” articles.

ADVERTORIALS are written by Health&Healing staff, based on an interview with the practitioner or business expert and subject to review, revision, and approval by the practice/business. Advertorial participants have partial exclusivity for their specialty. Advertorials may be half-page, three-quarters-page, or full-page in length.

OTHER VOICES, OTHER CHOICES ARTICLES are written by practitioners themselves. They are invited on a one-time (or once-in-a-while) basis to describe the nature of their work and its relationship to the feature topic of the issue. Only one “voice” per specialty is included in each issue, and articles are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Display ads range in size from a sixteenth of a page (approximately business-card size) to a full page or a two-page spread. Rates vary with ad size and contract frequency. Fill out the form on our Contact Us page to obtain our current rate card and additional information about advertising options.


Health&Healing includes a classified Health Services Directory providing contact information for practitioners and health-related businesses in the Greater Triangle area. All advertisers with articles or display ads are automatically included in the classified Health Services Directory (under one heading) at no additional charge. Non-advertisers may purchase Directory space as well.

The classified Health Services Directory is also included on the Health&Healing website, providing contact information and links to advertisers’ websites. Advertisers may choose to be included in both the print and the on-line Directories; they may also choose to be included in the on-line Directory only.


  • Advertising is accepted with the understanding that the merchandise and services offered are accurately described and sold at the advertised price. Deceptive or misleading ads will not be accepted.
  • The advertising agency and/or advertiser assumes liability for the content of the advertisement and full responsibility for any claims or expense or loss resulting from advertising content.
  • The publishers reserve the right to reject advertising material that, in their sole judgment, is not consistent with the publication’s purposes and/or standards.


Here’s a sampling of comments about the Health&Healing experience from a variety of practices:

From our long-time (17 years) medical editor, now retired:

I have had the honor of serving as medical editor of Health&Healing. I accepted this position in 1996 because I was impressed with the caliber of the health care providers who advertised in the publication, and with the consistent quality of the written material. My opinion hasn’t changed. In addition to being pleased with the final product, I continue to advertise in H&H because I’m impressed with the results. I not only receive favorable comments from my patients and colleagues about these articles, I can also document a growing number of new patient referrals from throughout the Triangle that are a direct result of an article they’ve read about our practice in H&H.

Advertising in Health&Healing is a good investment, and I recommend it highly. Mark W. McClure, MD, FACS

From the manager of a pediatrics practice in Chapel Hill:

Health&Healing articles about our practice have always been exceptionally well written and our advertisements really capture the look and feel of our practice. By getting to know us, you have created ads that truly represent our ideals. Patrons who learned about us in Health&Healing call and come in all the time. They have the same commitment to good health and quality healthcare that we share. Thanks for helping them find us.

From a facial pain specialist:

We believed that advertising in Health&Healing was beneficial to the practice, but we had no way to quantify that benefit. Thus I hired a marketing person, and asked that he thoroughly analyze ALL of our marketing activities during the year. In that year, we had four full-page articles in H&H. The objective analysis of benefit by this marketing professional was that these articles attracted 27 patients to the practice, resulting in a benefit of $47,000 over and above all expenses involved. This was far and away the most productive marketing we engaged in. It convinced me of the effectiveness of H&H both as a marketing tool and as a health education vehicle.

From a podiatry practice:

We have participated in these publications since the first year of their inception and know first-hand that people read them and often make health care decisions based on information they have gleaned from the articles. We have seen numerous new patients over the years that have learned about us from Health&Healing. It is a wonderful vehicle for disseminating educational information to the public, as well as other health care providers. We recommend it without reservation.

From a Cary chiropractor:

I have placed an article in Health&Healing in every issue for the past 10 years, and as a result have generated many new patients. However, the most important benefit has been with the other health care professionals. I now receive many referrals from MD, PT, and other chiropractors because of the professional content of the whole publication. It has increased credibility among the whole health care industry in our area.

From a functional medicine specialist:

I have chosen to spend all of my marketing dollars on the unique publication Health&Healing. The informational format allows me to educate potential patients about the complementary and alternative health treatments which we offer. Much more than a way to reach potential patients, the format helps people understand new treatment options so that they can make positive steps in managing their own health.

From a doctor of osteopathic medicine:

I have been advertising with Health&Healing for many years, and continue to do so. They are the only source I need for getting my message to the public. This magazine has been extremely successful in attracting new patients to my practice. And the owners are a delight to work with, who often have useful and helpful suggestions.

From a professional marketing specialist:

Health&Healing minimizes medical jargon and talks directly to patients. It has a very strong distribution system, and many other benefits. But the basic reason we signed on with H&H is because it is the most cost-effective way to get credible information about the clinics I represent in the hands of potential patients. We have virtually eliminated our newsletter which was five times the cost and we could only distribute it to one-tenth the number of people who receive Health&Healing.

From a Raleigh dentist:

Health&Healing is quite different, perhaps unlike any other health journal for consumers in the country. It is based on the premise that people generally (especially women) value receiving thorough, in-depth information about health issues and value and patronize practitioners who provide such information. Thus, on the one hand, the publication is a highly effective marketing tool for health care professionals, and of equal importance, it is a valuable information/educational resource for the general public. The articles in H&H bring several new patients to my practice each month, and I find that typically, because of their exposure to Health&Healing, they are serious about their health and are well-informed. Such patients are a real delight to work with.