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In the early ’70s, Cholena Erickson was introduced to the concept of the healing power of whole foods, sparking her interest in natural healing methodologies, such as Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, and Oriental Medicine. She received her Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 1986 from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM; went on to the advanced study of Chinese herbology, pediatrics, and gynecology; and holds a certification in acupuncture oncology. She received certification in Biological medicine, including Live Blood Cell Analysis in 2002, and utilizes the concepts of this natural healing system in conjunction with the practice of Oriental Medicine. She also teaches classes on the use of herbal medicine to help people understand how to treat their own health disorders at home.

By Cholena Erickson, LAc, OMD

Cholena Erickson, LAc, OMD
LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS REVEALS MANY IMBALANCES “An analysis of a drop of blood under a microscope can teach us much about the underlying health of our body,” explains Dr. Erickson. “The images here illustrate examples of the many imbalances that are reflected in our blood—imbalances that may not be evident from other symptoms. The PHOTO ON THE LEFT reveals toxic bowel with fungal overgrowth and lymphatic inflammation. The PHOTO IN THE CENTER shows calcium spokes, reflecting depletion of calcium from bones due to acidosis. The blood in the PHOTO ON THE RIGHT reveals systemic inflammation.”

About 25 years ago, as I was well into my twelfth year of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study for two years with Dr. Thomas Rau of Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. Dr. Rau was the director of this holistic hospital and had come to the US to teach a comprehensive course in European Biological Medicine. It was during this course that I learned about the system of Live Blood Analysis based on the teaching of Dr. Gunther Enderlien.

Biological medicine often refers to our blood as “the river of life.” Under a darkfield microscope one can observe the health of red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and healthy bacteria. One can also observe less than optimal blood pictures, including: unhealthy overgrowths of microscopic fungal and bacterial infections; leaky gut symptoms; lymphatic congestion; signs of inflammation; circulatory hinderance; free radical damage; the presence of chemical toxins; acid/alkaline imbalance; impaired oxygenation of blood; unhealthy clumping of red blood cells; lack of healthy immune cells; plaque related to digestive insufficiency, and more. (see photos) Correcting the imbalances seen in blood through herbal medicine, enzyme therapies, dietary adjustments, and cleansing and detoxification protocols can very often relieve symptoms of chronic health issues and enhance overall health.

In my acupuncture practice, I have found Live Blood Analysis along with Dry Layer Blood Analysis to be an invaluable tool to help discern the underlying causes of health issues. Over the years I have helped many hundreds of clients who suffer from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, chronic headaches, imbalances found by allopathic medical lab tests, blood sugar issues, anemia, and other health problems. I also work with many cancer patients after they have finished treatment to help optimize their blood picture and therefore their health.

A CHALLENGING CASE: On the left, Live Blood Analysis of Susie’s blood, shows extreme overgrowth of a fungal infection. On the right, is a microscopic image of healthy Dry Layer Blood.

A Challenging Case

I have had many memorable clients over the years but one in particular stands out. This client, who I will call Susie, was nine years old, suffering from what the doctors called a “chronic pain condition.” After several years of visits to orthopedic doctors, her parents were told she may always suffer from this problem. No one was able to discern the root cause of her illness.

Susie first came to my clinic on crutches due to a severely sprained ankle. Her parents told me that any time she had even the mildest injury or just bumped into something, it would turn quickly into a severe case of swelling and sometimes discoloration around the joint. I recall one time when she came in with a hugely swollen elbow that had turned very dark in color and required her to be in a sling. Her parents reported that she had just lightly bumped her arm on a table.

Susie had been given steroids for a long period of time when she was very young. When I viewed her Live Blood, I could see that she suffered from leaky gut syndrome as well as an overgrowth of microscopic fungal and bacterial infections. Her plasma showed an overabundance of fibrin. This is a sign of toxins leaking through the walls of the large intestine due to damage to the protective mucous membrane lining, likely due to the prolonged use of steroids. This presents as a highly inflammatory picture that can lead to under-oxygenation of the blood, joint and muscular pain, and fatigue.

When I observed Susie’s Dry Layer Blood picture I was astounded by the complete presentation of a very deep seated fungal infection that had moved into her lymphatic system. (see photos) When I saw this picture, there was no doubt in my mind that this child had extreme lymphatic congestion due to toxins and infections. Thus, whenever she injured herself—even slightly—the lymphatic system swelled in response. At the same time, knowing what to do to restore lymphatic health, I was convinced that this child could get well, despite the extreme imbalance I observed.

Treating this imbalance involved restoring the pH, cleansing and detoxification of the bowel, healing her leaky gut, adjusting her diet, and resolving the infections using Chinese herbal formulas. It took a number of months but I was very excited to see this child recover from her allegedly “untreatable pain condition” and regain vital health.

Holistic Techniques to Treat Chronic Health Problems

In four decades years of practicing Chinese medicine I have always followed the wisdom of my teachings as I continue to uncover the hidden etiology that causes the body to express symptoms. Our bodies speak to us and convey warning signals to us through symptoms. The beauty of holistic medicine is that we understand that these symptoms are not the disease but just a manifestation of a deeper problem. Once the root cause is addressed, then the body can return to balance.

I named my business Vital Energy Solutions because I strive to help clients restore this fundamental storehouse of energy we all possess, but that is hampered by stress, toxins, unhealthy diets, lifestyles, and emotions that cause stagnations of qi, blood, or body fluids. These stagnations give rise to countless chronic health problems. I use three different modalities in this restoration process:

Acupuncture harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. It also tonifies energetic deficiencies, reduces inflammation, and moves stagnation. It is a complete system to restore vital energy and health.

In addition, my analysis of Live Blood and Dry Layer Blood helps me understand root causes of symptoms by observing the “river of life” that is our powerhouse for vital energy if we have a healthy blood picture. This ensures the proper functioning of the organs of detoxification and eliminates unseen imbalances that impair our health. In addition to these two modalities, I also employ Bemer Therapy to restore microcirculation of blood, deliver oxygen, and remove metabolic waste to restore vitality. This is the only PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) device that has been clinically proven to be effective for many chronic health problems. It is utilized in numerous hospitals and veterinary clinics throughout Europe