Feeling Good Every Day: Experience
Radical Self-Care


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Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH
Self-Empowered Healing

Joanne Pizzino, MD, MPH, is board-certified in Preventive Medicine and diplomate-certified in Integrative Medicine. After her own self-empowered healing epiphany in 1997, she has guided people to live healthier through both Eastern and Western medicine, ancient and ultra-high-tech healing. She now practices telemedicine in 10 states allowing you to see the doctor from the comfort of your home or office. Learn more about how to claim your power to heal yourself at our website doctorjp.com. Sign up for a Free Discovery Session to learn if the Self Empowered Healing process is right for you.

Tom Ronen Goddard, PhD is a Somatic Energy psychologist. He has decades of experience working with individuals and groups of people of all ages and backgrounds, blending diverse healing and learning modalities, all in the service of supporting lives led in accord with his clients’ deepest hearts’ desires. Visit his website https://www.integralbecoming.com/ to learn more.

How often do I want to feel good? Every day! EVERY day!
—Gerry Jud, age 99 3/4

What would you do with your life if you felt great every day? What would you accomplish if your energy were abundant and steady every day? What if your mind and mood were focused and even, every day?  What if pain or medication side effects did not hijack your best intentions?

These questions lie at the heart of what health and well-being are. Of course, most of us want to experience feeling good, just for its own sake. Yet health concerns often get our attention because they interfere with the joys and obligations of our lives. In order to be all you can be, to pursue your unique purpose for your life, you must acknowledge your body and the brain that directs it as more than just a vehicle to get you there. Are you sputtering along in a broken-down jalopy, or is it a high-performance sports car to deliver you to your goals with vitality?

One of the greatest advances of modern medical science rarely gets the notice of new drugs or surgical procedures: What you do with your body has the greatest impact on your level of well-being. Yes, that’s right, just like whether or not you maintain your car, what you put into your body and how you move determine whether it will go the distance or break down along the way. Perhaps most important, the thoughts, beliefs, and choices you mentally digest have tremendous influence over whether the journey is a joy or a struggle.

The Power of Choice

Self-care encompasses the infinite number of choices you can make to determine your personal quality of life. Self-care is a precise balance of knowledge, commitment, and self-awareness. On the one hand, science has given us many answers to what offers optimum performance and preventive maintenance to the human body. On the other, we must consistently commit to applying this information. And perhaps most importantly, we need to learn to tune into our own unique body’s feedback about what makes it feel good and stay that way. These three questions can help you zero in on what may be missing in your self-care process:

  • Do I have the precise, personalized information I need to optimally maintain MY body and mind?
  • Am I worth it? Do I value myself enough to do what is necessary to feel good every day?
  • What is the wisdom of my body telling me? Do I know what it feels like to function at a high-level day in and day out without relying on pills or procedures to keep me going?

A Path to Radical Self-Care

Have you ever had a health care experience that actually created the experience of feeling good every day? This is the process my partner, Tom Ronen Goddard, PhD, and I have put together and applied with thousands of clients over five decades as healers. How can we help you get to the point of knowing what well-being feelslike, and then how to maintain this with doable practices you can incorporate into your everyday life? This is the Feeling Good Every Day Radical Self-care Experience. In just seven days, you can learn and practice the daily skills of self-care, have this fine-tuned to you personally with expert consultation, and get to the why of knowing you deserve this every day. Then we help you develop the wisdom to apply this as a way of life that nurtures and supports you to live your greatest life.

You have options to do this as a deep, secluded residential retreat or as an adult day camp allowing you to return to your family every evening. In both options, you will be guided in whole-person practices to nourish body, mind and spirit.

  • Body: Immerse yourself in all the details of sustainable nutrition and movement. Develop hands-on skills to feed and maintain your body for optimum well-being.
  • Mind: Everyday practices to nurture yourself include individual and group exploration of the principles of exquisite self-care, service, and a supportive worldview
  • Spirit: Deepen through individualized practices that strengthen your evolving relationship with however you connect with your soul.

These small group experiences with a maximum of six participants are all-inclusive, giving you actual skills to optimally feed yourself with a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, blood-glucose balancing, weight-optimizing way of eating that is sustainable for your lifestyle and the planet. All locally grown and organic food is provided, along with recipes and cooking skills. We rehearse a variety of movement prescriptions daily. The mind and spirit practices you experience are collected into an e-book that is yours to keep and refer to again and again as you implement them in your life. Follow up group calls give you support to make this happen in your life in an on-going manner.

So, how does all this apply to your unique health situation and lifestyle? A one-hour Integrative Medicine consultation with Integrative Medicine specialist, “JP” Pizzino, MD, and an additional one-hour consultation with Somatic Energy psychologist, Tom Ronen Goddard, PhD are included for each participant.

This testimonial from one of our previous participants sums up what you can expect from this immersive experience:

“This week-long retreat allowed me to be myself and to explore myself in the support of a small, cohesive, loving community. It was nourishing on every level– body, mind, and soul. We learned to cook and eat a healthy, plant-based diet; practiced daily yoga, body movement, and meditation; and shared soulful conversations, laughter, tears, perspectives, music, dance, and song. There was also valuable one-on-one time with each leader to facilitate my personal wellness.

One week after leaving, my body has already begun to feel healthier due to my dietary changes, and the “gems” of learning and healing I received from this loving retreat-community will help guide me on my path moving forward.”

Now is your opportunity to decide you are worth the self-care it takes for Feeling Good Every Day. Sign up to learn more at https://www.doctorjp.com/events-2.