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Healing Waters of Raleigh: Creating a
Complete Detox & Healing Education Center

For many gifted healers, their professional journey and expertise begins with a personal healing story. This is certainly the case for Jen Lochren-Loureiro.

Jen Lochren-Loureiro, CT

“I became a colon hydrotherapist,” she explains, “after learning personally of the power of this therapy to heal. Then it became my mission to create a practice that would not only provide colon hydrotherapy services, but would reflect what I learned about the healing process. Healing Waters of Raleigh was created to provide colon hydrotherapy and now, in 2022, is the foundation for an expanded vision of a comprehensive and holistic detox and healing education center.”

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, who is also a licensed esthetician, explains that her journey as a healing professional and her passion for colon hydrotherapy began with her own serious, and unresolved health issues. “I was dealing with severe stress, anxiety, headaches, and gut-related health problems,” she recalls. “But, finding no solutions—despite seeing many, many doctors—I decided to take my health into my own hands and became a student—of my own health and of my healing options.

“My research led me to colon cleansing and my experience with this therapy not only resolved many of my health issues, but helped me to understand the critical importance of maintaining a healthy digestive tract.”   

A New Kind of Practice: Detox and Learning

“My own experience,” says Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, “taught me how important detoxification is in any healing process. And I also came to understand the role of education. Healing and health are built on a foundation of understanding,” she explains. “When we are involved in our own health, when we understand the sources of our health problems and the impact of our lifestyle choices, we are empowered to heal.”

Her practice, Healing Waters of Raleigh, reflects that understanding. Begun as a colon hydrotherapy practice, it is expanding its mission and offerings to embrace a wide range of detoxification modalities and to provide both educational programs for clients and training opportunities for those interested in colon hydrotherapy.

Detoxification Support

“Detoxification is critically important—not only for healing but for maintaining optimum health,” says Ms. Lochren-Loureiro. “Nutrient-poor and sugar-rich diets—the Standard American Diet, or SAD—contribute to a more toxic internal environment, driving increased disease. And a seemingly simple problem—such as constipation—can set up a toxic environment for the body.

“We have many systems designed to confront and eliminate the toxins we encounter every day and keep our systems in balance,” she explains. “Our noses filter the air we breathe; our kidneys, liver, bowels, skin, and lymph systems capture and eliminate toxins and waste. Unfortunately, the level of toxicity today is more than these natural detox mechanisms can handle. And, bringing the body back into balance requires a more holistic approach.”

Colon hydrotherapy may be the best-known detoxification modality, notes Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, and can be a critical starting point to address these core imbalances. Other services offered at Healing Waters also help. “Ionic detoxification cleanse helps pull toxins from all the organs, for example. Other methods include castor oil detox packs, and dry skin brushing for lymphatic detox. We also use BioMat® technology, which uses far-infrared heat to help relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles.”

Ms. Lochren-Loureiro also emphasizes the importance of the “input” side—the food we eat—and explains that nutritional support at Healing Waters is a necessary companion to its detoxification therapies and services.

“Nutritional counseling, advice on detox-focused diets, and the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances and negative reactions to specific substances, including foods—these are all important components of the detox program,” she explains.

“Equipment is also critically important,” she says. “At Healing Waters of Raleigh, we have installed an Aqua Cleanse, closed system, which is the highest quality, state-of-the art hydrotherapy sanitation and filtration equipment.”

A Learning Center

“Ultimately,” says Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, “I envision Healing Waters of Raleigh as a learning center as well as a detox center—to extend beyond detoxification therapies and counseling into a broad variety of educational offerings for our clients. These might include classes and workshops to teach people how to juice and to eat healthily—skills to help them sustaining the balance they achieve at Healing Waters.

“The creation of our colon hydrotherapy training program (see box) is also a step toward that vision,” she says. “I see Healing Waters of Raleigh as a place focused on overall healing—giving people support they need that they may not get from the traditional health care system. It’s a place dedicated to helping others on their journeys to optimum health and wellness.”

New Training Center Opens

The Healing Waters of Raleigh Training Center, offering credentialling in colon hydrotherapy, is the first step toward realizing Jen Lochren-Loureiro’s vision of a practice that blends healing and education. “It is a thrill for me to announce the creation of this training program,” she says. “And it’s especially exciting be to announce that there is probably no one in the country better qualified to lead it than Dr. Darlene Holloway.”

Dr. Holloway

Dr. Holloway, notes Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, holds the highest level of certification as an instructor with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT) / National Board of Hydrotherapy. In Florida, she opened a branch of the school teaching colon hydrotherapy for the state, developing new curriculum and helping to update the exam used to assess aspiring practitioners.

As a practitioner, she was named the first IACT International Colon Hydrotherapist of the year by her colleagues, and participated as a Board Member at Large with the IACT Association. She also completed five years of study and certification by the American Naturopathic Medical Board to become a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). The board recognized her distinguished performance with multiple awards for outstanding service to the profession.

“But, as impressive as Dr. Holloway’s credentials are,” says Ms. Lochren-Loureiro, “they only tell part of her story. Throughout her career of more than 40 years she has continually worked to expand her understanding of the healing process and her skills as a healer. She is not only a national leader in the field of colon hydrotherapy, but is a Naturopathic Doctor, a Structural Integration Therapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her passion for healing is matched by her passion for teaching. And I am truly blessed to have her on the Healing Waters of Raleigh team.”

A Rigorous Certification Program

“Healing Waters of Raleigh’s new certification program,” says Dr. Holloway “is an exciting new chapter in my professional life. And it’s also an important step forward for North Carolina.

“Throughout my career, I have been committed not only to providing the highest quality care, but to ensuring that all colon hydrotherapy practitioners offer safe, experienced care. Since only Florida licenses colon hydrotherapists, it has been a mission of our professional association—the International Association for Colon Hydrotheraphy—to encourage and support high standards of care throughout the country. And my work with the IACT has been devoted to developing a rigorous, comprehensive credentialling program to ensure that quality of care.

“So I am thrilled that, at Healing Waters of Raleigh, North Carolina will now have a training and certification program for colon hydrotherapy that meets IACT’s highest standards.”

To qualify for credentialling, students must complete 265 hours of training, including 200 hours of academic study and 65 hours of supervised clinical training at Healing Waters of Raleigh.