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“My practice is often referred to as a medical spa,” notes Dr. Bhavna Vaidya-Tank, founder of Regenesis MD in Raleigh. “That is because we offer extensive non-surgical aesthetic treatments as well as comprehensive integrative medical care. In fact, I would argue that the term ‘medical aesthetics’ accurately describes the essence of my practice. Underlying everything we do is the belief that health and healing are at all times both “inside” and “outside” experiences.

“I look at whole health in two ways,” explains Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “First is the understanding that physical issues—what happens ‘inside’—affect our appearance. Loss of collagen, illness, hormone imbalances, sun exposure, diet, medications, inflammation, and allergies—all these things significantly affect how we age and how we appear as we age.

A Healing Journey:
Inside and Out

“At Regenesis MD,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “we work with many patients who understand that ‘anti-aging’ means so much more than cosmetic treatments. It means a commitment to whole health—repairing not only the external effects of aging, but restoring healthy function and balance internally. It’s about health inside and out.

“For one patient (see photos, right)—whom I’ll call Sue—the healing journey spanned about a year. And the results you see in her photographs—the glowing skin, and improved contours—reflect not only the cosmetic procedures she had done, but her restored hormonal balance, weight loss, and improved gut health. Many other changes—such as greater energy and improved sleep—may not be as obvious, but they too contribute to her overall health and appearance. When you feel good, you look good!”

Sue began her journey seeking help with weight loss, says Dr. Vaidya-Tank. “She was insulin resistant, so this was a challenge. With testing, we identified her nutritional deficiencies, which guided the process of healing her digestive system—including dietary guidance and supplements. We started her on a peptide treatment to help her lose weight, and she began hormone replacement therapy to balance her hormones.

“With these changes, Sue was able to get to her goal weight and, more importantly, she felt better. She reported sleeping better and having more energy—rejuvenated. And she told us: ‘Now I want to work on my physical appearance, too.’

“Our plan for her focused on skin first,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “because skin is so important. It began with medical grade skin care and went on to include a number of non-surgical treatments to address the effects of aging. With age, we all experience changes that affect our appearance, such as hormonal changes, and loss of fat and collagen. Injectables and laser treatments help to retore collage and repair these changes. In Sue’s case, we also employed Ultherapy, which is an amazing new technology using ultrasound to regenerate collagen and lift and tighten. It’s considered a ‘non-surgical face lift.’ “There’s no question that the aesthetic treatments—restoring collagen and improving skin tone—have had a remarkable impact on Sue’s appearance,” Dr. Vaidya-Tank concludes. “But what’s also true is that a healthy gut and balanced hormones also contribute to healthy, glowing skin. ‘Inside’ healing inevitably shows up ‘outside.’”

“At the same time, I see every day the impact of ‘outside’ influences on physical health. How we look and how we feel about how we look can have real impact on our physical well-being—on how we handle stress, on how we metabolize necessary nutrients, on how we heal. In short: If you feel better, you look better; if you look better, you feel better.”

That understanding is critically important at Regenesis MD. “In our practice,” says Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “the goal always is to treat the whole person. So, when a patient comes in looking for aesthetic treatments, we want to consider all aspects of their health. Are there hormone imbalances? This can significantly impact skin quality. Are there nutritional issues? Nutritional deficiencies or high levels of inflammatory foods in the diet have a huge impact on skin quality and other aspects of aging. Are there other medical conditions?

“So, we test to identify problems and imbalances. Then we work to develop a program of internal health—starting always with gut health—which will form the foundation for addressing aesthetic issues.”

Non-Surgical Advances in Medical Aesthetics

“Only a few years ago,” notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “there were few non-surgical ways to counter the aging process and its effects. That has changed radically. Plastic surgery has also advanced and is still an appropriate choice for some, but now there is a wide array of anti-aging treatments that do not require surgery—options that we offer here at Regenesis MD.

“These options begin with medical grade skin care products, which have advanced considerably. For skin resurfacing, we have a variety of different types of lasers—allowing us to work with all skin types. Other treatments provide what’s commonly referred to as a ‘non-surgical face lift.’ Ultherapy, for example, is an amazing new technology that uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen production. It’s non-invasive, requires no down-time, and produces natural results.”

“Biohacking” Advancements

Other significant advancements are what Dr. Vaidya-Tank describes as “biohacking” techniques. That term, she explains, “refers to healing strategies that stimulate and use our bodies’ innate ability to heal. The injectables we use not only plump up wrinkles and restore volume, but—most importantly—they stimulate collagen production.

“We’ve been providing this treatment for quite some time using a technique called PRP (platelet-rich plasma). This process takes your own blood, spins it to take out the good growth factors and platelets, and then injects the platelets wherever you want to repair tissue. When applied to the face, it stimulates collagen.”

And it’s important to understand, she adds, “that when you make new collagen, it doesn’t just go away—new collagen fibers last for years. So, this is a permanent repair.”

PRP, notes Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “has much broader application than simply stimulating collage. We use it to repair damaged joints, to stimulate hair growth, even to treat sexual dysfunction. And more recently, we have been using an advanced version called PRF (platelet-rich fibrin), which we’re finding to be superior, because the fibrin matrix keeps the platelets and growth factors in that area longer.” Peptide therapy is another example of biohacking therapies used at Regenesis MD. Peptides, explains Dr. Vaidya-Tank, “are proteins that mimic the hormones that are released by the body to stimulate healing, or growth, or hunger. By mimicking these hormones, peptides stimulate natural hormonal responses and can be used to heal your gut or your ligaments or joints. One example of how we use peptide therapy is to inject the ones mimicking satiety and hunger hormones. We have found them useful as a sort of ‘jumpstart’ for patients’ weight loss efforts.