Mobility Massage:
A Healthy Choice


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By Lori Tyman, LMBT

Lori Tyman, LMBT (NC Lic. # 13821) began her holistic wellness career in 2009 after obtaining a health coaching certificate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

As she explains: “I soon realized the need to offer more to my clients in holistic care options and decided to expand my services. Toward that end, I acquired my massage license in 2014, after graduating from the Medical Arts Massage School, and expanded my health coaching skills in 2019 through the Functional Nutrition Alliance certification program. Most recently I was privileged to study under Dr. Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society in 2020, where I received the Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine certificate. I learned several indigenous practices that enable me to support the emotional and energetic needs of my clients. Each person is unique, my job is creating individualized plans of care that support and nurture specific differences.”

Ms. Tyman applies mobility massage to this client’s shoulder joint.

One way to stay young is by keeping our bodies moving freely. But, as we age, our mobility is often challenged by injury or illness. Having pain in one area of your body, for example, can throw your balance off and, as an aging population, we need to be very cautious of falls caused by imbalance.

Mobility massage—a special massage technique of stretching and joint mobilization—has proven to be a powerful way to maintain our ability to move freely as we age. Keeping the spine supple is the first step to anti-aging. Mobility massage works to keep the spine mobile; consistent sessions help to keep the muscles relaxed and pain free.

My love and creation of mobility massage stems from my two amazing teachers, Robert Gardener and Jill Burynski, each gave me a different insight and approach to Thai massage. I fully immersed myself in the training, practicing on friends and family until feeling proficient in my work. I soon realized that this type of massage is extremely beneficial for all people and mobility massage was born. The people that can benefit the most are those with chronic pain and immobility. This massage can not only help you feel young but can help you stay young. When we feel better, we do better!

Mobility Massage: A Unique Approach to Increased Mobility

What exactly is mobility massage? Mobility massage is a unique, personalized, passive stretching and muscle-specific compression massage. The massage is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor or a massage table as your current mobility permits. The movements and compressions decrease chronic pain and increase range of motion for a fuller life!

How does this type of massage work? The passive stretching allows you to relax while I do the movements. This leads to a fuller stretch that we cannot accomplish on our own, and the muscle-specific compressions help the muscles relax and expand on a deeper level. As we age, our elasticity decreases—possibly because of decreased blood flow in our joints and muscles—and mobility massage can help with these restrictions. Rhythmic movement of the limbs helps to lubricate our joints and keep blood flowing through these sometimes-restricted areas.

The benefits of these techniques can be profound. The experiences of three different individuals with mobility massage illustrate how we work together and the power of this approach.


Jeff is a 75-year-old construction superintendent who drives up to 12 hours or more a week to job sites and walks nearly 18 miles a day in work shoes. Jeff originally presented with pain in L4, L5, S1, tension in his neck and shoulders, spasms on the right side below shoulder blade, bilateral Charlie-horse pain, and pain in both feet.

Because of his intense work schedule we were unable to meet monthly, but every time he was in town, he got a mobility massage. And even though sessions were infrequent, Jeff reports significant benefit from mobility massage: “The first session provided immediate relief. The day-to-day benefits were that this massage allowed me to continue my work duties without pain up until my retirement. The extra engagement required with the mobility massage is beneficial and does not take away from the relaxation of the massage. Consistent sessions helped to keep the muscles relaxed and pain free.


Susan, a 75-year-old retired professor, came to see me with lack of mobility and pain in the left knee. She explained:

I had been going to a stretching service for months to help with my knee, but it got expensive without the results I was hoping for. The first mobility massage session helped with the pain in my left knee and monthly sessions keep me in good working order without pain. The benefits from this type of massage enable me to have improved balance to get around more confidently. The extra mobility gained from the mobility massage helps me to be healthier and more independent in my life. I like living by myself and being independent!

I always seem to get a deeper massage with the mobility massage, and the extra engagement allows me to feel more in tune with my body since you always explain what you are doing and ask for feedback. Seems like the other facility I was going to has a specific protocol they follow, but you use more of your intuition to get to the areas that need attention, whether that is a stretch, muscle compression, or mobilization of a joint.

“To me being mobile correlates to being healthy! I love the mobility massage, it’s very healing to my body.”


Collette, a 60-year-old consultant, had been athletic all her life and noticed less flexibility since she’s been aging. Also, she has been recovering from bilateral ankle surgery.

“There are several benefits of the mobility massage that I have received. First, physically I have greater flexibility in chronically tight areas that I couldn’t stretch. Second, emotionally I have a better sense of well-being where it’s easier to complete my tasks. Lastly, mentally I am more focused which helps with clarity of action.

“We work together as a team to properly release the muscles, which helps me to be more present with my body and understanding what it needs. As a practitioner, Lori brings passion & an intuitive sense to helping her clients. You are left with an indescribable sense of well-being.”